Minecadia Phase II: Map 7 Update SOTW Post

Mar 28, 2023

Hello! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything this upcoming season of Minecadia Factions: Pirate has to offer. Before we go over everything, lets cover some important information:

Factions: Pirate Phase II Map 7



Hello everyone, welcome back to another Minecadia faction's season. Since the last season introduced a lot of new content and concepts, we’d like to take this season to revamp the concepts we already have, as well as add more to those recently introduced, to give a better playing experience to all. Additionally, we’d like to release some information about the future: this is the 17th season of Factions: Pirate (Phase 2 Map 7), so that means the end of Phase 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned for Map 20, where, quite literally, EVERYTHING will be changing.


  • 20 Man Factions, Infinite Roster, Infinite Alts
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • 4 Week Long Map
  • 2 Week Long Grace Period
  • Worlds:
    • 10k x 10k Overworld
    • 2k x 2k Tundra Warp
    • 2k x 2k Desert Warp
    • 2k x 2k Plains Warp
    • 2k x 2k Nether Warp

Crew Points & Events

The release of the Crew Revamp last season was a little rocky due to a few issues; however, with time, we corrected those issues and are now in the position to add more to the revamp to make it more well-rounded. Here’s what we’re adding:

Crew Challenges

  • Every 24 hours, three challenges will be presented for all players to complete. (/crew challenges)
  • Upon completing these challenges individually, players will be rewarded with a Crew Point. Right now, it is set that you must complete all 3 challenges, however this is subject to change.
  • Challenges will consist of challenge scroll quests, as well as new ones.


  • The Crew KOTH event has been introduced.
  • To keep things simple, this is a “Warp KOTH” event, but for Crews.
  • This Crew KOTH takes place in a duplicate Battlefield world with a capzone.
  • Warp into the Crew KOTH when it activates, and prepare to fight alongside your Crew to capture the KOTH.
  • Keep inventory is enabled, and you only have one life.
  • Rewards go to the winning crew and the top killers.

Crew Classic FFA

  • The Crew Classic FFA has been introduced.
  • This event is the exact same as the Crew FFA, except one key change.
  • Players must join with no items, and will receive a classic No Debuff Kit upon the event starting.
  • The final crew standing wins.
  • Rewards go to the winning crew and top killers.

Crew Points & Crew Trees

  • Added to more loot tables.
  • Crew Trees will work in BYOG and Risk Duels.

End Revamp

As we said last season, we had some future plans to further revamp End and make it a more notable area for all players. Here’s what’s being added:

Ender Blade, Tokens, and Shop

  • Introducing the Ender Blade: a powerful, upgradeable sword that can be utilized in the End.
  • The base version of the Ender Blade can be purchased from the Ender Shop (and regular Shop), explained below.
  • Using an Ender Blade to kill Endermen while inside the End will reward players with Ender Tokens.
  • The Ender Shop (/endershop) is a new shop where Ender Tokens can be utilized; additionally, the base Ender Blade can be purchased for regular in-game money.

Ender Blade Specifics

  • Custom Enchant Runes, Star Items, and Balloons cannot be applied to the Ender Blade.
  • Shift + Right Clicking while holding the Enderblade out of combat will open its custom enchant menu.
  • Players can spend their Ender Tokens to upgrade a variety of Custom Enchants on the Ender Blade.
  • Ender Blade’s can have holy white scrolls applied to them.

Ender Blade Enchants

  • Fortune I - X: Rewards more nether stars on Enderman kills.
  • Slayer I - III: Increases damage against Enderman.
  • Lucky I - V: Have a chance to receive a lucky drop while killing an Enderman.
  • Merchant I - V: Have a chance to automatically sell nether stars from your Endermen kills with a sell multiplier.
  • Jewels I - V: Chance to find keys while killing Endermen.
  • XP Finder I - V: Chance to find large amounts of XP while killing Endermen.
  • Spawner Finder I - V: Chance to find mystery mob spawners while killing Endermen.

Ender Backpack

  • To further increase the earning potential while inside the End, players can purchase an Ender Backpack from the Ender Shop.
  • While having an Ender Backpack in your inventory while killing Endermen in the End, all nether stars will be instantly transferred into this backpack.
  • The Backpack is a physical item, but items can not be withdrawn or deposited manually.
  • Once a nether star is inside the backpack, it can only be sold from directly within the backpack’s UI (right click to open).
  • Inside the UI, players can instantly sell all stored nether stars, as well as see the backpack’s lifetime stats.
  • Nether Stars, with or without a backpack, can only be sold while outside of the End, out of combat.

Citadel and Conquest

  • Citadel and Conquest have been added into Event Schedule functionality and will now automatically start at 3PM EST on Saturdays & Sundays.
  • The Capturers of Citadel and Conquest will now receive 1 week of passive benefits, until the next Citadel/Conquest takes place.
  • Citadel
    • +10% Faction Rune Success Rate
    • 2x End Drops
    • Disguise Potions last longer (10 minutes)
  • Conquest
    • 2x Dungeon Lootbags
    • 2x EXP

End Changes/Notes:

  • The End will still be subject to the same restrictions as last season. This means, during the Grace Period, only Vanilla enchants and 2 pets can be used. After the Grace Period, the majority of these restrictions are lifted. There is also the restriction of being unable to leave End unless you exit via the portal, and out of combat.
  • An End DTC has been added.
  • An End CTF has been added.

As you can see, we’ve been morphing the End into a region that can be utilized by all sorts of players. If you enjoy the grind of upgrading your gear, earning money directly, staying within a hardcore region, then the End is for you! There are a lot of possibilities we can add from here (IE: upgradeable backpacks with autosell functionality, new activities within the End, etc), and we’ll continue observing to see how we can do so.

Duels Revamp

This season, we’ve decided to make some significant changes to our Duels system to give it more purpose and content. Here’s what we’ve added:

Duels Queue

  • When typing “/duel” with no player variable, a new Duel UI will open that gives the option for Unranked and Ranked Duel queue.
  • To join a queue, a player must have nothing in their inventory. Upon joining and being matched with another player, a duel from a random ladder (No Debuff, Soup, and OP Diamond) will start.

Duel Elo (aka Ranking)

  • As mentioned above, players can queue for Ranked Duels.
  • Similar to a practice server, all players now have three ranked duel elos: Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal.
  • Winning a match will provide Elo in all three categories, based on the opponent’s elos. Losing a match will take away Elo.
  • Daily Elo resets everyday at Midnight EST.
  • Weekly Elo resets every Friday at Midnight EST.
  • Seasonal Elo resets every Map.

Duel Leaderboards

Top Duel performers will be rewarded when certain leaderboards close. Here are the leaderboards players can compete in:

  • Top Daily Wins
  • Top Daily Elo
  • Top Weekly Wins
  • Top Weekly Elo
  • Top Seasonal Wins
  • Top Seasonal Elo

When a leaderboard closes (for example, the next day starts, so the previous day’s top wins ends), then top performers will automatically receive Leaderboard Lootbags (brand new). We have the ability to reward the top 10 players on each leaderboard, however this is undecided as of now. Depending on the competition these leaderboards have, we’ll look to reward more or less.

Money Wager Duels

  • We have also added a new type of duel in the “/duel {player}” menu, called Wager Duels.
  • As of now, Wager Duels only support money wagers. Upon selecting a Wager Duel, a player will then select the ladder type, which can be Classic, OP, Soup, and Bring Your Own Gear.
  • While creating the duel request, the wager amount can be decided and sent.
  • Upon accepting the duel, the duel will start, and the winner will receive the money.
  • Also, players can create a “Wager Duel” for other players to join, by typing “/wagerduel”. The menu will appear similar to that of a Coinflip, which displays the opponent, the ladder selected, and the amount being wagered. While having a Wager Duel placed, the player must wait for a player to accept it and will not be able to run most commands.

Stronghold Revamp

The Stronghold build and setup has been revamped to encourage more accessible PvP. The build of the stronghold is a lot bigger, and potential derp claims are closer to the actual stronghold region due to an overall smaller warzone claim around Stronghold. Additionally, the rewards of both Strongholds have been changed.

Blackened Bay

  • 100% Holy White Scroll Negation.
  • Deal an extra 15% damage to all enemies.
  • Ability to place Voyage Portals in faction territory.
  • No Coinflip Tax.

Royale Refuge

  • Enjoy a 10% damage reduction.
  • 1.5x increased mob spawn rate.
  • 1.5x XP multiplier
  • Permanent Speed 4 Effect.
  • Instant Teleportation.


A slight quality of life change for Island 6 of Expeditions.

Island 6 Backpack

  • Expeditions Claim is usable on all Islands except Island 6, due to its PvP Nature.
  • Instead, players can now access a virtual Island 6 Backpack that holds a double chest of loot.
  • All drops will automatically go to this backpack, unless it is full.
  • Upon warping out of Expeditions, the backpack’s contents will be instantly emptied into your Expeditions Claim.
  • Upon killing another player, their entire backpack’s contents will be emptied into your Expeditions Claim. If you die, your entire backpack will be lost.
  • We believe that this limited storage backpack will help out Expeditions players, but also not lead to a clean-up style gameplay where players just wait for others to grind and then kill them.


To add some more variety to Minigames, we decided to add a new one.

Sumo Brawl

  • Works exactly like Sumo, except all players spawn on the platform.
  • Last man standing wins.

Black Market

The Black Market is a really cool concept that unfortunately hasn’t been utilized properly in many seasons. With that being said:

  • Black Market locations have been updated.
  • Black Market loot table has been significantly buffed to include actually good items worth contesting.

Miscellaneous Changes

There are a variety of smaller tweaks, changes, and implementations that can be viewed below:

Easter Egg Basket

  • The Easter Egg Basket will be released with this season. Everyday, open an Easter Egg to receive an OP Reward (similar to the Advent Calendar)!

Faction Alt Limit

  • The faction alt limit has been made infinite.


  • Durability will no longer be a significant factor in PvP (the increased durability has been vaulted).


  • Upon selecting your Crew on SOTW, you will now be forced to spend your Crew Tree point (to help players realize they can spend it - this won’t affect console clients)


  • Tournament kits have been revamped (removed Petrify & Shock & changed more)

Roll Tickets

  • The Roll Ticket loot table has been revamped.


  • The Lootbags of Shipwreck Cove and Isla de Muerta have been swapped.
  • Added GKit Gems to Dungeon & Minigame Lootbags

Gold Shop

  • TNT Wand has been added.


  • Dead Man's Chest - 50m | Unlocks in 2 hours
  • Armor Set Abilities - 100m | Unlocks in 1 day
  • Roll Tickets - 250m | Unlocks in 2 days
  • Itemflip - 2bil | Unlocks in 3 days
  • Shipwreck Cove - 4bil | Unlock in 4 days
  • Holy White Scrolls & Pet Collars - 6bil | Unlocks in 5 days
  • Isla de Muerta - 6bil | Unlocks in 6 days
  • Voyages - 10bil | Unlock in 7 days


  • Buffed Enrage
  • Vaulted Shock


  • Vaulted Beach Ball Pet
  • Cage Pet is now a Seasonal Pet
  • Added a cooldown between using a Spider Pet then a Cage Pet


  • Unvaulted Kingslayer Mask
  • Chef Mask has been reworked to scale damage depending on Chef rune level
  • Immune to Shock Ability has been removed from Corruptor Mask

Star Items

  • Blindfold has been nerfed
    • Removed 25% reduced ender pearl cooldown ability
  • Chroma has been reworked
    • Removed Phoenix Ability
    • Add +2 Hearts
  • Added Eternal Pearl
    • Immune to Corruptor Mask
    • Immune to Teleblock Enchant
    • 25% reduced enderpearl cooldown
    • 16 Uses

Admin Items

  • Amnesia has been vaulted
  • Bloodmoon has been vaulted
  • Jokester has been unvaulted

Armor Sets

  • Diablo has been Vaulted.
  • Ravager has been Vaulted.
  • Wraith has been Nerfed
    • Lower Dimensional Rift Proc Rate
    • Speed 4 has been removed from Wraith.
  • Superior Protection V upgrades can no longer be applied to Fortune Armor.


  • Miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

Final Information

That’s all we have for this season of Factions: Pirate. We hope to see you guys online this upcoming Friday, March 31st, at 5 PM EST for this brand new map filled with new content and changes. As always, thank you for your continued support.