Minecadia Kitmap Kodai: Spring Season

Apr 14, 2023

Hello! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the Spring season of Minecadia Kitmap: Kodai has to offer. Before we go over everything, lets cover some important information:

Kitmap Kodai: Spring Season



  • 15 Man Factions
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • All new builds
  • Faction Top Monthly Payouts
  • 1st: $300 Store Credit
  • 2nd: $200 Store Credit
  • 3rd: $100 Store Credit


This map, we have introduced the Dojo. The Dojo is a brand new world with some familiar concepts and new content. To warp there, players can type “/dojo”. Here’s what it has:

Dojo Hacker Bots & Respect


  • The entire Dojo is protected by three tiers of Hacker Bots: Madara, Doflamingo, and Frieza.
  • Hacker Bots are NPCs that behave like PvPers with hacker-like attributes, such as high CPS, high reach, and high speed (they do not have special abilities).
  • These bots will always be aggressive to nearby players, unless your Faction has gained their respect.
  • To gain respect, players can kill bots. Respect does passively decay.
  • Upon having 75% respect or higher, Hacker Bots will no longer be aggressive.
  • Respect can be viewed in the Action Bar.

Dojo Outpost


  • The Dojo Outpost has been introduced. Its capzone can be found near the back of the Dojo World.
  • The rewards for holding the Dojo Outpost is as follows:
    • +5% Outgoing damage
    • -5% Incoming damage
    • 10% Reduced Pet Cooldown
    • Immune to the Water Balloon

Cerberus Boss


  • The Cerberus Battlefield Boss has been introduced into the Dojo world.
  • This boss's health has been buffed by 1.5x, and its damage by 3x, as compared to its Factions: Pirate counterpart.
  • This boss will spawn every 4 hours in the southeast region of the world.
  • The potential rewards for killing Cerberus are as follows:
    • 6 - 15 Roll Tickets
    • 1-3x Mystery Star Items
    • 1x SOTWLootBox
    • 1x PvP Pet Bundle
    • 1x Diablo Set Bundle
    • 1x Wraith Set Bundle
    • 1x Water Balloon
    • 1x Diamond Hook
    • 1x Golden Knife
    • 1x Atrocious Crooks Portal
    • 1x Atrocious Crooks Key

For now, that’s all that Dojo has. We look forward to expanding this idea to include more, such as a new type of envoy, etc…

Duel Revamp

The Duel Revamp that was recently introduced to Factions has been put on Kitmap, with some new changes. Here’s a summary of the Duel Revamp since it’s a new feature:

Duel Queue


  • When typing “/duel” with no player variable, a new Duel UI will open that gives the option for Unranked and Ranked Duel queue.
  • To join a queue, a player must have nothing in their inventory. Upon joining and being matched with another player, a duel will start.

Duel Elo (aka Ranking)

As mentioned above, players can queue for Ranked Duels.

  • Similar to a practice server, all players now have a ranked elo.
  • Winning a match will provide elo, based on the opponent’s elos. Losing a match will take away Elo.
  • There are also three leaderboards, Daily Net Elo gain, Weekly Net Elo gain, and net Seasonal Elo gain.
  • Daily Net Elo resets everyday at Midnight EST.
  • Weekly Net Elo resets every Friday at Midnight EST.
  • Seasonal Net Elo resets every Map.

Duel Leaderboards

Top Duel performers will be rewarded when certain leaderboards close. Here are the leaderboards players can compete in:

  • Top Daily Wins
  • Top Daily Elo
  • Top Weekly Wins
  • Top Weekly Elo
  • Top Seasonal Wins
  • Top Seasonal Elo

When a leaderboard closes (for example, the next day starts, so the previous day’s top wins ends), the top 3 performers of Top Elo will automatically receive Leaderboard Lootbags; only the #1 performer of Top Wins will receive Leaderboard Lootbags.

Token Wager Duels


  • We have also added a new type of duel in the “/duel {player}” menu, called Wager Duels.
  • Upon selecting a Wager Duel, a player will then select the ladder type, which can be Classic, OP, Soup, and Bring Your Own Gear.
  • While creating the duel request, the wager amount can be decided and sent.
  • Upon accepting the duel, the duel will start, and the winner will receive the Tokens.
  • Also, players can create a “Wager Duel” for other players to join, by typing “/wagerduel”. The menu will appear similar to that of a Coinflip, which displays the opponent, the ladder selected, and the amount being wagered. While having a Wager Duel placed, the player must wait for a player to accept it and will not be able to run most commands.

New Changes

Now that is explained, here are the new changes:

  • The recent fixes for Duels on Factions have been pushed here (IE: expanding queue ranges, anti-boost protection, etc…).
  • Replaced all duel arenas with brand new, practice-styled arenas.
  • Ranked queue has been changed to NoDebuff only.
  • Unranked queue is NoDebuff and Soup only.
  • Wager Duels have been introduced, but the currency has been changed to Tokens.

Cosmetic and QOL Changes

We have introduced a variety of cosmetic and quality of life changes. Here’s what we added:


  • Added F-Top prefixes for positions 1 through 3.
  • Added Top Killer prefixes for positions 1 through 3.
  • Clans have been removed from player’s name tags.
  • Enemy names have been changed to appear as red instead of white.

Lunar Client

Nametag Waypoint

  • Faction Tags with DTR and Faction Ranking (top 3 only) above player’s heads (toggleable in /noties)
  • Automatic waypoints at Faction’s Home
  • Automatic waypoints when typing “/f focus faction”
  • Team Viewer mod will now work to see the location of your teammates.

Scoreboard & Action Bar

ActionBar Scoreboard-1

  • A new scoreboard design has been introduced.
  • Timers and other miscellaneous things have been moved to the Action Bar.

Black Market

  • The Black Market has been introduced.

Heroic Armor Upgrades

Heroic Armor has been changed for this season. There are now two types of Heroic Gear: Regular Heroic, and Superior Rainbow Heroic Armor.

  • Regular Heroic Gear can be crafted by using a Heroic Armor Upgrade on its respective armor type. This will visually appear as the color of the Armor Set in leather.
  • Superior Heroic Rainbow armor can be crafted by using a Superior Rainbow Upgrade on a regular Heroic Armor piece. This will visually appear as rainbow leather armor. This upgrade is stronger than Heroic Armor, and also adds a +1 Enchant, allowing for 13 lore armor.

Citadel & Conquest

  • Conquest has been implemented and placed in the Nether.
  • Citadel & Conquest will now automatically start at 3pm EST on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Capture the Flag

  • Capture the Flag has been implemented onto Kitmap and the Event Schedule.
  • Instead of carrying the flag to a portal like you do on Factions, players will instead bring the flag from its spawn location to their faction claim to win the event.

Here’s a summary of the event:

  • When this Event starts, a Flag will spawn in a predetermined location of the Warzone.
  • The objective of this event is to pick up the flag and bring it to your faction claim, out of combat.
  • However, while this Flag is equipped, this player will have Slowness 2, and will not be able to Pearl, Fly, Teleport, or leave the Warzone.
  • The Flag cannot be dropped. Once equipped, the player can only successfully capture it, or die to drop it.
  • If the Flag is dropped, a teammate can pick up the Flag to continue the capture. If the flag is not picked up within 60 seconds, it will return to its starting location.
  • If the Flag is dropped, an enemy can contest the Flag to return it to its starting location much faster.
  • The first team to capture the flag to their claim wins the event.

Killstreak Revamp

  • Killstreak Rewards have been revamped.


Here are some miscellaneous changes:


  • Chest subclaims have been added. Type “[subclaim]” on the first line, and the IGN on the second line. These subclaims are respective to faction rank. A member placing the subclaim, anyone above can open it. An officer placing a subclaim, anyone above officer can open it. A co-leader places a subclaim, only a LEADER can open it. A leader places one, nobody can open one.


  • Vaulted Finesse Mask


  • Water Balloon has been nerfed to have a longer cooldown and lower proc rate.

Founder Items

  • Beacon Booster has been removed from Founder Star


  • The combat timer has been increased to 20 seconds.


  • Chicken Pet has been revamped to the following details:
    • Lvl 1 - 49: Speed 2
    • Lvl 50 - 99: Speed 3
    • Lvl 100: Speed 4

Diamond Hooks

  • Regular Diamond Hooks cannot go above 10 enchants; only the special 12 Lore Diamond Hook can.

Armor Sets

  • Magma Armor Set has been introduced:
    • Permanent Speed 4 Effect
    • Deal an extra 20% damage to all enemies
    • Enjoy a 20% reduction from all enemies.
    • Take 30% more damage from bows.
    • Volcanic Barrier Ability: Summon a damaging veil of flames.