Lifesteal Dracula: Spring Season Information!

Apr 20, 2023


Hello all! Spring is coming to Lifesteal Dracula this upcoming Saturday, April 22nd 3 PM EST. In this post, we will be going over everything that's coming to Lifesteal for its new season including a new giveaway which can be found at the bottom of this post. Additionally, the team has plans to introduce even more content to Lifesteal Dracula throughout the life of this new season such as Minigames and more. Stay tuned! :)

Lifesteal Dracula: Spring Season



  • 5 Team Size
  • 600 x 600 Warzone: All new Warzone with new KOTH's, DTC, and more
  • 25k x 25k Overworld Border
  • 15k x 15k Nether Border
  • 30k x 30k End Border
  • 50 Max Hearts
  • No Claiming
  • Team Top Payouts [Found at the bottom of this post]


Heart Fragments

Heart Fragments will be making its debut on Lifesteal Dracula for the Spring Season. Instead of receiving +1 Heart for getting 1 Kill, you will now receive +1 Heart Fragment. Upon dying, you will lose -1 Heart Fragment.

  • 0-4 Heart Fragments = 0 Hearts
  • 5 - 9 Heart Fragments = +1 Heart
  • 10-14 Heart Fragments = +2 Hearts
  • 15-19 Heart Fragments = +3 Hearts

...and so on and so forth. The maximum amount of Heart Fragments a player can obtain is 200. Heart Fragments are not tradeable or withdrawable. You can view your Heart Fragments on the scoreboard and by typing /hearts.


Player Spawnable Bosses

New bosses are making its way to the battle field on Lifesteal Dracula, and yes, they can be spawned in by you! Please welcome Nosferatu, Khayman, Seraphina, and Leander to Lifesteal. In order to spawn in these bosses, you will be required to have a summoner. You can view these four new bosses in game by typing /bosses and selecting the Mythic, Exclusive, and Legendary Bosses glass panes.Bosses

Revamped /f top Leaderboards

For this season of Lifesteal, we are removing our old /f top leaderboards and replacing it with an entirely new system.

  • Killing a player = +1 /f top point
  • Dying = -1 /f top point
  • Winning a KOTH = +20 /f top points
  • Winning a DTC = +20 /f top points
  • Winning Alcatraz = +30 /f top points
  • Completing a Quest Scroll = +1 /f top point
  • Killing a Boss = +1 /f top point


An all new event is coming to Lifesteal: The Alcatraz Event. When Alcatraz is active, players can type /alcatraz to teleport to this event. Once the Alcatraz event starts, players will only have few minutes to join the event before it is closed. Soon after, a KOTH capture zone with a 10 minute capture time will be active for players to contest. Players will only have one life - once you die, you are death banned from the event and cannot re-join it. But, you will keep your inventory upon dying.

Destroy the Core

Another new event is coming to Lifesteal: Destroy the Core. DTC is an HCF-based event that includes an obsidian core that has to be broken 500 times all at once in order to win the event. However, if you stop breaking the obsidian core, it will begin to regenerate and you will be forced to start over. There is a DTC event located in the new warzone. Players can type /DTC in game to view more details about this event.

New Event Schedule

An all new event schedule will be coming to Lifesteal Dracula. In this all new UI, players will be able to view what events are coming up and when they are active. A new event will be active every 3 hours. Players can type /eventschedule in game to view all events.


As seen before on Factions, /warp arcade will be coming to Lifesteal Dracula! Players can head over to the Arcade and battle other opponents in a 1v1.

New Ability Items / Ability Packages

To kick off this new season on Lifesteal, the team has implemented new Ability Items for you to use in combat.

  • Aggressive Pearl: Gives you Strength II for 7 seconds when your enderpearl lands
  • Blood Sucker: Right click the empty bottle on a player to deal 2-4 hearts of damage to them.
  • Chains: Hit a player 3 times in a row with this item and they won't be able to place or break any blocks for 15 seconds.
  • Scrambler: Hit a player with the egg by throwing it at them to scramble their hotbar.
  • Uppercut: Hit a player with the stick and it will make them face upwards.
  • Spider Trail: Right click the spider egg to leave a trail of cobwebs behind you for 5 seconds.
  • Close Call: Right click the cookie while at/under 3 hearts to receive Strength II and Regeneration V for 8 seconds.

And lastly, Ability Packages will be making its debut on Lifesteal Dracula. Players can purchase an Ability Package on By right clicking an Ability Package, you will be given a random Ability Item.


Refreshed Quest Scroll Challenges

As the title states, we have implemented much more Quest Scroll challenges for you all to try out. Type /questscrolls in game to view them live. See below for more details.

  • Defeat the Ender Dragon
    • 1x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 2x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 3x = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Kill a Ghast
    • 5x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 10x = Mythic Quest Scroll
  • Place Crystals while in combat
    • 50x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 100x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 150x = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Destroy Crystals while in combat
    • 150x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 200x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 250x = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Kill Streaks
    • Kill Streak of 15 = Rare Quest Scroll
    • Kill Streak of 25 = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • Kill Streak of 30 = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Kill Bosses
    • 5x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 10x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 25x = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Kill a Wither Skeleton
    • 10x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 15x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 20x = Wither Quest Scroll
  • Capture a KOTH
    • 1x = Rare Quest Scroll
    • 2x = Mythic Quest Scroll
    • 3x = Legendary Quest Scroll
  • Voting
    • 3x = Rare Quest Scroll


New Challenges

All new challenges are also coming to Lifesteal Dracula for this new season! Players can type /challenges in game to view what's new. More details can also be found below.

  • Defeat the ender dragon as many times as possible.
  • Kill as many ghasts are possible.
  • Kill as many wither skeletons as possible.
  • Place as many crystals as possible.
  • Destroy as many crystals as possible.
  • Win as many world scramblers and quick math's as possible.
  • Kill as many bosses as possible.
    Once done, you will be rewarded with in game loot.


Player Profiles

Player Profiles are coming to Lifesteal Dracula! View your voting information, heart information, combat information, economy information, and cosmetic information all in one place. You can start by typing /profile in game.



Cosmetics are here and will be available for purchase on the opening day of the Spring Season! To view all cosmetics, you can start by typing /cosmetics in game. Players will be able to purchase the following Cosmetics:

  • Kill Effects [/killeffects]
  • Arrow Trails [/arrowtrails]
  • Kill Tags [/killtags]
  • Titles [/titles]

All Kill Effects, Arrow Trails, Kill Tags, and Titles can be viewed in game. These will be available for purchase in the /gold shop.