Pirate Map Season 4 Information

Feb 13, 2022
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another post for the reset of Pirate, within this post we will be showing you all the Map Information and Partners playing, we will be posting a changelog in a few days so keep your eyes open!

Map Information

  • 5 Week Long Map
  • 10k x 10k Overworld
  • 2k x 2k Desert
  • 2k x 2k Nether
  • 2k x 2k Tundra
  • 14 Day Grace Period
  • 15x15 Chunk Base Size
  • 6 Regen Limit
  • 30 Player Factions (upgradeable to 45)
  • 1 Ally & 3 Truces
  • 10 Hour Faction Shields


  • Meezoid
  • Lolitsalex
  • Hatefoo
  • RoyalMC
  • Crusty
  • Hxroic
  • Dexter113
  • Bambe
  • Lambo



    - Added Bard Armor Set (/bard)

    - Added Rogue Armor Set

    - Added Creeper Pet - Rare | Create an explosion in a radius damaging players

    - Guardian Angel Partner Item - Once right clicked, within 30 seconds, if you go under 3 hearts you will be healed to full. (Cooldown of 3 minutes from being used)

    - Hate Foo's Anti-Patch Beacon Partner Item - Place this beacon within enemy land to create a 10 block radius where your enemies are not able to place blocks for 30 seconds.

    - Fisherman Mask - Immune to being attacked by fishing rods | Enjoy a 5% damage reduction

    - Diamond Hook Star Item - A weapon that has the ability to hold Axe & Sword enchantments. When activated, receives a armor set weapon bonus.

    - Added Treasure Hunter Cursed enchantment - Chance to receive keys while fishing.

    - Added 9 new Event Skins

    - Added Mystery event skin

    - Added Mystery Pet LVL 50 item

    - Added BedWars event (Will be ready a few days after SOTW)

    - Added Potion Casino (/casinomerchant)

    - Added Colossal Creeper Egg - Summons a large radius of explosion

    - Added Lucky Creeper Egg - A 100% chance of dropping spawners

    - Added Collection Creeper Egg - When exploded near an enemy collection chest, allows the ability to open the collection chest and sell the items.

    - Added /pv search (search for an item in your pv no matter what pv it is in.

    - Added /pv open a GUI of all your pv’s

    - Added /f tt (title tag) disable the hologram when entering new land

    - Added /chunkloaders (You can now view & activate them all at once, and they will cost money to purchase. The price of uptime for chunkloaders will inflate as the eco inflates)

    - Added /inflation (Which allows you to see the current market inflation rate)

    - Added /ah searchname (name)

    - Made a toggle for notifications about leaving and entering owner claims (/f notify)


    - Vaulted AFK pet

    - Vaulted Slime pet

    - Moved Zombie pet to Common tier

    - Vaulted Candy partner item

    - Changed Void Phase to Br0 Invis

    - Changed Exoitc Bone to MeeZoid’s Exotic Bone

    - Vaulted Sorcerer Mask

    - Vaulted Jellyfish Mask

    - Vaulted Flame Elemental enchantment

    - Able to withdraw a higher amount of money & XP

    - Able to withdraw money with symbols ex (1k, 10k, 100m)

    - Made it so you can use cooldown shards on Jolly GKit

    - Changed brag color to be orange

    - Changed death sign color to be orange

    - Buffed Kraken GKit

    - Changed Roll Ticket loot table

    - Ah search will now sort by price

    - Made it so flight doesn’t get disabled when toggling printer

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed mechanics of dead man chest

    - Fixed bow enchantments proccing when you left click an opponent with a bow

    - Fixed Risk Inventory duel mechanics

    Expedition Updates:

    - For every half an hour you stay at expeditions you will now go down 5% in expedition xp, this will be at a max of 50% xp reduction and will reset every day.

    - We have introduced a new line of enchants for the expeditions, you can check these out by doing the /expedition enchants and clicking on our new tier!

    - All runes from the expedition should now have a new lore attached to them.

    - We have removed Level Skips and have replaced them with Expedition XP Bottles, these will be in various loot tables.

    - We now have an automated system for expedition bonuses, these will be activated every weekend!

    ECO changes

    We have done a lot of testing for this, and figured a balanced eco now.

    Iron 80 -> 40

    Gold 110 -> 75

    Diamond 100 -> 65

    Emerald 75 -> 50

    IG spawners 2.000.000 -> 2.750.000

    Faction Core Improvements:

    - Revamped /f audit (More efficient and easier to read)

    - Separated perms to individuals/factions

    - Separated f perms system for base claims only (has the same GUI as regular f perms, can set perms for specific faction roles / players same way as before but permissions only apply to base claims. Another f perms system for “Current Chunk” where permissions can be set to a specific chunk in a base claim for either specific players or faction roles same as before.)

    Perms that can be set:

    Permission to build

    Permission to destroy

    Permission to door

    Permission to button

    Permission to lever

    Permission to container

    Permission to sethome

    Permission to territory

    Permission to setwarp

    Permission to spawner

    Permission to chunkbuster

    Permission to home

    - Removed cooldown in /f inspect

    - Made it so spawners are not affected by water or lava (meaning if a piece of TNT or creeper explosion lands inside water or lava that is touching a spawner, the spawner will be dropped)

    - Players are now put out of disguise if they place blocks or pvp

    - Made it so TNT, Sand, RedSand, Gravel and Anvils gets cleared when touching the worldborder.

    - Made it so lava from 1 claimed chunk moving to another chunk claimed by another faction not possible

    - Made it so sand can stack on top of anything besides slabs

    For F Top Factions Only (1-16):

    - Made /f disband have a 24 hour cooldown from when the command is ran to when the faction is actually disbanded.

    - Made /f unclaimall have a 12hour cooldown from when the command is ran to when the claims are unclaimed

Faction Rule changelog

    Rules Changelog:

    - Added 2 new strikes, the first strike will now be a warning strike and the last strike will now be a DQ.

    - Added it so that all strikes will go to the faction that benefits from the rule broken. This rule will be under Admin discretion.

    - Added a section called Report Clarifications, please go and read that section if you would like to stay in our guidelines for reporting a player/faction.

    - Added a rule called 255 Creepers, this rule states that "You are not allowed to creeper egg any defence of a base/cannon on the height of 255 and above".

    - Added faction kick and kill rule, this rule states "You may not kick players from your faction with the intent of killing them".

    - Added a limit to the amount of buffer cannons you can now have, you are now limited to 1 counter cannon per side of your buffer.

    - Edited the Base/Derp/Anything Protection rule, it now has an extra bullet point stating "You are not allowed to use filters on a cannon box".

    Leader Discord Changes:

    - Only faction leaders in the Leader Discord can now make strike tickets, if you are not in this discord please make a ticket and show proof of your ownership of the faction.

    If anyone is caught trying to have more members in the discord they will be banned from that discord.