Minecadia: Pixelmon Grand Release

Jul 19, 2023

Good afternoon Cadia Crafters! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the first season of Minecadia Pixelmon: Diamond has to offer. Before that, lets cover some important information:

Pixelmon: Diamond Map 1



We’re extremely excited to finally introduce another gamemode onto the Minecadia Network! From my experience with PokeHQ, I know that Pixelmon is a very fun gamemode that all types of players can enjoy, so I hope to see you there.

Before going any further, we would like to make it very clear about the maximum player slots to be allowed on the realm on release. Due to the limitations of Pixelmon setups and the fact they are modded, typical pixelmon setups cannot hold a TON of players at one time, unlike Factions/Kitmap/Lifesteal - however, this is actively being worked on and improved to allow more players on a singular realm.

With that being said, we have seen the popularity and interest in the gamemode thus far since we have announced it, and we are definitely open to expanding Minecadia Pixelmon to a multi-realm server setup like other popular pixelmon servers in the future, but that will not be the case for this grand release. Our goal is to provide an active and focused Pixelmon realm, and we’d rather spend time improving the setup’s ability to handle more players.

And last, we’d like to also make it clear that all unranked players will have an equal chance at joining. For this release, there is no queue to get into the server. Players with ranks will have priority, but all players will go through the same process to join the realm: right clicking the NPC or using the server selector. Creating a queue for this setup is in the works though, so expect it to be released in the future.

Modpack Installation

  • To learn how to install our custom modpack, see here: https://minecadia.com/pixelmon-modpack/
  • Note: at the time of this post, the modpack may not be rebranded or updated to its latest version. Rest assured, it’s intended to be updated prior to release!

Feature List

There are A LOT of features that will exist on Minecadia’s Pixelmon setup. With that being said, this post will only give a brief overview of each. Some things will be omitted and be discovered as a QOL update for those who play, but here are some important features:

Pixelmon Mod

  • Enjoy Minecadia Pixelmon on the latest version of the Pixelmon Mod, on Minecraft 1.16!

Custom Starters

  • Enjoy the ability to choose a custom starting pokemon upon joining the server for the first time!

World Bosses

  • World Bosses are OP Pokemon that spawn in our custom builds, in a biome determined by the pokemon itself.
  • These pokemon have several lives and players on the server must work together to defeat it!
  • The players who defeat the boss the most will receive the best rewards.


  • Minecadia Pixelmon has grindable skills that are both integrated in Vanilla and Pixelmon gameplay.
  • The higher the level you are in each skill, the better benefits and rewards you may have access to!


  • Obtain a contract to hunt a specific pokemon for OP rewards.
  • You can choose the difficulty of the contract, which could lead you to finding a specific pokemon, gender, nature, etc!
  • The harder the contract, the better the rewards!


  • Staff will host minigames for all players to participate in for OP rewards!


  • Acquire shards and put them together to craft special types of armor that give unique buffs.
  • For example, Lucky Armor will give players the chance to remove worse items from crate loot tables!
  • Type /shards to see what each armor set does.

Battle Tower

  • Enter the battle tower and defeat our server’s Battle Tower defenders to reach the top floor for OP rewards!


  • Accept quests for specific rewards via the /quests menu!


  • Progress through Minecadia Pixelmon’s unique storyline for rewards and adventure!


  • Vote for the realms Mayor! The mayor will be able to decide what buffs should be pushed onto the realm, such as higher shiny chances, or higher legendary chances, etc!


  • Create a Guild and recruit your friends to become the best Guild in Minecadia!


  • Redeem Boosters to increase your chances of various events, such as better drops, double drops, higher catch rate, higher shiny rate, etc!

Custom Textures

  • Enjoy custom textured pokemon, UI’s and much more!


  • Enjoy a ton of new cosmetics, such as custom armor, hex color codes, gradients, emojis, and much more!

PokeHQ Merge Information

  • As you may know, PokeHQ is being merged into Minecadia for this Pixelmon release (previously owned independently by MeeZoid & SuperCoolMomo).
  • If you had a rank on Diamond or Pearl from PokeHQ, you will have it on Minecadia Pixelmon: Diamond.
  • PokeHQ was last opened on an older version of Pixelmon on Minecraft 1.12. This setup is on Minecraft 1.16.

If you are familiar with the PokeHQ setup, and wish to compare the differences of that setup to this, then see here:

  • Donor Wands: These allow you to use Donor perks without being a donor, examples include: Sell, Smelt, Poke Heal & PC Wands.
  • Boosters: These improve your chances of various events, examples include: Rare Drop, Double Drop, Catch Rate, Shiny & HA Boosters.
  • Custom GUIs: We've improved the GUI to look nicer with custom textures as well as custom items.
  • Shop Overhaul: We overhauled the categories, items, etc. - Added 1.16 items as well as changed around the look and display.
  • Gyms: Changed the gyms system around, improved the menus, commands and added a log of your entire battle history.
  • Player Warps: Instead of Nexus, you can now make your own warp.
  • Battle Tower: Same premise as 1.12, but overhauled and improved it.
  • Mayor: Same premise as 1.12, but overhauled the boosts and improved it.
  • World Bosses: Overhauled from 1.12, improved the lag caused by them, etc.
  • Events: Added back the most popular events from 1.12 and added new maps to a lot.
  • Vaults: Players have access to more vaults than they had previously.
  • GTS: Added ways to apply different search filters.
  • Dropcrates: Overhauled the rewards and GUIs.
  • Trade: We've added our own custom /trade menu.
  • Guilds: Revamped and added more customisation options.
  • Weather: You can now get different types of weather through /weathervote.
  • Skills: Overhauled the MMO system, added some new skills and revamped perks for old ones
  • Warps: We've completely re-done almost every public warp
  • Chest Shops: New chestshop system allows for easier management of your shops all from a GUI
  • Stats: Overhauled the stats system, added more categories and fixed lots of issues from 1.12
  • Bug Fixes: too many to name (hundreds), and additionally a lot of smaller misc. Changes.
  • Cosmetics Update:
    ** Cosmetics: We now have a custom wardrobe filled with different hats, body items, held items, etc.
    ** Custom Armor: You can obtain custom armour, which has a custom texture.
    ** Hex Color Codes: We now have access to different colours, so you can use these in nick names, titles, etc.
    ** Gradients: You can now make your nick have a gradient.
    ** Emojis: You can now unlock emojis that can be used in chat, some are unlocked already for free.


We hope you guys are as excited for Pixelmon as we are! We hope to see you online for the grand release of Minecadia Pixelmon: Diamond, this Saturday, July 22nd, at 3 PM EST.