Minecadia: Pixelmon Season 2

Mar 15, 2024

Good afternoon Minecadia! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the first season of Minecadia Pixelmon: Diamond has to offer. Before that, lets cover some important information:

Pixelmon: Diamond Season 2



Hey all - welcome back to Pixelmon on Minecadia. Here's what has been going on:

  • Over the past few months, our team has been working to take control of the development and management of the Pixelmon realm.
  • If you weren't aware: previously, the Pixelmon realm on Minecadia was that of a merged server: actively hosted, managed, and developed by a different team (who also had their own networks).
  • Unfortunately, this led to a lot of foundational issues that we were unable to correct, and ultimately started us off on the wrong foot for Minecadia Pixelmon.
  • With that being said, we're happy to announce that we now have a full time manager overseeing our realm, as well as our developers are fully on board and will be taking control for the future of the realm - ensuring timely fixes, implementations, and branching out on our own content path.
  • With this release, we are prioritizing giving a refreshing, smooth, and full Pixelmon experience on Minecadia. Then, we will look to branch out on our own content path, with the help of you.
  • Keep updated in our Discord for further updates! Players can look forward to a much better experience this season, with a focused team and a proper timeline for the future.
  • Also note - Pixelmon is a modded setup, so realm capacity is a lot smaller than our typical gamemodes. However, with that being said, we do now have a Ranked Queue (unlike last season) and you will get Queue Priority based on your Donator Rank.

Modpack Installation

Feature List

There are A LOT of features that exist on Minecadia’s Pixelmon setup. With that being said, this post will only give a brief overview of each. Some things will be omitted and be discovered as a QOL update for those who play, but here are some important features:

Pixelmon Mod

  • Enjoy Minecadia Pixelmon on the latest version of the Pixelmon Mod, on Minecraft 1.16!

Custom Starters

  • Enjoy the ability to choose a custom starting pokemon upon joining the server for the first time!

World Bosses

  • World Bosses are OP Pokemon that spawn in our custom builds, in a biome determined by the pokemon itself.
  • These pokemon have several lives and players on the server must work together to defeat it!
  • The players who defeat the boss the most will receive the best rewards.


  • Minecadia Pixelmon has grindable skills that are both integrated in Vanilla and Pixelmon gameplay.
  • The higher the level you are in each skill, the better benefits and rewards you may have access to!


  • Obtain a contract to hunt a specific pokemon for OP rewards.
  • You can choose the difficulty of the contract, which could lead you to finding a specific pokemon, gender, nature, etc!
  • The harder the contract, the better the rewards!


  • Staff will host minigames for all players to participate in for OP rewards!


  • Acquire shards and put them together to craft special types of armor that give unique buffs.
  • For example, Lucky Armor will give players the chance to remove worse items from crate loot tables!
  • Type /shards to see what each armor set does.

Battle Tower

  • Enter the battle tower and defeat our server’s Battle Tower defenders to reach the top floor for OP rewards!


  • Accept quests for specific rewards via the /quests menu!


  • Vote for the realms Mayor! The mayor will be able to decide what buffs should be pushed onto the realm, such as higher shiny chances, or higher legendary chances, etc!


  • Create a Guild and recruit your friends to become the best Guild in Minecadia!


  • Redeem Boosters to increase your chances of various events, such as better drops, double drops, higher catch rate, higher shiny rate, etc!

Custom Textures

  • Enjoy custom textured pokemon, UI’s and much more!


  • Enjoy a ton of new cosmetics, such as custom armor, hex color codes, gradients, emojis, and much more!


We hope you guys are as excited for Pixelmon as we are! We hope to see you online for the grand release of Minecadia Pixelmon: Diamond, this Saturday, March 23rd, at 3 PM EST.