Minecadia: Skyblock Grand Release

Mar 28, 2024


Good afternoon Cadia Crafters! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the grand release of Skyblock: Arcade has to offer. Before that, let’s cover some important information:

Minecadia Skyblock: Arcade - Grand Release


Release Date: Saturday, March 30th, @ 3PM EST.
* Server IP: play.minecadia.com
* MC Versions: 1.8-1.20.4
* Recommended Gameplay Version: 1.19.2
* Recommended PvP Version: 1.8
* Store: https://store.minecadia.com
* Discord: http://discord.gg/minecadia
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/playminecadia


10-15 Man Islands
Island Value Top Monthly Payouts:


Hey guys! Welcome to the brand new Skyblock Realm here on Minecadia. For the past few months, we have been working extremely hard to create one of the best and most unique Skyblock experiences possible for all of you to enjoy. Finally, this weekend you will all get to see exactly what we’ve done, and we’re extremely excited to hear your feedback, and to watch you play.


There are so many custom features on Skyblock: Arcade that are brand new to the community on Minecadia that will definitely revitalize your gameplay experience. With that being said, below you will find a brief breakdown of some of our features - but note, there are many more for you to discover while playing!


Before breaking down specific features, let’s give a quick run down of a basic start on Minecadia’s Skyblock: Arcade:

  • When joining for the first time, players will be able to run the command “/is” to create their own island. Players can pick from 3 different Island Schematics for their Island’s design.
  • After this, we would recommend building some basic crop farms, such as Cactus or Bamboo to create an income source. Once you save up enough money, Spawners are the most efficient types of farms you can create to start making the most money possible.
  • Progressing through the Quest Line will serve a big role in your progression as it serves to reward you with many OP items such as Crate Keys, Spawners, Tickets and more - all of which will give you a significant boost in becoming the richest on the server.
  • The Quest World also contains tons of Custom Mobs, Ores, and Crops that can be acquired and sold for large amounts of money - which will allow you to reinvest back into your Island and upgrade your farms, to earn even more!
  • Each Spawner placed on your island will give you Island Value to boost your ranking on /is top - where the top islands will receive rewards at the end of each month.
  • There are many different types of farms you can make, but making them as efficient as possible, and potentially automatic, is the most important to continue making the most money possible. Be smart with the farm designs you use!
  • There is so much more to the server, so check out the list below.


Minecadia’s Skyblock: Arcade questline is a one of a kind campaign style where you will be tasked with different quests throughout the brand new Quest World. This world contains two uniquely themed islands that are overrun with Custom Mobs, Custom Crops, Bosses, and so much more. Fight everything from Dinosaurs, to Shadow Creatures! As you progress through the questline you will experience insane Boss Battles with OP Rewards. Completing quests and working through the storyline will achieve you valuable loot like Crate Keys, OP Gear, and so much more.


Our custom Skills system serves a critical role on Skyblock: Arcade. Progress through 5 different skills. Level them up to unlock new abilities, new crops, new ores, and so much more to bring your Island to new levels of riches. Skills also play a crucial part of completing the Quest Line, and will come in very handy during your day to day Skyblock activities.


What’s Minecadia if it doesn’t have some sort of classic 1.8 PvP? We are well aware that our community is foundationally built on our 1.8 Gamemode, Factions - which is extremely focused around PvP. However, we also know that creating new game modes limited by the content of 1.8 can hinder the potential to reach new players and communities long term. With that being said, on Skyblock: Arcade, you can get the best of both worlds. Enjoy our custom content and countless features on our recommended version of 1.20 - and when you’re ready to PvP, swap back to 1.8 and enjoy the classic experience! We worked very hard to make our realm appeal to players of all kinds - so, you can still PvP on the newer versions, with a classic experience of no hit delay.


Compete against other Islands on Skyblock: Arcade to capture the Outpost in our Warzone (PvP Zone) to gain access to an exclusive Outpost Shop, as well as reap the benefits of the Outpost Boosters to boost your Island to new highs, riches, and so much more. Additionally, KOTH events will take place multiple times a day, and can be captured to earn insane loot.


Lover of Envoys? Good - we are too! Also within the PvP Zone, there will be frequent Envoy Events where you can search for Supply Crates to capture that will reward you with OP Goodies!


Godset PvP! The Holy Grail of Minecadia. On Skyblock: Arcade, you will be able to use your EXP to unlock Enchant Runes that will give your Armor, Tools, and Special Utility Items brand new abilities and effects to overall enhance your Skyblock Experience. To be clear, the Custom Enchants themselves and overall system IS NOT taken from Factions.


Gather Upgradeable Custom Robots and put them to work around your island to reach maximum levels of efficiency and progression! For example, use the Combat Robot to grind Mobs automatically, and upgrade it to make it even more efficient and OP.


Lonely? That’s alright - our Pets will provide you with a companion like no other. On grand release, there will 6 obtainable Pets, each with their own special abilities that are effective in their own ways. The more you make use of your Pet, the higher it will level up, and the stronger it becomes!


Looking for a real challenge? Unlock our Custom Boss Eggs to spawn in bosses you’ve never seen before. Slay them and unlock the most OP Gear, Tools, and Exclusive Enchants on the entire realm! From the grand release, there will be three unique bosses, each with their own respective loot table.


Skyblock: Arcade’s brand new Cosmetic System will bring you some of the coolest accessories ever before seen to customize your character. Not just that, but we also have Custom Skins to customize your armor sets and tools, as well as sprays you can spray on blocks to mark your territory!


Want more to grind? Want to upgrade yourself to new levels among all Islands in the Arcade? Use /is upgrade to unlock upgrades for your entire island to bring you to new highs in categories like Spawner Quantity, Hoppers, Sell Prices, and so much more!


Acquire one of the Arcade’s custom Garden Scythes to be used in numerous different ways to boost your gameplay experience even further! Enjoy many different abilities, such as automatically picking up crops when mined, automatically selling items, unlocking special upgrades, and so much more to make your experience even better! But it doesn’t stop there, Garden Scythes also have unique Custom Enchants that can be applied to earn even more special abilities to bring it to the next level.


Earn Tickets by killing mobs, and spend them in various ways. Visit the Ticket Shop for some goodies, or maybe use them to buy some Island Upgrades!


Collect a variety of our Custom Wands throughout the server - each with their own special abilities. Looking to sell your loot quickly, and with a multiplier? Easy! Wanting to upgrade ores? Pearl around during PvP? Acquire all the wands today!


If you still need that extra boost, acquire boosters to gain multipliers in various aspects of the server, such as Money, EXP, and Pet Multipliers!


On Skyblock: Arcade, Spawners will start off as basic, default Minecraft spawners for a given mob. But, as you progress, you will be able to upgrade your spawners to higher tiers of that mob, which will then upgrade it to drop new loot worth even more money and bound to push you to new levels of profits!


The competitive leaderboard of Skyblock: Arcade is based simply on Island Value. The more value your Island accumulates, the higher your ranking will be on /is top. Value is mainly acquired from the spawners you place on your Island. Payouts will take place at the end of each month, and end of each season. For this season, the first payout will take place on May 1st. By default, Island Sizes can hold 10 members; however, this can be pushed to 15 based on your leader’s rank.


There is still so much more to be discovered on Minecadia’s Skyblock: Arcade! We know you will enjoy this refreshing and custom experience, and we truly hope to see you for this Grand Release. This is just the very beginning of what we have in store for this realm. Expect tons of brand new content and updates to be released every weekend by our dedicated Skyblock Team. See you there this Saturday, March 30th at 3PM EST!

Release Date: Saturday, March 30th, @ 3PM EST.
Server IP: play.minecadia.com
MC Versions: 1.8-1.20.4
Recommended Gameplay Version: 1.19.2
Recommended PvP Version: 1.8
Store: https://store.minecadia.com
Discord: http://discord.gg/minecadia
Twitter: http://twitter.com/playminecadia