• All players are expected to stay up to date with the rules listed below, any changes to the rule will be announced in #changelog in our discord server. By connecting to the server, you automatically accept the rules and terms of service listed below, and to accept responsibility done by your account.
  • If a rule is broken, the offending players will be subject to punishment under the timelines seen in these rules, or at the discretion of the rules team. These rules are subject to change at any given time, without warning or pre-given context. All edits will be announced in #changelog as stated above. In certain cases, the management team reserves the right to change a rule after a player has been punished to protect the community. Screenshare verified staff hold the right to screenshare players at any given time, for any reason. Screensharing may include but is not limited to the use of screensharing tools such as Echo, Anydesk, etc. Refusal to screenshare, no matter the excuse, will result in the player being punished following the same timeline.
  • All rules fall under the discretion of the rules team. Their decision is the final decision made.
  • If you require further assistance or clarification on these rules please make a ticket in our discord.
  • Abusing bugs to get out of derps will result in your load out being confiscated.
  • Players are permitted to account share at their own discretion. However, the player who shared their account will be held liable for any punishment and or rule broken by the player who the account was shared with.
  • Purposely performing bannable/strikable offenses will result in a 3 day ban to all involved. Failure to stop will result in the management's discretion for punishment length.
  • Common Sense will be used when enforcing all rules.
  • The use of nick hider when submitting video or photographic evidence is not permitted in Discord ticket support. Players are subject to having their report, revive request, ticket, etc. denied if failed to comply with this rule.
  • The evidence for offenses tier 5 and below may be shown to the punished player for appealing purposes.
  • Faction Strikes and Bans:

    Strike System

    Our faction strike system works on bans within a faction and disobeying rules, the strikes you may obtain could be from either your faction breaking a rule or one of the three listed below:

    10 Faction Bans = 1 Faction Strike (this includes all types of bans)
    Blacklisted Player = 1-2 Faction Strikes Depending on Severity
    3 Faction Warnings = 1 Faction Strike
    Any staff issued ban as a result from a screenshare will result in a 250 faction point deduction. Any attempt to mass report and or abuse this rule will be handled the same as strike wars

    All of the strikes information below will be counted at the end of the season. NOTE: all strike reports must be submitted within 24 hours of said offense. Any of the offenses above goes to the faction it benefits.

    All strikes will go to the faction that benefits from the broken rule. This will be under Admin Discretion.
    1 strike = Warning Strike
    2 strikes = 10% Reduction of Value
    3 strikes = 30% Reduction of Value
    4 strikes = 40% Reduction of Value
    5 strikes = DQ

    Note: Certain offenses will result in an instant disqualification. *Strikes Effect Both PVP and F TOP*

    Tier 1:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: Warning
    Offence #2: 30m mute
    Offence #3: 1h mute
    Offence #4: 3h mute
    Offence #5: 6h mute

    Offenders who have more than 5 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Mute history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 1 Rules
    Misleading Information / Chat Trolling
  • Telling players information that may negatively affect them, i.e “/ci confirm to get a free set”
  • Spam
  • Spamming the same/similar 5 messages in a row in global chat.
  • Spamming an unusual amount of characters or irregular characters, such
  • as; “LLLLLLLLLLLLL” or “[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]”
  • Spamming commands that are visible by other player/s.
  • Promoting any sort of spam, i.e “say 1 if you want 100 dollars in-game”
  • Spamming capital letters
  • Links in chat
  • You are only allowed to post Minecadia related content in chat, i.e YouTube Videos or Streams. When advertising a stream you can only post the link every 5 minutes. Any other link will be considered a breach of this rule.
  • Advertising an IRL Trade
  • Advertising a trade for any in-game items for IRL currency such as (PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Crypto, and etc) or vice versa in public chat is against the rules and will lead to a punishment. This includes trades involving other servers or games.

  • Tier 2:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 1d mute
    Offence #2: 3d mute
    Offence #3: 1d ban
    Offence #4: 3d ban
    Offence #5: Permmute and 7d ban (Appeal EOTW)
    Mute history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 2 Rules
    Suicidal Encouragement
  • Any form of suicidal encouragement said to another player or faction is not allowed, in-game or IRL. Examples include but are not limited to, “KYS” “Hang yourself” "End your life" etc.
  • Death Threats
  • Death threats towards another player and or faction is strictly prohibited. Death threats may include but is not limited to, "I am going to kill you and your family".
  • Excessive Player/Staff Disrespect
  • An extreme amount of disrespect towards any player or staff member. Any references to events or terms that users may find distressing. This includes but is not limited to jokes or mentions relating to rape or pedophilia.
  • Discrimination
  • Discriminating against users. This includes (but is not limited to) illnesses, diseases, disabilities, race, religion, culture, gender identities or expressions, and sexual orientations.Calling someone "retard" (and its word variants) will result in a 6hr mute for the first offence. Words such as "autistic or sped" will still follow the punishments listed within this tier.
  • Inappropriate Chat Content
  • Inappropriate chat content is any chat content that is viewed as inappropriate, offensive or abusive. An example of this would be talking about ‘Rape’ ‘Pedophilia’ ‘Pornography’ ‘Drugs’.
  • Inappropriate Item Names
  • Players are not allowed to rename items that have inappropriate names, symbols, or drawings. If players do not rename it after being asked, an admin will take the item and it will not be returned.

  • Tier 3:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 3d ban
    Offence #2: 7d ban
    Offence #3: 14d ban
    Offence #4: 30d ban
    Offence #5: Permanent Ban
    Offenders who have more than 5 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion. Some offenses may warrant a strike.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 3 Rules
    Inappropriate Builds
  • Building anything (including pixel arts) which can be deemed as inappropriate by the staff team. This could include but is not limited to Genitalia, Swastika and other extremist symbols.
  • Piston Pushing
    Pushing pistons into other factions' claims is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to,
  • Pulling blocks from a faction's claims
  • Modifying blocks in a faction's claim
  • Repeated offenders from the same faction will receive a faction related punishment.
    Illegal Block Use
  • Placing, pushing, or doing anything to a block (or creating a similar scenario) that inhibits a player's ability to pot is not allowed. Additionally, hitting a player into something that does this is also not allowed. You may hit players into Cobwebs, but you may not place cobwebs on a players head.
  • Block Glitching
  • Breaking blocks and/or glitching through blocks to hit someone is not permitted. Performing this action and having it result directly or indirectly in the death of a player will result in a ban. Players who are warned for this action (in less severe cases) and continue to do it will be banned.
  • Teaming In Events
  • Teaming in an event will result in a punishment.
  • Safezone Noise Spamming
  • Making intolerable noises next to/in a safe zone will result in a punishment. (1d ban)
  • Gen Trapping
  • Any form of using genbuckets to confine a player into a trap or confined area isn't allowed.
  • Evading Death Bans
  • You cannot evade deathbans in any form, including hopping on alts.
  • Allying
  • You are permitted to only team with your faction and ally. All scenarios are up to admin discretion due to how it can vary. This rule is limited to Events and Expeditions. Players cannot join a faction mid event (conquest and citadel only) and then go participate in the event.
  • Running/Camping in a duel
  • When a player in a duel (Risk inventory and Ranked only) tries to avoid fighting for a significant amount of time (~2 minutes) this includes but is not limited to: running, pearling away, camping, ect.
  • Event Alting
  • Using your main account and alternate accounts in the same event will result in a punishment. If seen you will be kicked from the event but if you consistently join the events will alternate accounts you will get the punishment according to the rule. This includes using proxies to bring an alt into voyages or dungeons

  • Tier 4:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 7d ban
    Offence #2: 14d ban
    Offence #3: 30d ban
    Offence #4: Permanent Ban (appealable)
    Offenders who have more than 4 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 4 Rules
    Griefing Minecadia Official Builds
  • Any grief that may be done to all Minecadia official builds.
  • Combat Evasion
  • Evading the combat tagging system. This includes a machine using ender pearls to escape areas that are specific times or allowing a pearl to sit in stasis whilst the chunk is unloaded. Pre-pearls are still allowed.
  • Arcade Saferoom Camping
  • Camping (or entering) saferooms to kill players that are currently in a 1v1 at arcade is strictly against the rules.
  • Minor Glitching
  • Abusing any minor glitch for personal advantage, for example, F11’ing to level up pets. (This includes holding/taping down buttons such as left/right click etc,) this also includes freezing your game, punch bowing in expeditions, etc. Rules regarding Pearl Glitching can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QuCpQqstEmFAlavYX8haUVUCbiyMBl4hg00WSP4eqc0/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=108736081402971808047
  • PVP Trapping and Tp Trapping
  • Pvp Trapping and Tp Trapping is not allowed.Pvp trapping entails setting up a /pvp in an enclosed spaced where players can't escape. If caught you will be temporarily removed from the network.
  • Fake Warps
  • The creation of fake warps and the use of them for scamming purposes is against the rules. This includes participating in scams by acting afk.
  • Challenge Alting
  • Using more than 1 account to get positions on a challenge is not allowed.
  • Leaderboard Position Alting
  • Using alt(s) to boost player's own or other player's leaderboard position. This rule applies for all leaderboards (existing and new). Any form of boosting (other players, friends, one's self, etc) is also included in this rule. In addition to the ban, the offending player(s) will also be disqualified.
  • Deleting/Privating Evidence
  • All evidence you submit must not be deleted or privated after a punishment/revive has been issued until a week has passed. This is due to appealing reasons. Players who do this will be banned until the evidence is reuploaded.
  • Scamming
  • Scamming players for in-game items is stricly prohibited, if caught doing this, you will receive the corresponding tier punishment and all items that were scammed will be confiscated from your account (YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK). Saying "no refunds" is still scamming.
  • Scamming includes but is not limited to /ah scamming (renaming an item to look like it's something else in order to misdirect the player, this also includes /icf. A player may be refunded provided the money can be reouped upon investigation. This will strictly follow admin discretion.
  • ICF scamming and trade scamming (specifically filling another person's inventory to make them drop their items)
  • Voyage scamming (advertising for player to pay a fee for a tp to where the portal will be placed and not tping the player after they have already paid); making a mutual agreement and not holding up your end of the deal
  • Trying to sell a set that you know will get revived with the purpose of scamming another player will fall under this rule
  • All scamming reports must have adequate evidence to get accepted.
  • Tier 5 (Hacking Related):

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 14d ban (Banned by staff, or player frozen and logged out while being frozen, Appeal after minimum of 7d)
    Offence #2: 21d ban (Player SS’d and Illegal Modifications found, Appeal after minimum of 10d)
    Offence #3: 30d ban (Player SS'd and SkidSearch logins found, Appeal after minimum of 14d)
    Offenders who have more than 3 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
  • Players who are frozen and or brought in to be screenshares may admit/confess to cheating and or using blacklisted modifications on keep their inventory. Players who do not admit/confess upfront and have a screenshare performed (applies for both echo and manual screenshares) and are found guilty will have their inventory removed from their person. Any attempt to bypass, find a loophole, or argue semantics/technicalities will fall under the common sense rule and will not be tolerated.
  • Players are permitted to account share at their own discretion. However, the player who shared their account will be held liable for any punishment and or rule broken by the player who the account was shared with.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.

    Tier 5 Rules
    Admission of Hacking
  • If you have been frozen by a member of staff and you admit to your wrongdoings, you will be punished for a shorter time (Every offence for this increases by 7 days ).
  • Logging to Avoid Being Screenshared
  • Logging out/Disconnecting to avoid being ss'd, i.e, after a tournament will DQ player(s) from the rewards.
  • Use of Blacklisted Modifications
  • Any use of disallowed software, or hardware modifications. Read Disallowed/Allowed Modifications at the bottom of this document.
  • Cheating in Voyages
  • Cheating in any voyage to give yourself an unfair advantage over a regular player is not allowed. Any attempt to complete the room in a manner that is not intended (such as speed completing or skipping aspects of the room) is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to, printing, blinking, vclipping etc. Any attempt to bypass or find a loophole around this rule will fall under the common sense rule. Player(s) who are found cheating are subject to the entire voyage being force stopped.
  • SkidSearch Login
  • Having a SkidSearch login that is accessible on any browser is not permitted. If admitted before screenshare is taken, your punishment will be shortened.
  • Admitting to cracking accounts
  • Admitting to hacking, cracking or accessing another user’s account without their consent.
  • Punishment Evasion
  • Evading bans will increase the length of your main account's punishment by 7 days. 3 offences of this will lead to a faction warning.

  • Tier 6:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 30d ban (Can Appeal)
    Offence #2: Permanent Ban (Can Appeal)
    Offenders who have more than 2 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 6 Rules
    Buycraft Scamming
  • Scamming users in trades that involve Buycraft purchases.
  • Advertisement
  • Advertising with the intent of bringing players to another network.
  • Scripting/Botting
  • Chat botting/scripting/macro'ing is not allowed on the server. Punishment will default to admin discretion
  • Any use of spam botting chat is not allowed, this includes creating/disbanding factions, private DMS and spamming any other command which is visible by players.
  • If you are caught scripting any kind of farm, the farm will be removed by staff. Your faction will also recieve a strike per scripting ban.
  • Major Glitching
  • Any glitching that may significantly affect the server/season. Examples include spawnning bosses on koth/citadel caps, phasing (varies), etc.
  • Association With Blacklist Evaders
  • Any association with a blacklisted player will result in a 14 day ban.
  • Fake Proof
  • Attempting to use fake proof to get another player punished. The punishment would be reversed on the person reporting. This rule also applies for personal gain/advantage over players.
  • Inappropriate Account
  • Any username/skin/cape/profile-picture/status that violates our rules. (You are banned until changed)
  • VPN Use
  • Use of any VPN is prohibited.
  • Clearing Recycling Bin Before Screenshare
  • If caught clearing your recycling bin before your screenshare, you will be punished according to the ladder of this tier.
  • Refusal to ScreenShare
  • If you refuse to accept a screenshare you will be punished according to the ladder of this tier.
  • Recording whilst Being Screenshared
  • Recording whilst being screenshared is not allowed.
  • Tier 7:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: Management's Discretion
    [Removal from Network]
    Offenders who have more than 2 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Tier 7 Rules
    Dox/Ddos Threats/Release/Admission
  • Threatening to or releasing the personal information of another user, or admitting to holding personal information. Threatening/Admitting to DDoSing another user.
  • SWAT Threats/Admission
  • Threatening/Admitting to Swatting another user.
  • Malicious Blackmail
  • Maliciously blackmailing another user.
  • Unsafe Links/Account Theft
  • Linking harmful URLs to harm or obtain personal data from other users. This includes account theft.
  • Glitch Distribution/withholding glitches
  • Giving or selling glitches to other players and withholding those glitches.
  • Crashing Server
  • Attempting to crash the server in any way.
  • Duping
  • Any dupe that has been abused will give you a punishment based on management's discretion.
  • Chargeback
  • Charging back after buying something from our store. This is non-appealable.
  • Rule Evasion
  • If you try to evade any rule or twist any rule to your advantage you may be punished.
  • Lying to staff
  • If you lie to staff you may be punished depending on the severity.
  • Insiding
  • Insiding a faction is not allowed, this will be punished with an EOS Ban.
  • If you place any value within the claims of a faction, the owner of that faction now owns that value. Insiding also includes the sabotaging of faction defenses, all involved players will be punished similarly. This applies to all members of the faction.
  • Every situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. Senior staff holds the discretion to determine what is defined as an inside.
  • We highly recommended having your faction enable 2fa to protect against insiding.
  • Insiding a faction to asssist another faction intentionally will result in a strike for the benefitting faction.
  • This will result in a perm ban
  • Impersonating Staff
  • Making discord accounts or minecraft acccounts to impersonate staff is not permitted.

  • Faction Names and Descriptions

  • Players are not permitted to name their faction inappropriate, racist, discriminatory or derogatory names. This rule also includes the faction description. Players are also not allowed to create faction descriptions that advertise other servers, mask inappropriate link, etc. Failure to comply will result in a punishment at the working admin's discretion and a change in the faction name.
  • Punishment:
  • Players will be asked to change it, if not we will force change the name and the player that picked the name will be banned for 1d.

  • Faction Chunk Buffer Limit

  • Factions are allowed up to a 20 chunk buffer limit outside of their base. After this limit is reached you, your allies, your truces and friends are not permitted to claim in a 50 chunk radius around the end of the claims. However, allies may make claims during raid attempts for raiding/defending purposes. All bases must be 25 chunks a part. However, truce or ally claims in your buffer or core of the base for example as counter cannons or “member boxes” are permitted as long as the overall buffer does not exceed the 20 chunk limit however, any value in these claims will not count towards F-TOP. No extra defenses should be added past this 20 chunk buffer.

  • PS: The buffer is measured from the exterior wall of your base and does not include your base itself. This does not include any “member boxes” inside of your walls. If caught you will receive a faction warning, after 12 hours if the claims are not removed then the punishment will become more severe. You are only allowed 20 chunks of claims as your buffer (walls & gaps counts towards the total count)
  • Factions are not permitted to live within another faction's buffer (except allys).
  • Punishment:
  • 12 Hours to Remove Claims, If Not We Will Force Remove The Claims and The Faction Will Receive 2 Faction Warnings

  • Illegal Patching

  • Using gen buckets to patch or gen walls whilst being raided is prohibited. This includes but not limited to genning walls on any side of a cannon box even if its not inline. (Significance of the gen patching will be determined by the strike team).
  • You must wait 7 minutes after he last TNT shot to use gen buckets! You may patch walls by hand if they have shot.
  • Using printer to patch walls (this includes /printer) whilst being raided is strictly prohibited, you must wait 10 minutes after the last TNT Shot before using printer. You may reprint your cannon, just not the box.
  • Using slime blocks to patch is disallowed.
  • Using any item/bug/glitch to render yourself invisible to other players while patching walls during a raid is strictly prohibited.
  • Patching walls while in a disguise during a raid is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to use sandwands while raiding/being raided to remove sand stacks.
  • You are not permitted to use sandbots to patch during a raid.
  • Punishment:
  • 2 Faction Warning + 3d Player Ban

  • Base Regen Limits

  • Using more than 5 regens (per side) on a base is prohibited. You are not permitted to add extra regens to your counter cannons, cactus farms and members boxes of your main base, in the same buffer, already is protected by the maximum amount of regens you can have. You can only have 1 base and all spawners must be placed in your base claim.

  • You are not permitted to use pilters.
  • You are allowed 1 regen-bar, also known as an anti-255, this type of defense does not fall towards the total regen limit.
  • You are NOT permitted to have 45s as part of your base defense.
  • You are permitted to wrap your regens around the base.
  • Side protection walls may only be 5 regens, and 10 chunks of flats
  • Players may NOT add side protection walls to their already established side protection
  • Punishment:
  • Removal of Extra Regens + 1 to 2 Faction Strikes (Depending on how many extra regens there are)

  • Illegal Blocks on Base

  • You can only use full blocks on a base with the exception of slabs. You are not permitted to use cobwebs, enderchests, and any other defense deemed too op.
  • Punishment:
  • Removal of Illegal blocks + Faction Strike

  • Disallowed Regens

    The following regens are not allowed on your base. If you are unsure what any of these regens are, please refer to the Definitions section of this rules page. If you have any questions about the eligibility of the regens that you wish to put on your base, please ASK FIRST by making a support ticket in the Minecadia discord before using them on your base.
  • Diagonal Regens
  • Regen Chests
  • 45/Stair Case Regens
  • NOTE: Please refer to the Regen Limits section of this rules page as some regens are allowed, but they have a limit on how many you can use. Factions that have disallowed regens during the grace period will be asked to remove them first before striking.
  • Removal of Regens + 1 Faction Strike

  • Base Limits

  • The maximum you can have your faction base is a 15 x 15 chunk base. Typical buffer defences will NOT be permitted within the factions base.
  • Players are permitted to create boxes and water/lava to protect the exterior of them.
  • Players are permitted to implement reverse layers between base floors.
  • Players are permitted to implement regenerating reverse layers between base floors.
  • Players are NOT permitted to include regens within the base.
  • You may only have a maximum of one chunk of finsters in your walls.
  • Your base must be at most 3 chunks away from the worldborder if you have a border claim, unless you live inside another factions buffer
  • You may only have 1 counter cannon per side of your buffer. This cannon can only fire on the side that it is placed on (360 barrels not allowed.) This cannon must be inside your buffer and not in your base (you are permitted to have a max of 2 regens and 80 flats (within 10 chunks) in front of it.)
  • Only your allies may live in a base with you, you are not allowed to base with any faction that is not your ally
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strike

  • Box Sizes

    All boxes in the base must be a minimum of 60 blocks hight. You are not permitted to make multiple small boxes for your spawners to stop factions from raiding them. This includes, but is not limited to, boxes that have no obvious intention of using the spawners for grinding/money-making methods, but yet are for the intention of storing spawners and the avoidance of other factions raiding that box. This rule is up to Strike Team discretion on the legibility of Small Boxes.
  • 1 Faction Strike + Removal/Opening of Boxes

  • Farm Limits

  • The maximum size of a farm can only be 8x8.
  • All farms will count as a base, this means you will need to follow all base regulations for the farm's walls etc.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strike + Removal of Farm

  • Cannon Protection Limits

    (NOTE: See Raid Claim/AntiRaid Claim for more information)
  • You may have up to 2 regens on your defences for your raid claims.
  • You are not allowed to use Filters/Pilters on a box.
  • You may not have pre-built counter cannons inside of your raid claim.
  • finnisters are not permitted on cannons
  • You are not permitted to ocean cannon boxes
  • You are not permitted to have more than 32 flats (within 4 chunks)
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Warning + Removal of defense
  • Raid Claim/AntiRaid Claim

  • You may have any amount of Raid Claims per side of the base in a raid attempt. The claims can be up to the size of 12x12 chunks, this excludes the float; however, the float may not be wider than 4 chunks and can only be 30 chunks long
  • Raid/Anti Raid cannons can be defended with 32 flats within 4 chunks with a maximum of 2 regens (excluding pilters)
  • In order to be classified as a Raid Claim, there must be a cannon within those claims or any intentions showing the potential of a raid to occur.
  • Players of the defending faction or the raiding faction may ask staff for the removal of unused old raid claims at a base. These claims must be unused for over 24 hours.
  • Anti-Raid claims in line with the base must be removed 24 hours after use.
  • However, any claims that are bigger than 12x12 residing within 5,000 blocks of a base will be unclaimed by staff and the faction will receive a verbal warning
  • Defenses from one of your cannon boxes CANNOT be in line with another one of your cannon boxes. The punishment for breaking this rule will be as follows: Removal of claims + possible faction warnings (depending on severity)
  • Patch Oceans are not allowed on cannon boxes.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Warning + Removal of Defense

  • Corner Claims

  • After the first hour of SOTW owning more than one corner (across all dimensions) either as one faction or storing corners on alt factions/accounts is illegal
  • If a Corner seems to be claimed by a faction without 10+ players it will be removed.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Warning + Removal of Claim

  • Derps

  • Derps are allowed, but crushing (this includes pushing someone into a 1x1 where the person for a second get suffocated then moved to the 1x1)/suffocating styled derps are prohibited. To avoid this it is recommend that you use glass.
  • You are not allowed to do an unreasonable amount of string in a singular chunk (this is to prevent crashing and lag, this rule is Staff discretion). If you're told multiple times to remove your string by a staff member you will be punished
  • Stronghold derp claims to be limited to 6 claims touching the stronghold warzone claim
  • Warzone claims to be limited to 6 claims touching the warzone claim. Both of these result in a verbal warning and an unclaim of the extra claims. If a player seems to abuse/continue to overclaim at Warzone or Stronghold, they will be banned up to admin discretion.
  • You cannot hold more than 1 outpost/stronghold at a time using alt facs. This excludes raid outpost.
  • You may not use blocks such as enderchests on the floor or walls that don't allow enemies to pot.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Warning + 5 Day Ban for the Player/s Involved

  • Cannoning

    Disallowed Cannons:
    Any cannon that shoots AT OR ABOVE 255 is not legal on Minecadia. Cannons that go over 255 at any point during the path traveled from cannon to wall are subject to this rule.
  • Worm/Snake Cannons (2 Strike)
  • Mid Air Cannons (At any Y level) (2 Strikes)
  • TNT Arrays (2 Strikes)
  • Diagonal Cannons (2 Strikes)
  • Roof Cannons (2 Strikes)
  • Phase Cannons (3 Strikes)
  • Corner Cannons (1 Strike)
  • L Stackers (2 Strikes)
  • Lofters (2 Strikes)
  • Front Counters (2 warnings - 1 Strike)
  • NOTE: If you are unsure about the legality of a certain cannon, ask an admin first before using it. DO NOT JUST USE IT.
    If you are unsure about what any of these cannons are, check out the Definitions section of this rules page.
  • 7d Ban to Involved Players + 1-3 Faction Strikes (Depending on the cannon used, read above for their respective strikes)

  • Cannoning Speed:
  • Raiding and Countering cannons require a minimum of a 2-second clock or above. You can fire at a minimum of 0.5 seconds below Y-10. For clarification, this means that no TNT should be blowing up above Y-10 and no sand should be shot above Y-10 either.You are allowed to double-tap while raiding as long as both shots still adhere to the 2-second rule. Cannons that fire multiple shots at once are also included under this rule and are not allowed on Minecadia.
  • Punishment:
  • 2 Faction Strikes + 7 Day Ban to the player/s who shot.

  • Illegal Use of the World Border:
  • Firing within 2 Blocks of World Border is Illegal on Minecadia. This means that any cannon that has a flight path or lands within 2 blocks of the world border is NOT ALLOWED. This rule is intended to stop the issues left by regens being cut off at the border. This also means factions cannot place their spawners in these area.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strikes + 7 Day Ban to player/s who shot.

  • Push Cannoning:
  • These are not permitted anywhere.
  • 2-3 Faction Strikes + 10 Day Ban to player/s who shot.
    Ufusion Cannoning:
  • You are permitted to use ufusions anywhere including raiding and siding. However, you may only have 1 ufusion per cannonbox. Your raiding ufusion can't also be used as a side.
  • 2-3 Faction Strikes + 10 Day Ban to player/s who shot.
    Roof Cannoning:
  • Any cannon that shoots at or blows up at or above Y:255.0 is not allowed. This includes trying to bypass walls by shooting at or above Y:255.0. L-Stackers, Anti-Gravity and Lofter cannons aren't allowed either.
  • Explosions above Y255 is not permitted
  • Cegging regens at 255 is not permitted
  • Punishment:
  • 2-3 Faction Strikes + 10 Day Ban to player/s who shot.
    Left/Right Cannoning:
  • These cannons are not permitted. A definition of them can be found down below.
  • Punishment:
  • 1-2 Faction Strikes + 5 Day Ban to player/s who shot.
    Corner Cannoning:
  • Corner Cannoning is described as using any cannon that is placed diagonally from the base as shown in the image below. These cannons are considered special raid claims and must follow all of the following rules, NOT the ones under "Raid Claim/AntiRaid Claim".
  • Corner Cannoning is not allowed, i.e shooting directly at the corner.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strikes + 3-5 Day Ban to player/s who shot.

  • Illegal Cannoning Info:
  • You can fire a maximum of 5,000 blocks from the first wall of the factions buffer.
    (Note: This distance is counted from the barrel of the cannon as defined in the top of the cannoning rules to the outermost wall of a given base).
  • You can only adjust/float in your own claims.
  • When using an overstacker, you may only overstack 9 blocks above the barrel height.
  • You can only fire one cannon at a time at one base. (NOTE: See Raid Cooldown Rule for further Information)
  • Using any pets, bugs, exploits, or other ingame items while raiding a base to exploit their use is prohibited. This includes backstacking off cage pets, using frost pets in a way to break a cannon, using web shooters on regens, or even using a rawbie robber on cannonboxes.
  • Any type of lag machine, cannon that drops tps or intent to lag the server is also not permitted
  • You may only hit one wall per shot of your cannon. So, by adhering to the 2 second rule, you should only be going through one wall per 2 seconds at most.
  • cannon cannot restack multiple times vertically in one shot to go through multiple reverse layers as that would be considered going through multiple walls in one shot.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 to 2 Faction Strikes + 3 to 10 Day Ban to player/s who shot.

  • Faction Merging

  • Factions may not combine with each other at the end of the season to gain an unfair advantage on /f top.
  • You cannot give any form of value to another faction (spawners/money).
  • Any merging before grace is permitted
  • You are permitted to merge players as that is the players’ own decision; this will be considered joining a different faction and not merging. (no value can be taken along when joining the faction). Depending on the amount value maye be removed or faction dq'd
  • Punishment:
  • DQ To Faction(s) Involved

  • Strike Evasion

    Any factions attempting to evade their strikes by creating a new faction or in any other way will have all strikes given to the new faction.
    If a faction that you’re allied to ingame receives a strike you will receive ½ of the punishment that your ally received.
    NOTE: This will vary depending on the severity of the strike. 1 Strike = 1-2 warning to ally Depending on severity

    Mining Value

  • Factions are not allowed to mine/creeper egg/tnt their value whilst being raided. You are allowed to mine your spawners after 15 minutes of the last TNT shot within your faction buffer claim.
  • This includes watering or covering spawners.
  • Punishment:
  • 1-2 Faction Strikes (Depending on the amount of value mined) + 5 Day Ban to Player who Mined + Value Given to Raiding Faction with Proof

  • Raid Interference

  • Any player or faction that is not an ally of the defending or raiding faction can not intervene (This includes running buffers, checking walls, or in any way helping & aiding during a live raid) with any players/factions participating in the raid.
  • You are not allowed to counter a faction actively raiding a person that is not allied with your faction. You may not counter cannons that are actively shooting at your truces.
  • Truces are NO LONGER allowed to PVP at a raid in order to “force” a base and may not participate in countering any cannons. These rules are the same for defending and raiding factions.
  • You are not allowed to raid a faction’s base while another faction is already raiding that base. If two factions are found to be raiding the same base at the same time, then the faction who started raiding after the other will be punished.
  • To raid or defend with a faction at the base or raiding outpost you need 12 hours playtime with that faction during grace (24 hours after grace) OR majority playtime with that faction. Attempting to bypass this by using an alt will be deemed as a violation of this rule. The punishment goes to the faction that the player(s) joined. Logging on to other players accounts to bypass this rule will result in the same punishment to the faction that benefits. This rule also applies when attacking/defending raid outpost.
  • If two factions are locked in raid timer, a third faction cannot try to attempt either of those factions at the same time.
  • 1 Faction Strike + 5 day ban

  • Raid Leeching

  • While another faction, that is not your ally, is actively raiding a base, you are not allowed to take any value/loot from that raid until 15 minutes after their last shot.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strike + All value taken given to raiding faction

  • Raid Cooldown Rule

  • Alternating cannons/shots or anything of the sort is prohibited on Minecadia. A cannon must have stopped firing for at least 10 minutes in order to begin a new raid from a different faction. While raiding, once a cannon becomes unusable, the same faction may not switch to a new cannon immediately. You must wait 10 minutes to fire your new cannon.
  • While countering an active cannonbox you need to wait 10 minutes to switch to a new counter cannon. But you are still not allowed to fire multiple cannons at once/alternate cannon shots.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strike + 3d Ban to player(s) who shot the cannon.

  • TNT Detectors

  • TNT Detectors are strictly against the rules. ANY form of notification when TNT/Sand lands in your claims is strictly not allowed. Discord Bots that are used for Wall Checks ARE allowed as long as they are not TNT Detectors. If you're an ally/truce that lives within another factions buffer and break this rule the faction that is contending for f top will be striked.
  • Bots that check inventories for any strategical advantage is strictly forbidden
  • Punishment:
  • Admin Descrition

  • No Wilderness Patching

  • You may not patch outside of the base claims of a given faction. This rule also extends to raid/antiraid claims, meaning that patching against a cannon in any form outside of the allowed number of claims for a cannon/base is prohibited on Minecadia.
  • If a raiding faction is shooting through another buffer claim to get to the defending faction and has this claim has no value. The buffer claim being shot through can not patch/defend
  • Punishment:
  • 1 to 2 Faction Warnings (Depending on the patch added)+ 3 day ban to players involved + Wilderness Patch Removed

  • AFKing Walls

  • This is up to staff discretion. Afking walls entails leaving an alt or your main at your base walls to listen for or to detect TNT. After 3 offenses factions will be punished.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Faction Strike + 7d Ban to AFK Player(s).

  • CheckBoxes

  • Checkboxes are an automated system (often created with redstone) that allow players to check their buffers with ease. The following applies to Checkboxes:
    - Checkboxes must meet the following criteria:
    - The checkbox must be 10 chunks or less from your BASE wall
    - AFK pools are NOT permitted inside of your checkbox
    - Players are NOT permitted to have an alt consistently just logging in/out from the checkbox to auto-check buffers
    - Attempts to undermine this rule could result in your removal from the server (consider this fair warning!)
  • Punishment:
  • 2 Faction Warnings + Removal of Checkbox

  • Shooting Through Barrels

  • Shooting through a cannons barrel including buffer cannons undermining the spirit of the game in attempt to raid them without legally raiding there buffer will result in punishments for the faction and the player that shot the cannon
  • Punishment:
  • 1 faction strike + 5d ban for player who shot the cannon

  • Hiding Value

  • Hiding F Top Value is prohibited on Minecadia. This rule applies to factions who choose to mine their spawner value prior to their shield turning off. A spawner can be mined and moved within faction claims but may not be removed entirely from the base (Placing the spawners in containers, chests, pvs, ecs, etc, counts as removing from the base). You must place the spawners back down in the base within 15 minutes of mining them. You may not place spawners in the wilderness, All value must be placed within your baseclaim. This rule is subject to admin discretion meaning players who attempt to purposefully bypass this rule will be punished.
  • Players cannot store their value in multiple bases
  • This also includes value found hidden in chests, enderchests, and pvs. Players will be given a warning and 2 hours to place the spawners

  • 1-2 Strikes (Depending on how much value is hidden) + Spawners Removed + 7d Ban for Involved Individuals

  • Alt Factions

  • Alt Factions are allowed, however, a faction cannot try to take multiple F-TOP positions. Factions may also not make deals with other F-TOP factions for F-TOP crates/buycraft for their safety/protection.
  • Punishment:
  • DQ to Both Factions

  • Faction Boosting

  • Faction boosting is the case where another faction allows you to raid their value.
  • You are not permitted to raid a faction which you have shared multiple members with on multiple occasions.
  • Punishment:
  • Removal of value obtained and 1 strike

  • Common Sense

  • If you are purposely attempting to bypass rules in anyway this is where this rule comes into place of common sense. This includes doing things that negatively affect the gameplay for other players. This rule is up to admin discretion.
  • Example: Intentionally doing something that strikes you and another faction without the other factions knowledge or agreement.
  • Account Sharing

  • As stated multiple time throughout the rules page, players are permitted to account share at their own discretion. However, the player who shared their account will be held liable for any punishment and or rule broken by the player who the account was shared with.
  • Strike Wars

  • When factions choose to create numerous strike reports in the hopes of seeing a faction DQ’d. Mass strike reports fall under this rule. Strikes are managed by the strike team on Minecadia and the discretion for this rule will be left up to them.
  • Punishment:
  • DQ to all faction(s) involved
  • Abusing Shield

  • Exploiting your shield to protect anything but your base is strictly not allowed. This includes raiding cannons, cannons that are not inside your 20 chunk buffer, etc. Using reboots as an opportunity to adjust a shield also falls under this rule.
  • This also includes having alternating shields with your ally faction who lives in your base/buffer to prevent being raided. The faction and its ally who live in the same base/buffer must set their shield to turn on at the same time.
  • This also includes creating and disbanding your faction every time your shield goes off the bypass the shield cooldown.
  • Factions are not allowed to backstack in other faction's claims while they are on shield or while grace period is enabled.
  • Players are not allowed to fire their buffer counter cannon(s) while on shield.
  • Punishment:
  • 2 Factions Strikes to Offending Faction + 7d Ban to Players Involved

  • Abusing Raid Timer

  • Any attempt or exploiting your raid timer so competing factions are unable to shoot/raid is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to the example of using alt factions to "raid" your own base to keep the raid timer ongoing. This also includes holding factions on raid timer with no intention of raiding them. Any attempt to by pass or find a loophole around this rule will fall under the "Common Sense" clause.
  • Punishment:
  • 2 Factions Strikes to Offending Faction + 7d Ban to Players Involved

  • Spawner Placement

  • Placing any sort of block (water, obsidian) next to or on spawners is prohibited. If a faction raids you and you have blocked spawners, they will receive all the blocked spawners from a staff.
  • Punishment:
  • Spawners removed and given to raiding faction + 1-2 Faction Strikes depending on the severity of illegal spawner placement.

  • Undermining the Spirit of the Game

  • Players who attempt and or successfully disrupt, abuse, glitch, exploit, etc. in any way that would be deemed as unintended gameplay will be subject to punishment per Management’s discretion.

  • Raiding Outpost Rules

  • As the raid timer is 5 minutes for the Raiding Outpost, certain rules such as the gen patching rule is reduced to 5 mins as well.
  • All normal cannoning and base rules apply to the raiding outpost world. The punishments will be half of what they are above, based on severity, which is up to the strike teams discretion. For example- Since you must adhere to the Raid Cooldown rule in the other dimensions, you must also follow the same rule at raiding outpost, along with every other rule. If you are the defending faction, you must follow all defending rules such as the Illegal Patching & AntiRaid claim rules, and if you are the attacking faction, you must follow all attacking rules such as the Raid Cooldown Rule or Disallowed Cannons Rule.
  • You cannot claim prematurely on any sides of the raiding outpost base when you are the defending faction. In order to put external claims under your faction name, another faction must initiate a raid on the raiding outpost base through either setting up a claim or setting up a cannon, box, etc. The attacking faction must prompt a raid in order for you to claim for the intention of countering. Putting random claims in the world for the intention of blocking other factions from making cannons there or gaining a position to use for countering later is not allowed.
  • Making premade counters as the defending faction is not allowed at Raiding Outpost anywhere. You can only make counters after a faction has initiated a raid through claiming or making a cannon. After a cannon has been used for countering, and the attacking faction leaves, you must unclaim those claims to ensure you aren’t leaving any claims where other factions may need it as such.
  • You cannot modify the Raiding Outpost base in any way as the defending faction. Just like in the other dimensions, you cannot add/change walls or regens or claims, you cannot do that here either. The raiding outpost base must stay the same amount of claims, same amount of walls, and same amount of regens. You are allowed the fix the existing regens after an attacking faction leaves.
  • You cannot camp and kill players at the Raiding Outpost Warp. Meaning, you cannot sit at the warp on top of the Raiding Outpost Base and wait for players to warp there and kill them instantly.
  • Punishment:
  • 1 Warning + 3d ban to players involved
  • Report Clarifications

    Discord Proof Clarification
  • Any proof for strikes/reports via discord must be submitted in in the following way.
  • 1 - Have developer mode on: How to turn on Developer mode -> User Settings -> Advanced -> Developer Mode
  • 2 - Record evidence
  • 3 - Restart discord: Ctrl + Alt + Delete -> Task Manager -> Right Click Discord -> End Task -> Click Discord
  • 4 - Go in the messages and show all proof
  • 5 - Get the user ID: Right Click User -> Copy ID -> Paste the ID in chat to show it in the video (don't need to send just show it)
  • 6 - Upload Video
  • Video Evidence
  • All video clips need to have evidence of the players being in the faction they are accusing.
  • All video evidence needs to contain the Minecadia scoreboard.
  • All video evidence must be the full minecraft window.

  • NOTE: Any Administrator will have full rights to extend/reduce punishments beyond the "typical" duration. If felt appropriate by the Administrator, punishments can also be put in place for something that would negatively affect either the server, staff team, or other players' experience on the network.

    Grace Period

    B-Claims on Bases are strictly prohibited. A B-Claim is defined as any claim that interferes with a faction's intended base claim. If two base claims are in conflict with each other and one is a corner claim, the corner claimed base will take priority in this rule. Otherwise, the faction with the more members will take priority. This B-Claim rule is only enforced during the Grace Period on Minecadia.


    These are commonly confused terms used across this rules page. If you have any questions about any of these or you don’t see something on here that you have a question about, please make a support ticket in our discord and we can help you.

  • The buffer is measured from the exterior wall of your main base and does not include your base itself.This does not include any “member boxes” inside of your walls. Any “member boxes” inside of your walls is considered part of your buffer but does not redefine a point of a new buffer beginning.
  • A Raid Claim and an AntiRaid Claim is defined as any claim directly aligned with a base 2,000 blocks in any direction from that said base. For example, any claim 2,000 blocks North, South, East, or West of a base.
  • Flight Path is defined as the path tnt/sand travels from the cannon all the way to the wall including all the triangles it makes during that process.
  • A Barrell is defined as the point at which a cannon begins its triangle. This means that the barrel is where the power explodes sending the tnt/sand to the wall.
  • An Adjust is defined as the point at which a cannon triangles off a block that is being adjusted by a player. If there is a block that affects the triangle as it travels to the wall, this is defined as an adjust.
  • TNT Detectors are defined as any external program/bot that allows player(s)/faction(s) to determine/be notified exactly when TNT or Sand land inside of a faction’s claims. TNT Detectors are usually set up via a Discord bot that will alert you and your faction that you are being raided.
  • A Shot is defined as any time where both sand and a TNT hit a wall/regen UNLESS your cannon only fires TNT, in which case, that is considered your shot. Firing multiple shots at the same time is a violation of the 2 second rule. This includes shots that backstack, break walls, or anything outside of the original stack. The OSRB/Nuke/Dry Tunnel/Anti-Patch components of your shot are examples of where this rule does not apply.
  • A Raid is defined when there is an actual raid attempt being made, rather than shooting an irrelevant amount of TNT to set up a strike on another faction or to keep them on Raid Timer.
  • Y 255 is defined as the highest possible block that blocks can be placed on.
  • A Roof Cannon is defined as any cannon that shoots at or blows up at or above Y:255.0. This includes trying to bypass walls by shooting at or above Y:255.0.
  • A Mid-Air Cannon is defined as any cannon which does not require a backboard to stack from meaning they stack in MID-AIR using TNT and sand to create a stack where a normal cannon would be unable.
  • A UFusion Cannon is any cannon that has 2 separate powers in order to gain 2 separate triangle locations. This means a cannon that shoots its power and hammer to a new barrel location.
  • A Worm/Snake Cannon is a cannon that uses a downward triangle at bedrock while tunneling the previous stack in order to get sand to stack in a horizontal line.
  • A 'TNT Array' Cannon is a cannon that arrays tnt entities in-line with the cannon's shot in order to prevent patching at that coordinate as well as bypass all regens.
  • A Lofter Cannon is defined as a cannon that tunnels above 254.0 removing or going over the top of the walls.
  • An L-Stacker Cannon is defined as a cannon that shoots above 254.0 and triangles downwards.
  • A Push Cannon is any cannon that uses a TNT mechanic to push stack behind a regen. A cannon may not push sand behind a wall following the original shot. A cannon using multiple sand comps, multiple hammers, or other utilities to accomplish this push stacking method are deemed illegal on Minecadia. Cannons may backstack from walls behind a given regen but may not create a stack using a TNT mechanic lacking a backboard.
  • Left/Right Cannon is any cannon that adjusts its left or right direction after your cannon shot leaves your claims. This also includes any cannon that slides as it hits a wall. A cannon, when hitting a wall should not have any horizontal velocity that isn’t in line with the direction the cannon is being fired. For example, if a base is south of a cannon, the cannon shot should have no velocity in the East or West directions once it hits the wall.
  • A Phase cannon refers to a cannon that illegally bypasses or phases through walls. An illegal bypass is defined as a bypass enabled by either a bug or other exploit allowing a cannon to go through walls it otherwise would need to shoot through. Some bypasses that do not fall under this rule include “tunnel bypass” which means a tunnel effect to bypass certain regens is legal on Minecadia.
  • The end of a season is defined by the announcement made in the official Minecadia Discord. When an announcement is made labeling a time for either Spawner Placement/TNT to be disabled or a general EOTW, that marks the “end of the season.”

  • You cannot undermine/attempt to bypass any of the rules on this rule page.

    Allowed/Disallowed Mods

  • Any Coordinate Mod
  • Any variation of Printer
  • Armour Status HUD
  • Chunk Loader
  • Console Client
  • Coordinate Mods
  • Damage Indicators
  • FPS Mod (Not the ghost client)
  • F3 + B (Shows entity hitboxes)
  • In-Game Account Switcher
  • Just Enough Items
  • JustPvP Mod Pack
  • Hyperium Client
  • Keystrokes
  • LabyMod
  • Memory fix
  • Cosmic Client
  • Badlion Client
  • Falcun Client *
  • Crystal Client *
  • Orbit Client *
  • *You can use the minimap which shows members of your group on the map
  • PvpLounge
  • Optifine
  • Pixel Client
  • Lunar Client
  • MiniMap (without entities)
  • Potion Status HUD
  • Replay Mod
  • Schematica
  • Togglechat
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Toggle Sprint
  • WayPoints
  • World Downloader
  • 5-Zig
  • Ping Tags
  • Macros (AutoText)
  • Fly Boost 2x maximum
  • Disallowed:
  • Any sort of Ghost / Inject / Program Client (Vape, Drip, Koid, etc)
  • Any sort of Hacked client
  • Autoclicker
  • Double Clicking
  • Drag and Butterfly Clicking (This is at your own risk if you get banned you're liable to whatever punishment you're given)
  • Debounce time that is less than 10 or greater than 10
  • Rebinding attack key from Left Click
  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Fisher
  • Auto Jumping Modifications(Auto jumping even without a modification is a punishable offence)
  • Auto Sign
  • Caverfinder
  • Chest-ESP
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Left Clicker
  • Scripts (Allows you to auto-complete a task, AutoText is allowed)
  • Minebot (Only AFK-ing)
  • MiniMap (With entities)
  • MintClient
  • Modified/Cracked Client Versions (Lunar, Badlion, etc)
  • Player ESP
  • Ping Spoofing
  • QuickCraft Mod
  • Reach
  • X-ray / texture packs
  • Free Camming
  • Pearl Trajectories
  • Disabling prefetch/sysmain/pcasvc/dps