• All players are expected to stay up to date with the rules listed below, any changes to the rule will be announced in #changelog in our discord server. By connecting to the server, you automatically accept the rules and terms of service listed below, and to accept responsibility done by your account.
  • If a rule is broken, the offending players will be subject to punishment under the timelines seen in these rules, or at the discretion of the rules team. These rules are subject to change at any given time, without warning or pre-given context. All edits will be announced in #changelog as stated above. In certain cases, the management team reserves the right to change a rule after a player has been punished to protect the community. Screenshare verified staff hold the right to screenshare players at any given time, for any reason. Refusal to screenshare, no matter the excuse, will result in you being punished following the same timeline.
  • All rules fall under the discretion of the rules team. Their decision is the final decision made.
  • If you require further assistance or clarification on these rules please make a ticket in our discord.
  • Players are permitted to account share at their own discretion. However, the player who shared their account will be held liable for any punishment and or rule broken by the player who the account was shared with
  • The use of nick hider when submitting video or photographic evidence is not permitted in Discord ticket support. Players are subject to having their report, revive request, ticket, etc. denied if failed to comply with this rule.
  • Tier 1:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: Warning
    Offence #2: 30m mute
    Offence #3: 1h mute
    Offence #4: 3h mute
    Offence #5: 6h mute

    Offenders who have more than 5 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Mute history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 1 Rules
    Misleading Information / Chat Trolling
  • Telling players information that may negatively affect them, i.e “/ci confirm to get a free set”
  • Spam
  • Spamming the same/similar 5 messages in a row in global chat.
  • Spamming an unusual amount of characters or irregular characters, such
  • as; “LLLLLLLLLLLLL” or “[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]”
  • Spamming commands that are visible by other player/s.
  • Promoting any sort of spam, i.e “say 1 if you want 100 dollars in-game”
  • Spamming capital letters
  • Links in chat
  • You are only allowed to post Minecadia related content in chat, i.e YouTube Videos or Streams. When advertising a stream you can only post the link every 5 minutes. Any other link will be considered a breach of this rule.
  • Advertising an IRL Trade
  • Advertising a trade for any in-game items for IRL currency such as (PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Crypto, and etc) or vice versa in public chat is against the rules and will lead to a punishment. This includes trades involving other servers or games.

  • Tier 2:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 1d mute
    Offence #2: 1d ban
    Offence #3: 3d ban
    Offence #4: 7d ban
    Offence #5: Perm (Appeal EOTW)
    Mute history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 2 Rules
    Suicidal Encouragement
  • Any form of suicidal encouragement said to another player or faction is not allowed, in-game or IRL. Examples include but are not limited to, “KYS” “Hang yourself” "End your life" etc.
  • Death Threats
  • Death threats towards another player and or faction is strictly prohibited. Death threats may include but is not limited to, "I am going to kill you and your family".
  • Excessive Player/Staff Disrespect
  • An extreme amount of disrespect towards any player or staff member. Any references to events or terms that users may find distressing. This includes but is not limited to jokes or mentions relating to rape or pedophilia.
  • Discrimination
  • Discriminating against users. This includes (but is not limited to) illnesses, diseases, disabilities, race, religion, culture, gender identities or expressions, and sexual orientations.
  • Inappropriate Chat Content
  • Inappropriate chat content is any chat content that is viewed as inappropriate, offensive or abusive. An example of this would be talking about ‘Rape’ ‘Pedophilia’ ‘Pornography’ ‘Drugs’.
  • Inappropriate Item Names
  • Players are not allowed to rename items that have inappropriate names, symbols, or drawings. If players do not rename it after being asked, an admin will take the item and it will not be returned.
  • Inappropriate Faction Names
  • Players are not permitted to name their faction inappropriate, racist, discriminatory or derogatory names. This rule also includes the faction description. Players are also not allowed to create faction descriptions that advertise other servers, mask inappropriate link, etc. Failure to comply will result in a punishment at the working admin's discretion and a change in the faction name.

  • Tier 3:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 3d ban
    Offence #2: 7d ban
    Offence #3: 14d ban
    Offence #4: 30d ban
    Offence #5: Permanant Ban
    Offenders who have more than 5 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 3 Rules
    Illegal Block Use
  • Placing any type of block on top of someone's head is not allowed. Blocks that are included under this rule include cobwebs, levers, and buttons. If a player is hit INTO cobwebs, this rule does not apply.
  • Growing Giant Musrooms into other players claim is strightly forbidden.
  • Block Glitching
  • Breaking blocks and/or glitching through blocks to hit someone is not permitted.
  • Enderpearl Glitching
  • Attempting to gain acess to an otherwise inaccessible area through abusing enderpearl teleportation mechanics. This does not include "tali" pearling (pearling through a slab). If you attempt a risky pearl or pre pearl and it fails you are not eligible for a revive.
  • Freezing Minecraft Client
  • Any attempt to intentionally freeze your minecraft client is not permitted. Offending player will be subject to the tier punishment.
  • Hub Glitching
  • Doing /hub repeatedly while in combat to avoid death. This includes /hub(ing) after pearling to be frozen in mid air then logging back on.
    Teaming In Events
  • Teaming in an event will result in a punishment.
  • Arcade Combat Timer Abuse
  • Abusing the arcade combat timer to bait players and then logging off for another person to kill a player is strictly prohibited. It will result in a ban for both parties. Also, this includes baiting into saferooms.
  • PVP Trapping
  • Pvp trapping is not allowed, but /tp trapping is.Pvp trapping entails setting up a /pvp in an enclosed spaced where layers can't escape. If caught you will be temporarily removed from the network.
  • Griefing Claims
  • You are not permitted to intentionally grief players claims. This can include pouring water over to their claims, building walls all around thier claims, etc.
  • Combat Evasion
  • Evading the combat tagging system. This includes a machine using ender pearls to escape areas that are specific times or allowing a pearl to sit in stasis whilst the chunk is unloaded. Pre-pearls are still allowed.
  • Allying
  • Any form of teaming with players outside of your faction will be considered allying and will result in a ban. You must invite all players before the event. All scenarios are up to admin discretion due to how it can vary. This rule only applies for events.

  • Tier 4:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 7d ban
    Offence #2: 14d ban
    Offence #3: 30d ban
    Offence #4: Permanent Ban (appealable)
    Offenders who have more than 4 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 4 Rules
    Admitting to cracking accounts
  • Admitting to hacking, cracking or accessing another user’s account without their consent.
  • Griefing Minecadia Official Builds
  • Any grief that may be done to all Minecadia official builds.
  • Minor Glitching
  • Abusing any minor glitch for personal advantage, for example, F11’ing to level up pets. (This includes but is not limited to holding/taping down buttons such as left/right click etc, creating illegal boss grinding spots,) this also includes freezing your game or logging in pvp to keep your set as well as /printer trapping.
  • Event Alting
  • Using your main account and alternate accounts in the same event will result in a punishment. If seen you will be kicked from the event but if you consistently join the events will alternate accounts you will get the punishment according to the rule. This includes using proxies to bring an alt into voyages or dungeons
  • Running/Camping in a duel
  • When a player in a duel (Risk inventory and Ranked only) tries to avoid fighting for a significant amount of time (1-2 minutes) this includes but is not limited to: running, pearling away, camping, ect.
  • Scamming
  • Scamming players for in-game items is stricly prohibited, if caught doing this, you will receive the corresponding tier punishment and all items that were scammed will be confiscated from your account (YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK).
  • Scamming includes /ah scamming(renaming an item to look like it's something else in order to misdirect the player, this also includes /icf); ICF scamming and trade scamming (specifically filling another person's inventory to make them drop their items); Voyage scamming (advertising for player to pay a fee for a tp to where the portal will be placed and not tping the player after they have already paid)
  • Trying to sell a set that you know will get revived with the purpose of scamming another player will fall under this rule
  • Tier 5 (Hacking Related):

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 14d ban (Banned by staff, or player frozen and logged out while being frozen, any SS bans will result in 250 f points removed)
    Offence #2: 30d ban + Confiscation of Set on Offending Player (Player SS’d and Illegal Modifications found, Appeal after minimum of 14d)
    Offence #3: 30d ban (Player SS'd and SkidSearch logins found, Appeal after minimum of 14d)
    Offenders who have more than 3 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Players who are found to be using blacklisted modifications during screenshare or logout while frozen will be subject to their loadout being removed off the server
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 5 Rules
    Admission of Hacking
  • If you have been frozen by a member of staff and you admit to your wrongdoings, you will be punished for a shorter time (7 days).
  • Use of Blacklisted Modifications
  • Any use of disallowed software, or hardware modifications. Read Disallowed/Allowed Modifications at the bottom of this document.
  • SkidSearch Login
  • Having a SkidSearch login that is accessible on any browser is not permitted. If admitted before screenshare is taken, your punishment will be shortened.
  • Logging to avoid an ss
  • Logging out to avoid being ss'd, i.e, after a tournment will DQ your from the rewards.

  • Tier 6:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: 30d ban (Can Appeal)
    Offence #2: Permanent Ban (Can Appeal)
    Offenders who have more than 2 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Ban history expires at the end of the map.
    Tier 6 Rules
    Buycraft Scamming
  • Scamming users in trades that involve Buycraft purchases.
  • Advertisement
  • Advertising with the intent of bringing players to another network.
  • Scripting/Botting
  • Chat botting/scripting/macro'ing is not allowed on the server. Punishment will default to admin discretion - new rule added
  • Any use of spam botting chat is not allowed, this includes creating/disbanding factions, private DMS and spamming any other command which is visible by players.
  • Major Glitching
  • Any glitching that may significantly affect the server/season.
  • Association With Players Using Blacklisted Modifications/Ban Evaders
  • Associating with players that are using blacklisted modifications/that are already punished will result in a punishment. If this is related to F-TOP it will be a 14 day ban. This includes knowingly giving in-game items to the player or assisting them in any way.
  • Fake Proof
  • Attempting to use fake proof to get another player punished. The punishment would be reversed on the person reporting. This rule also applies for personal gain/advantage over players.
  • Inappropriate Account
  • Any username/skin/cape/profile-picture/status that violates our rules. (You are banned until changed)
  • Clearing Recycling Bin Before Screenshare
  • If caught clearing your recycling bin before your screenshare, you will be punished according to the ladder of this tier.
  • Refusal to ScreenShare
  • If you refuse to accept a screenshare you will be punished according to the ladder of this tier.
  • Recording whilst Being Screenshared
  • Recording whilst being screenshared is not allowed. This takes effect if you are caughting having recorded one.
  • Tier 7:

    Punishments in this tier will follow the ladder below:
    Offence #1: Management's Discretion
    [Removal from Network]
    Offenders who have more than 2 punishments for this offence will receive punishment at management's discretion.
    Tier 7 Rules
    Dox/Ddos Threats/Release/Admission
  • Threatening to or releasing the personal information of another user, or admitting to holding personal information. Threatening/Admitting to DDoSing another user.
  • SWAT Threats/Admission
  • Threatening/Admitting to Swatting another user.
  • Malicious Blackmail
  • Maliciously blackmailing another user.
  • Unsafe Links
  • Linking harmful URLs to harm or obtain personal data from other users.
  • Glitch Distribution/withholding glitches
  • Giving or selling glitches to other players and withholding those glitches.
  • Crashing Server
  • Attempting to crash the server in any way.
  • Duping
  • Any dupe that has been abused will give you a punishment based on management's discretion.
  • Chargeback
  • Charging back after buying something from our store. This is non-appealable.
  • Rule Evasion
  • If you try to evade any rule or twist any rule to your advantage you may be punished.
  • Undermining the Spirit of the Game

  • Players who attempt and or successfully disrupt, abuse, glitch, exploit, etc. in any way that would be deemed as unintended gameplay will be subject to punishment per Management’s discretion.
  • Lying to staff
  • If you lie to staff you may be punished depending on the severity.
  • Punishment Evasion
  • Attempting to evade punishment from another account. The punishment for this rule will be under the admin team's discretion.
  • Insiding
  • Insiding a faction is not allowed, this will be punished with an 30 day ban ban. If broken twice then results into a perm ban. If broken a third time in a season, you're banned till EOS. If you place any value within the claims of a faction, the owner of that faction now owns that value. Insiding also includes the sabotaging of faction defenses, all involved players will be punished similarly. This applies to mods+.
  • We highly recommended having your faction enable 2fa to protect against insiding.

  • Report Clarifications

    Video Evidence
  • All video clips need to have evidence of the players being in the faction they are accusing.
  • All video evidence needs to contain the Minecadia scoreboard.
  • All video evidence must be the full minecraft window.

  • NOTE: Any Administrator will have full rights to extend/reduce punishments beyond the "typical" duration. If felt appropriate by the Administrator, punishments can also be put in place for something that would negatively affect either the server, staff team, or other players' experience on the network.

    You cannot undermine/attempt to bypass any of the rules on this rule page.

    Allowed/Disallowed Mods

  • Any Coordinate Mod
  • Any variation of Printer
  • Armour Status HUD
  • Chunk Loader
  • Console Client
  • Coordinate Mods
  • Damage Indicators
  • FPS Mod (Not the ghost client)
  • F3 + B (Shows entity hitboxes)
  • In-Game Account Switcher
  • Just Enough Items
  • JustPvP Mod Pack
  • Hyperium Client
  • Keystrokes
  • LabyMod
  • Memory fix
  • Cosmic Client
  • Badlion Client
  • Falcun Client *
  • Crystal Client *
  • Orbit Client *
  • *You can use the minimap which shows members of your group on the map
  • PvpLounge
  • Optifine
  • Pixel Client
  • Lunar Client
  • MiniMap (without entities)
  • Potion Status HUD
  • Replay Mod
  • Schematica
  • Togglechat
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Toggle Sprint
  • WayPoints
  • World Downloader
  • 5-Zig
  • Ping Tags
  • Macros (AutoText)
  • Fly Boost 2x maximum
  • Disallowed:
  • Any sort of Ghost / Inject / Program Client
  • Any sort of Hacked client
  • Autoclicker
  • Double Clicking
  • Drag and Butterfly Clicking (This is at your own risk. If you get banned, you're liable for whatever punishment you're given)
  • Debounce time that is less than 10 or greater than 10
  • Rebinding attack key from Left Click
  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Fisher
  • Auto Jumping Modifications(Auto jumping even without a modification is a punishable offence)
  • Auto Sign
  • Caverfinder
  • Chest-ESP
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Left Clicker
  • Scripts (Allows you to auto-complete a task, AutoText is allowed)
  • Minebot (Only AFK-ing)
  • MiniMap (With entities)
  • Player ESP
  • QuickCraft Mod
  • Reach
  • X-ray / texture packs
  • Free Camming