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Pirate Map Season 2 Information

Hey Everyone! I hope you're all doing well and are excited for another season of Pirate. Within this post you will expect to see various information about next season and a list of changes we have done throughout the previous season. We as a Management Team are greatly appreciative of the support you have shown us so there may be a small giveaway on the discord for all. Anyways I'll let you get to your reading.

Map Information

  • 4 Week Long Map
  • 10k x 10k Overworld
  • 2k x 2k Desert
  • 2k x 2k Nether
  • 7 Day Grace Period
  • 11x11 Chunk Base Size
  • 6 Regen Limit
  • 20 Player Factions
  • 1 Ally & 3 Truces
  • 10 Hour Faction Shields


  • Meezoid
  • Lolitsalex
  • Dylan_
  • Dexter113
  • Bambe
  • Lambo


  • Added Coin Flip
  • Added Jolly GKit
  • Added Fat (Only obtainable through Jolly GKit)
  • Added a new printer
  • Added OP Diamond duel kit
  • Added Ace admin item
  • Added Dungeons
  • SSing Implemented for Season 2
  • Changes
  • Raised rare key price in gold shop to 300 gold
  • Increased default envoy chest spawns
  • Buffed Heroic Envoy
  • Reduced auction house item expiration to 24 hours
  • Reduced the chance of internal on Jolly GKit weapon to 10%
  • Buffed Inquisitive Enchant
  • Buffed Experience pet
  • Iron in collection chest now sells for $15
  • Buffed Jewels enchantment
  • Witches now drop gold
  • Iron golems dies faster
  • Nerfed angelic
  • Nerfed life essence
  • Changed it so you do not get out of /fly if someone unclaims land
  • Changed so you can not use cooldown shard on Jolly Gkit
  • Buffed Divine Immolation
  • Nerfed Enlighted
  • Buffed Rage damage
  • Ban reason now shows
  • Changed filling tnt into dispersers from 32 to 250 radius
  • Nerfed Squid Pet Damage
  • Buffed Shilling Cave Lootbag percentages
  • Added Shillings Cave Portal and Shilling Cave Key to Event Lootbag Rewards
  • Added Golden Knife, Mystery Heroic Upgrade, and Level 100 Mystery Pet to Shillings Cave Lootbag
  • Bug Fixes
  • fixed spawners not spawning mobs and mobs spawn rates adjusted to spawn faster.
  • fixed tnt wands
  • fixed water that didn’t turn lava into cobblestone or obsidian
  • Fixed Parrot Mask
  • Fixed Item pickup priority
  • Fixed splashing bosses with potions
  • Zombie pet no longer attacks the summoner
  • Fixed Spectral and Portable Spectral
  • Witches and Villagers fixed to drop proper loot
  • Ice now turns into water when broken
  • Fixed ender shift removing speed
  • Fixed auto smelt
  • TNT wands fixed
  • Fixed youtuber rank on tab
  • Ender pearls don't get cleared from clear lag now
  • Fixed collection chest breaking randomly.
  • Fixed Inquisitive enchant not giving extra exp.
  • Endermen drop ender pearls with a 100% now.
  • Fixed /list & /online kicking you
  • Fixed issues with mobs not giving all of their loot when dying.
  • Fixed mechanics with lava/water
  • Fixed smite perk
  • Fixed mask applying exploit
  • Fixed Cage Pet glitching players
  • Fixed issues with Combat Log
  • Fixed mechanics to Sponge
  • Fixed Flaming Hollow
  • Fixed issues with EXP Challenges
  • Fixed masks/pets interrupting with Events
  • Fix all should be working properly
  • Water flow should be normal for regens
  • Fixed mechanics/bugs with collection chests
  • Fixed players losing items from Events
  • Fixed issues with selecting Crews
  • Fixed issues with Captcha
  • Fixed /specialist in combat


    This giveaway will be done on our discord, there will also be a special giveaway for all boosters on the discord!

  • 2x Captain Rank
  • 2x QuaterMaster Ranks
  • Jolly GKIT
  • 3x 3000 Gold

  • Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/minecadia