This is where you'll find the Minecadia rules, these are enforced across all our game modes. If you have issues or are confused, create a ticket with your question. Rules can be changed or modified at any time. Any attempts to bypass the rules or find loop holes will result in steeper punishment.

Swearing (in chat): Ass and crap are tolerated unless spammed. The other swear words and other words that aren't swear words are forbidden because of how terrible of words they are.
  • First punishment | 4 hour tempmute
  • Second punishment | 12 hour tempmute
  • Third Punishment | 24 tempmute
Scamming is fully against the rules. Whenever you're reporting a scam, make sure to have all proof when you make the ticket.  Punishment severity is on par with the severity of the scam and punishment times may vary.

First Punishment | 12 hour tempban
Second Punishment | 24 hour Tempban
Third Punishment | 3 day Tempban

Swearing (on a sign): Ass and crap are tolerated unless spammed. The other swear words and other words that aren't swear words are forbidden because of how terrible of words they are.
  • First Punishment | 2 hour tempban
  • Second Punishment | 6 hour tempban
  • Third Punishment | 24 hour tempban
Caps spam: This is where the player continues to spam things in all caps.
  • First punishment | Warn
  • Second Punishment | 10 minute tempmute
  • Third punishment | 1 hour tempmute
  • Fourth Punishment | 2 hour tempmute
Griefing: This includes building things in towns that clearly don’t belong or go with the town itself (Usually if other town members/leader complain) Note: This also includes stealing but that's obvious. You may not build within 25 blocks of a town if you are not part of it. This will be considered griefing. There's plenty of open world to build in, or you may join a town.
  • First Punishment | 3 day tempban
  • Second Punishment | 7 day tempban
  • Third Punishment | 30 day tempban
Toxicity (Overly aggressive behavior towards other players): This is where they start taking up the whole chat with a petty argument, and makes the environment unfriendly to other players.
  • First Punishment | Verbal warning
  • Second punishment | 6 hour tempmute
  • Third Punishment | 12 hour tempmute
Inappropriate build or item name
  • First Punishment | 6 hour tempban
  • Second punishment | 12 hour tempban
  • Third Punishment | 24 hour tempban
TP Killing Players tping others to kill and or trap them is not allowed.  This also includes pushing people into the pvp zone. Tping players to kill them is not allowed period. This means traps, or just killing them. This also includes tp trapping in the wild.
  • First Punishment | 1 Day tempban
  • Second Punishment | 3 day tempban
  • Third Punishment | 5 Day tempban
  • Fourth Punishment | Perm Ban
Chat Spam: This is where a player takes up the whole chat talking or spamming so nobody else can get a word in or read anything but whatever they're talking about.
  • First Punishment | Warning
  • Second punishment | Kick
  • Third punishment | 10 minute tempmute
  • Fourth punishment | 1 hour tempmute
Logging out in Combat: This is where a player logs out while combat tag is active and for some reason the plugin itself doesn’t auto kill them like it should, this can happen for any number of reasons and is punishable if they go to hub or spawn or wherever to avoid being killed while combat tag is active.
  • First Punishment | 1d Tempban
  • Second Punishment | 3d Tempban
  • Third Punishment | 7d Tempban
Misuse of Report and Helpop: This means using it for no reason, be it to just talk to staff or whatever. It is meant to only be used if a player needs help.
  • First Punishment┃Warning
  • Second Punishment┃Kick
  • Third Punishment┃1 day tempban
  • Fourth Punishment┃7 day tempban
Ban Evasion: Logging onto an alternate account to avoid a ban
  • First Punishment: IP Ban
Nicknames/IGNs that are disrespectful towards staff or inappropriate: This also applies to Igns, however they're muted until the ign is changed.
  • First Punishment | Warning
  • Second Punishment | Perm mute until it’s changed
Impersonation: This is where a player will use a nickname or such to impersonate staff and or lie to players saying they are staff when they are in fact not staff. It's not allowed to impersonate Youtubers Either.  It is not tolerated, staff are chosen to do their jobs and players should not impersonate them and mislead the public.
  • First Punishment┃Warning
  • Second Punishment┃3 Hour tempmute
  • Third Punishment┃3 Day tempban
Death Threats: This is where a player will either encourage one another to suicide outside of the game, or make threats at them that are not related to in game methods. In game methods are jumping off a cliff to fall damage, killing one another in pvp/arena/so forth.
  • First Punishment┃1 day tempmute
  • Second Punishment┃1 day tempban
  • Third Punishment┃7 day tempban
  • Fourth Punishment┃Permanent ban
Staff Disrespect: This means outright slandering a staff. So be it if players dislike a certain staff, general chat or otherwise is not the place to discuss it, you need to message Ace on Discord and file a staff report.
  • First Punishment┃1 hour tempmute
  • Second Punishment┃6 day tempmute
  • Third Punishment┃12 hour tempmute
  • Fourth Punishment┃24 hour tempmute
Server Hate: Being disrespectful towards the server
  • First Punishment┃Warning
  • Second Punishment┃1 hour tempmute
  • Third Punishment┃6 hour tempmute
  • Fourth Punishment┃12 hour tempmute
Advertising another server: Saying the name of a server is somewhat okay as long as it's not trying to lure players to another server or spoken about much in main chat. Saying the ip of a server is a straight ban because it's advertising.
  • First Punishment┃Perm ban
Racial/Sexual Slander or slurs: Self explanatory.
  • First Punishment | 6 hour tempmute
  • Second Punishment | 12 hour tempmute
  • Third Punishment | 2 day tempmute
Duping: Any attempt to duplicate items and gain unfair advantage.
  • First Punishment┃30d tempban
  • Second Punishment | Permanent ban
Abusing a Glitch: This generally means a bug found in the server that is exploited. Be it glitches, shop bugs, it’s not allowed. They need to report it so it gets fixed as soon as possible. If it’s a block glitch and someone dies due to it, it’s a 3 day ban for the first time then 14 for the second offense. If they abuse a shop glitch that’s known about, then it’s a much harsher punishment. This also includes the spacebar relate done and block glitching, any glitch is not to be abused.
  • First Punishment| 3-30 day tempban (depending on severity of the glitch.)
  • Second Punishment | 30 day tempban
  • Third Punishment | Permanent Ban
Hacked Client/Hacking They can get a lighter punishment for admitting to having been using cheats on our server.
  • First Punishment┃30 day tempban
Booter, databases, or private information found in a screenshare: Just be a good human being and delete all these
  • First Punishment | Ip ban/Blacklist
Posting links in chat (unless minecadia related):
  • First Punishment | Warning
  • Second Punishment | 6 Hour Tempmute
  • Third Punishment | 24 Hour Tempmute.
Mute Evading:
  • First Punishment┃However long the other mute is
  • Second Punishment┃Double the mute
Refusal to Screen Share / Logging Out While Frozen:
  • First Punishment | Perm ban
Autoclicker Depends on when last used:
  • First Punishment┃Perm ban
  • First Punishment┃14 day tempban
Chargeback Where they chargeback what they donated to the server. It’s not allowed as per the TOS found on our store page. They need to speak to the manager if someone bought them something then charged back on them.
  • First Offence | Blacklist (cannot appeal)
Cobble Monsters:
  • First Punishment┃3 day tempban
  • Second Punishment┃7 day tempban
Illegal Mods: We have a list where the allowed mods are located on forums for player viewing. Here it is for you so you know that if they have one and are using it on Minecadia, that they are to be punished. These are allowed, if it’s not listed it’s not allowed. If you think one should be added, message the manager and tell them what mod and why.