Effective: November 12th, 2023

Last Updated: November 12th, 2023


In order to play on Minecadia or use any of our related services, you agree to a few different agreements.

By using our services, you agree to all terms within this agreement, in addition to:

Enforcement Disclaimer

The Minecadia network (“Network”) reserves the right to enforce its rules and guidelines to ensure a fair, enjoyable, and safe environment for all users. To this end, our Network retains the unrestricted right to kick, mute, shadowmute, ban, permanently blacklist, tradeban users, or otherwise restrict, limit, or revoke access from some or all components/features of our Network for any reason deemed fit by the Network management.

By connecting to the Minecadia network, users accept that these measures may be taken at our discretion, without any obligation on our part to provide prior notice, reason, or justification. Such actions may be based on, but not limited to, a user’s violation of our Terms of Service, or any behavior we identify as harmful, disruptive, or against the best interests of our Network and its community.

These actions are final, non-negotiable, and non-reversible, except as required by law or at the sole discretion of our Network management. Users may not challenge or attempt to circumvent these actions. Any such attempt in violation of our Terms of Service may result in additional sanctions, up to and including a permanent blacklist from our Network.

Our Network does not recognize or take responsibility for third-party services or intermediaries that may claim to influence or reverse these actions, including but not limited to the volunteer staff team or any independent contractors who may provide services to the Minecadia network. These volunteer staff/independent contractors are not employed by the business operating Minecadia, and as such the only final source of information is by Minecadia ownership. All information, opinions, and updates given by our volunteer staff team and/or independent contractors are given on a best-effort basis, but may be inaccurate or may not necessarily represent the views, actions, and policies of Our Network. All ownership have their own personal opinions, beliefs, and positions, which also may not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, or positions of Our Network.

Our Network may modify this disclaimer at any time, without notice or warning. By continuing to use our Network, users agree to these terms and any future amendments. Users who do not agree should disconnect from the Network.

Except for the limited terms granted in this agreement, our Network retains and reserves all rights to manage and control user behavior on our Network. These rights include but are not limited to the right to modify, terminate, or revoke a User’s access to the Network without liability, payment, or notice to the User. Our Network makes no guarantees related to user conduct or the consequences of violating these terms.

Updating These Terms

These terms or any related terms may be updated at any time with or without notice, and you agree to keep up with any updates which may occur to be in compliance with these terms.