Minecadia Phase III: Factions Galaxy

Factions Jun 27, 2023

Minecadia Phase III: Factions Galaxy: Map 1

Good afternoon! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the first season of Factions: Galaxy has to offer. Before that, lets cover some important information:

Factions: Galaxy Map 1



Our mission with the release of Factions: Galaxy is to give our Factions realm a brand new, refreshed, and revamped experience. With that being said, a large portion of this update is us vaulting and removing content in order to bring our Factions realm back to a simpler, more enjoyable time. Additionally, some major features known to exist on Minecadia for nearly its entire existence have been completely removed altogether, or replaced by something different and, in our eyes, better. We look forward to developing this realm into exactly what the players want with new ideas and content!

Map Information

  • 10 Man Factions, Infinite Roster, Infinite Alts
  • 1 Ally, No Truces
  • 4 Week Long Map
  • 2 Week Long Grace Period


Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the realm of Factions: Galaxy, where a brand new feature awaits you—Adventures! In Adventures, you'll explore the wondrous planet of Xandar, teeming with valuable resources and dangerous mobs. But fear not, because you have the power of skills on your side!

With the story-like explanation out of the way, Adventures is our way of providing a refreshing experience for players to grind and receive important and necessary loot. Instead of just grinding annoying mobs all day, players will now have access to 5 Skills: Mining, Fishing, Farming, Woodcutting, and Slayer. Additionally, the environment of Adventures is extremely NON-RESTRICTIVE. There is no wardrobe, enchant limitations, different sets, etc… There’s a lot to cover, so let's break down the entire feature:

Skills Explanation

Skills are hooked directly to an independent XP system, per skill, in order to have players level up the skill to access better resources, which in turn gives access to higher tiered loot tables. All players will embark on their journey through Adventures with level 1 in each Skill. The maximum level for each skill is 100. The resources and tiered loot tables are as follows:

  • Levels 1 - 19: Tier 1 Resource/Mob & Loot Table
  • Levels 20 - 39: Tier 2 Resource/Mob & Loot Table
  • Levels 40 - 59: Tier 3 Resource/Mob & Loot Table
  • Levels 60 - 79: Tier 4 Resource/Mob & Loot Table
  • Levels 80 - 99: Tier 5 Resource/Mob & Loot Table
  • Level 100: Tier 6 Resource/Mob & Loot Table

As implied by the breakdown above, once you reach the level required for a new tier of resource, you can begin harvesting that resource (or kill that mob) in order to begin receiving drops from a better loot table. Additionally, higher tiered resources/mobs will always have faster XP rates than the previous tier - which is especially important to understand due to the scaling of XP required for future levels.

All skills were created, tested, benchmarked, and balanced in a way that each skill is intended to be “equal”. This means, players should expect an equal time investment from leveling Mining from 20 to 39 as leveling Slayer, or any other skill, from 20 to 39, etc… Additionally, players should expect to receive the same number of drops, at scale, for the same time investment between every Skill. As stated, we have done a lengthy and initial benchmarking to try to maintain this intention, but we will continue to refine the drop rates and XP gain between Skills if needed - it is very important to understand that each Skill is intended to be “equal” and that the only difference between them is to provide players with a refreshing experience or different gameplay loop, not because any Skill is better than another.

To be extremely clear and to provide an example: receiving a Tier 3 drop from Slayer is the same as receiving a Tier 3 drop from Mining, Fishing, Farming, or Woodcutting. This is true for any Tier, and all skills. All skills roll their rewards from the same tiered loot table, based on the resource you are harvesting (or mob you are killing). So, Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 rewards are the same among every skill.

Star Dust & Star Tiers & Collector

To gain access to better resources and mobs, you don’t just need the level requirement - you will also need an upgraded tool or sword. While grinding in Adventures, you will consistently receive Star Dust, a valuable currency that can be spent with the Collector NPC (/adventure collector). Within the Collector’s Shop, players will be able to upgrade their equipped Tool/Sword or Armor using Star Dust - which is required to access higher tiered resources. For example:

*Tier 1 Resource/Mob = Tier 1 Tool/Sword Required (Default)
*Tier 2 Resource/Mob = Tier 2 Tool/Sword Required
*Tier 3 Resource/Mob = Tier 3 Tool/Sword Required
*Tier 4 Resource/Mob = Tier 4 Tool/Sword Required
*Tier 5 Resource/Mob = Tier 5 Tool/Sword Required
*Tier 6 Resource/Mob = Tier 6 Tool/Sword Required

These Tiers are referred to as “Stars”, so a “2 Star” Sword is a Tier 2 Sword. The “Stars” of a piece of equipment are displayed on the lore, once the value is more than one. All armor/weapons/tools that exist on Minecadia will inherently have a default “Star” value of 1. So, ANY and ALL armor, equipment, enchants, pets, etc is allowed in Adventures, and works - with the exception of anything that gives Haste (explained later). So a pro tip, make sure you have the highest efficiency on your Pickaxe and Axe, and make sure you have a Sharpness 5 for maximum XP and reward gain!

Within the Collector’s shop, there will also be a future shop released, where players can just buy in-game items; right now, though, players can only upgrade their tools, sword, or armor. Upgrading your armor via the Collector is not required for anything in Adventures, but it does play a big role in the PvP zone known as the Wilderness, which will be explained next. However, upgrading your Armor will increase your damage resistance against Slayer mobs.

The Wilderness - Adventures PvP

It wouldn’t be a Minecadia feature if there wasn’t PvP! In order to find the highest tier of resources or mobs (Tier 6), players must enter the Wilderness. The Wilderness is a region that is only accessible to the top grinders, who have Level 99 or 100 in every skill. The Wilderness is the only place where Tier 6 resources reside, and the entire region has PvP enabled.

Upgrading your armor via the Collector is not required for anything in Adventures; however, this does play a big role in the Wilderness. This is what it does:

  • Tier 1 aka 1 Star = -0% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)
  • Tier 2 aka 2 Star = -1% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)
  • Tier 3 aka 3 Star = -2% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)
  • Tier 4 aka 4 Star = -3% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)
  • Tier 5 aka 5 Star = -4% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)
  • Tier 6 aka 6 Star = -5% Incoming Damage (per piece of armor)

For example, if you have a Tier 6 chestplate, you will take 5% less damage ONLY in the WILDERNESS in ADVENTURES. If you had a full Tier 6 Armor set, you would be taking 20% less damage in this PvP region.

Additionally, for Swords:

  • Tier 1 Sword = +0% Outgoing Damage
  • Tier 2 Sword = +4% Outgoing Damage
  • Tier 3 Sword = +8% Outgoing Damage
  • Tier 4 Sword = +12% Outgoing Damage
  • Tier 5 Sword = +16% Outgoing Damage
  • Tier 6 Sword = +20% Outgoing Damage

Important Restrictions and Limitations

In order for this feature to be balanced properly, all players must progress through the skill tiers equally. Specifically, once you reach level 19 in a Skill, you cannot go beyond level 19, to access the next tier, unless all your other skills are Level 19. This pre-tier level up restriction takes place at the border of each Tier. So this exists at level 39, level 59, level 79, and level 99. So, you cannot access a new tier of resource/loot unless all of your skills are at the maximum level of the previous tier. To be clear, this was specifically kept in mind during the benchmarking of the time investment that is required to progress your skills through the tiers, so this does not mean there is “5x” the work in order to access a new Tier.

Additionally, upon the release of every new season, there will be an increasing global level cap for each skill. On release, the maximum level for every skill will be 10. The next day, it’ll be 20. The next day, 30, then 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.


With the release of this feature, we have also added back the Backpack. Upon grinding, your loot will instantly be transferred to your Backpack, assuming it isn’t full. This time around, we have added a limit for Backpack slots, however this limit can be increased via the Collector’s Shop.


This feature may seem complex, but we assure you that once you experience it, you’ll realize it’s very simple to understand! We look forward to the feedback on gameplay upon release.


Get ready to explore the vast and exciting Planets feature in Factions: Galaxy! Are you ready for the ultimate grind?

New, themed worlds have been introduced to Factions: Galaxy - all with their own special characteristics. Let’s break them down:


The Overworld is your starting point, where the possibilities are endless! With Printer and Sand Bots enabled, you'll have the power to create and gather resources effortlessly. Take advantage of 100% mob and farming drop rates to maximize your gains. Compete with your faction and harness the power of two strongholds!

  • Printer Enabled.
  • Sand Bots Enabled.
  • Mob / Farming Drop Rates: 100%.
  • Faction Member Limit: All Members Allowed.
  • Regens Allowed.
  • 2 Strongholds.


Step into the Sahara Planet, a desert paradise awaiting your conquest! Enjoy the same benefits as the Overworld but with a twist. Embrace the challenge of a smaller world border, set at 5,000 blocks in each direction. Traverse through vast sand dunes, collect precious resources like sandstone and cactus, and dominate the sandy landscape!

  • Printer Enabled.
  • Sand Bots Enabled.
  • Mob / Farming Drop Rates: 100%.
  • Faction Member Limit: All Members Allowed.
  • Regens Allowed.
  • World border at 5,000.


Enter the Namek Planet, a verdant paradise filled with natural wonders. While Printer is still enabled, face the challenge of disabled sand bots. Embrace a faction member limit of 8 players on the planet at one time and test your strategic skills. With a border set at 4,000 blocks, uncover the secrets of this green haven and harvest mobs and resources in the heart of nature at 80% the rate of normal.

  • Printer Enabled.
  • Sand Bots Disabled.
  • Mob / Farming Drop Rates: 80%.
  • Faction Member Limit: 8 Members at the Planet Allowed.
  • Regens Allowed.
  • World border at 4,000.


Discover the peaceful Meadow Planet, where serenity meets adventure. With printer disabled and reduced mob and farming drop rates of 60% of normal, the grind becomes a bit more challenging. Regeneration walls are disabled and your team will embrace the faction member limit of 5 players at the planet at one time to master your survival skills. Capture the Nature Stronghold on this planet and gain incredible advantages to dominate your rivals. Explore the beauty of a nature-themed realm filled with vibrant flowers and a sense of tranquility.

  • Printer Disabled.
  • Sand Bots Disabled.
  • Mob / Farming Drop Rates: 60%.
  • Faction Member Limit: 5 Members at the Planet Allowed.
  • Regens disabled.
  • Stronghold - Nature Stronghold
  • -10% Incoming damage
  • Immune to Cursed Enchantments
  • 1.5x Spawner Rate
  • Reduced Death Combat Timer to 5 seconds
  • World border at 3,000.


Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge on the Titan Planet! Prepare to face darkness and danger. Printer is disabled, and survival becomes tougher with reduced mob and farm drop rates of 80%. Navigate a smaller world border set at 2,000 blocks and test your faction's strength, who are limited to 5 members on the planet at one time. Beware, TNT is always enabled, even during the grace period, regeneration walls are disabled, and fly is disabled everywhere, except in your own claim with /f fly. Will you conquer this hardcore zone and make it your own?

  • Printer Disabled .
  • Sand Bots Disabled.
  • Mob / Farming Drop Rates: 80%.
  • Faction Member Limit: 5 Members at the Planet Allowed.
  • TNT Enabled 24/7 (even during grace period).
  • Regens disabled.
  • /Fly disabled (/f fly still enabled).
  • 2k x 2k World.

Conclusion & Specifications

We are excited to see the variety of gameplay these planets will provide. To be specific, the Faction Member Limit is an “active” limit. This means that the limitation only exists in real-time. You can still have a 10 man faction, but live in Titan. However, only 5 members of your faction can be on Titan at once.

Faction Top & Value

As suggested by the polls we did earlier this month, /F Top has been modified. Here’s what has happened:

  • Faction Value is now the main statistic of who is “winning” the map (via /F Top).
  • Actual/Potential Value still exists.
  • Faction Cores have been removed.
  • PvP Points have been removed.
  • Faction Points have been revamped to be exactly like how PvP Points was. This means, Factions can earn points, at any time, only by participating in PvP content.
  • Factions can only lose Faction Points through PvP content, such as deaths. Faction Points cannot be stolen.
  • The same rewards for PvP Top will be applied to Faction Points Top.
  • The main end of map rewards will be applied to the winners of Faction Value.

Revamped End - Competitive Vanilla Region

Also as suggested by the poll we did earlier this month, the End has been completely revamped into a Vanilla, competitive region. To be clear as to why we polled this option: we noticed a heightened amount of competition and contesting of competitive events in the End during the period where only Vanilla Enchants are recognized, with a 2 pet limit. With that being said, the End has been converted into a competitive area with only competitive events (Citadel, Conquest, KOTH, CTF, Secure the Ship, DTC, etc…) while being completely vanilla.

So, during the entire map in this region:

  • Custom Enchants are disabled.
  • Masks are disabled.
  • Star Items are disabled.
  • Balloons are disabled.
  • Armor Sets are disabled.
  • The maximum number of pets allowed in the End is 2.
  • The speed effect cap has been set to Speed 2.
  • Fixed bug so Chicken Pet works (and capped to Speed 2).
  • Crew Effects are disabled in the End.
  • Disguise potions are disabled in the End.
  • Strength 2 and Regeneration Potions have been disabled.
  • Squad Event / Warzone Boss / Stronghold / Outpost effects are disabled here.
  • Enderpearl cooldown will now remain even if your pearl is refunded in Citadel.
  • Deathbans are ALWAYS enabled in this region, and can now be viewed in the /warp end UI.
  • KOTH, Capture the Flag, Secure the Ship, Hardpoint, and Destroy the Core can be found here.
  • Citadel and Conquest can be found here.

Additionally, to be clear:

  • Endermen (in the End) and the Enderblade system has been vaulted.

Warzone Bosses

Factions: Galaxy now has scheduled Warzone Boss spawns that greatly affect the competitive aspect of the gamemode. Every 3 hours, a random Warzone Boss will spawn. These bosses are the Ocean Master, the Infernal Rotator, the Mountain Stomper, the Cloud Rider, and the Elder Dragon, which spawns at a given time every day.

Based on the boss that spawns, the team that gets the final hit on the boss will receive the benefits of that boss for one hour. If you are familiar with League of Legends’ dragon system, this is very similar to that; this system will serve as a critical role in competitive play on Minecadia!

  • The Ocean Master will give +2 Hearts for 1 hour.
  • The Infernal Rotator will give +10% Outgoing Damage for 1 hour.
  • The Mountain Stomper will give -10% Incoming Damage for 1 hour.
  • The Cloud Rider will give Permanent Regeneration for 1 hour.
  • The Elder Dragon will give ALL of these effects for 1 hour, and will spawn in the End.
  • On top of the last hit faction rewards, the top 3 damagers will be rewarded with in-game loot bag rewards.

Arcade Pass

A new concept has been introduced to the Arcade for Factions: Galaxy. A new deterrent for cheaters!

Upon logging onto Factions: Galaxy for the first time, you will be given your free pass to the Arcade. This is a “ticket” to be eligible to enter. If you are banned inside of the Arcade, or because of cheating in the Arcade, then your Arcade pass will be revoked and you will no longer have access to the Arcade.

The Arcade pass can be reacquired on our Store or in the Gold shop!

Crews and Squad Events

Crews have been reverted to their legacy state, and the Crew Tree has been vaulted. This means, upon joining the server you will be able to choose your desired crew, and reap the benefits of such. Since this change makes the previous “Crew Events” impossible, we have rebranded these events to Squad Events and changed how they work.

Instead of being paired with your Crew, you will instead be randomly placed on a team upon joining a Squad Event. The events will work the exact same way that Crew Events worked, except passive rewards will only be distributed to the players of the winning team that actually participated in the event.

The Invasion


  • Wednesday, June 28th, at 5PM EST.

Punishment Reset

Tomorrow (6/29) at midnight, all active mutes, bans, and blacklists will be wiped, with the exception of Chargeback Blacklists.

Vaults & Miscellaneous Changes

Now for a list format of all the changes to existing content from Factions: Pirate:

Content Vaults

  • Expeditions has been vaulted.
  • Dungeons have been vaulted.
  • Duel Leaderboards and Queues have been vaulted.
  • Flying Dutchman has been vaulted.


All Ranks have been renamed:

  • Captain - Celestial
  • Quartermaster - Nova
  • Gunner - Void
  • Buccaneer - Astro
  • Sailor - Solar

Armor Sets

All Armor Sets have been vaulted except:

  • Pirate: renamed to Phantom
  • Orc: renamed to Goblin
  • KOTH.


  • Rare Bosses
    • Corrupted Spider has been rebranded to Space Spider.
    • Treasure Goblin has been implemented.
  • Mythic Bosses
    • Undead Sailor has been rebranded to Undead Astronaut, and its appearance has changed.
    • Lost Titan has been moved to Mythic Tier and rebranded to Wandering Martian.
  • Legendary Bosses
    • Magma Queen has been implemented.
    • Hydra Lord has been implemented.


  • Crew Tree has been vaulted.
  • Randomized sorting has been vaulted.

Legacy Crews have returned:

  • Aurora
  • +2 Hearts // Haste II
  • -5% Incoming Damage
  • Atlas
  • Speed 2
  • Deal +5% Sword Damage
  • Pulsar
  • Fire Resistance
  • Deal +5% Axe Damage
  • Stellar
  • Resistance 1
  • Deal +5% Bow Damage

Star Items

The only Star Items in the game are as follows:

  • Flaming Hollow
  • Grappler
  • Chroma
  • Superior Protection V Upgrade
  • Golden Knife


The changes to Enchants are as follows:


  • Cursed Mark
  • Enrage
  • Anti Life
  • Halloweenify
  • Lucky
  • Mirror
  • Ice Aspect
  • Bomb Aura
  • Aegis
  • Metaphysical
  • Diminish
  • Teleblock
  • Backbone
  • Dual Wield
  • Double Strike
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Chef
  • Daze
  • Internal
  • All Expedition Enchants

Now stackable:

  • Judgment
  • Dodge

New Additions:

  • Solitude - Increase chance and length of the Silence enchantment proc-ing on enemy players by up to 3x
  • Hex - Chance of giving blindness to your victim
  • Block - Blocking with your sword will increase your resistance


  • Cursed Enchants have been rebranded to Galaxy Enchants.
  • Cleave is now a Mythic enchant.
  • Hellforged is now a Common enchant.
  • Arrow Rain is now a Common enchant.

Heroic Enchants:

  • All Heroic Enchants have been vaulted except Shadow Assassin, Planetary Deathbringer, and Omni Judgement.


The only Pets in the game are as follows:

Common Pets

  • Silverfish Pet
  • Wolf Pet
  • Pig Pet

Rare Pets

  • Demon Slayer Pet
  • Chicken Pet
  • Slime Pet
  • Revamped - once activated, you will begin to bounce off the ground for a short period of time.

Mythic Pets

  • Iron Golem Pet
  • Experience Pet
  • Kraken Pet
  • Thor Pet
    • Casts a powerful lightning onto foes surrounding you and freezing/damaging them.

Seasonal Pets

  • Shillings Pet
  • Beachball Pet

Cursed Pets

  • Wizard Pet
  • Cage Pet


The only Masks in the game are as follows:

  • Agent Mask
  • Davy Jones Mask
  • Corruptor Mask
  • Ghost Mask
  • Tinker Mask
  • Zoid Mask
  • Speedster Mask
    • Permanent Speed 2 & 2.5% to Dodge incoming hits.
  • Mutli Mask
    • Has been made slight more rare in loot tables.

Partner Items

The only Partner Items in the game are as follows:

  • Web Gun
  • Switcher Snowball
  • Rotten Egg
  • MeeZoid’s Exotic Bone
  • Ice Ball
  • Portable Bard
  • Portable Spectral
  • Aggressive Pearl


  • Vaulted Gold Balloon
  • Vaulted Birthday Balloon
  • Vaulted Supreme Balloon
  • Nerfed Candy Cane Balloon
  • Sugar Rush Ability nerfed to Speed 5 instead of Speed 6.


Chapters have been reworked to work properly with the content changes of this season:

  • Prologue
  • Envoy Rates boosted
  • Fly disabled
  • Event Schedule disabled
  • Minigame Chapter
  • Hyper Minigames enabled
  • Double Minigames rewards (2x)
  • Boss Chapter
  • Increase damage against bosses (+25%)
  • Increase maximum bosses (2x)
  • Double Boss rewards
  • Adventure Chapter
  • Double XP
  • Double Rewards
  • Voyage Chapter
  • Voyages enabled for an hour
  • Event Chapter
  • Hyper Event Schedule enables
  • Tournament Chapter
  • Event Schedule Enables
  • 1v1 Tournament enabled (OP Rewards)


  • Balanced money notes in all loot table
  • Nerfed Iron sell price
  • Nerfed Gold sell price
  • Nerfed Diamond sell price
  • Nerfed Emerald sell price
  • Nerfed Cactus sell price
  • Increased Cactus buy price
  • Increased all Spawner buy prices


Fund has been reworked:

  • Dead Man's Chest - 100m | unlocks in 2 hours
  • Armor Orbs & Weapon Orbs - 250m | Unlocks in 1 day
  • Armor Set Abilities- 500m | 2 days
  • Strongholds - 1b | Unlocks in 3 days
  • Roll Tickets - 2b | Unlocks in 4 days
  • Holy White Scrolls & Pet Collars - 4bil | Unlocks in 5 days
  • Item Flip - 5bil | Unlocks in 6 days
  • Voyages - 10bil | Unlock in 8 days
  • Voyage Battles/Wars - 20bil | Unlocks in 12 days

Outposts & Strongholds

All Outposts and Strongholds have been provided with new names and new builds.
* Broken Harbor = Xolar Outpost
* Sunken Hollow = Nova Outpost
* Raid Outpost will remain the same.

  • Stronghold:
    • Blackened Bay = Colossal Stronghold
    • Royale Refuge = Galactic Stronghold
    • Introduced Nature Stronghold in the Meadow Planet.

Citadel & Conquest

  • Citadel no longer provides 2x End Drops (as there are none).
  • Conquest no longer provides 2x Dungeon Lootbags (as they do not exist).
  • Conquest now gives a 1.25x XP Multiplier in Adventures.

Lunar Client Faction Tags

  • Players can now enable Lunar Client Faction Tags with /noties.

General Changes

  • You can no longer use regular black scrolls on Cursed (now named Galaxy) enchantments.
    • Instead, you must use a Galaxy Black Scroll.
  • Cannon Jar has been updated.
  • Enjoy an updated scoreboard design.
  • Enjoy a slightly updated chat aesthetic.


  • Some rule changes will be announced before SOTW.

Cannon Server

  • The cannon server has been opened to the public.


We hope you guys are as excited for this season as we are! We hope to see you online for the grand release of Minecadia Factions: Galaxy, this Friday, June 30th, at 5 PM EST.