Factions Pirate Phase 2 Season 2

Factions Nov 3, 2022

    Welcome to another one of our blog posts. This post goes into detail, and changes for this up and coming Factions Season. Everything you need to know can be found down below.

      Our team hopes to see you all this up and coming Friday at 5:00 PM EST!

      Map Information

      • 4 Week Long Map
      • 10k x 10k Overworld
      • 5k x 5k Desert
      • 5k x 5k Nether
      • 5k x 5k Tundra
      • 7 Day Grace Period
      • 15x15 Chunk Base Size
      • 6 Regen Limit
      • 25 Player Factions (upgradeable to 30 + no roster limit)
      • 1 Ally & 0 Truces
      • 14 Hour Faction Shields

      Faction Top Payout

        #1 - Guaranteed corner of choice 500$ Buycraft Voucher (Increased time until it expires), 2x XP boost for grace, 3x NEW Custom F Top Crates.

        #2 - $250 Buycraft Voucher (Increased time until it expires) 1.5xp boost for grace 2x NEW Custom F Top Crates

        #3 - $150 Buycraft Voucher (Increased time until it expires), 1.25x XP boost for grace, 1x NEW Custom F Top Crate


        Additions / Changes

        - /Fund has been changed

        - Shipwreck Cove Dungeon will be released this map

        - Warp Arcade has been reworked

        - Voyages have been vaulted

        - All Loot tables have been buffed and Dungeon loot will be buffed throughout the map

        - Iron Golem Spawners have been buffed

        - Cactus has been nerfed

        - Silverfish Spawners have been introduced into the game, dropping nether stars

        - Faction size have been increased

        - Buffs from controlling a Stronghold are NO LONGER applied whilst inside a Stronghold region.

        - Bring Your Own Gear Kit has been added to /duel

        - Spirit Pet has been vaulted.

        - The Corruptor Mask has been vaulted.

        - Vampire Mask has a new additional ability that gives a better proc chance for the Lifesteal enchant.

        - Pirate, Orc, (Rogue), and Marksman Armor crates now give the full set instead of one piece.

        - Rogue Armor Set has been vaulted.

        - Wraith Armor Set ability has been buffed to last longer.

        - Enforcer enchant has been unvaulted.

        - Trickshot enchant has been unvaulted.

        - Trickshot is now a legendary tier enchant.

        - Trickshot no longer has the ability to turn enemies around 180 degrees.

        - Insomnia has moved to the rare enchant tier, and has been nerfed with a higher cooldown.

        - Rot and Decay enchant will no longer give blindness.

        - The Nitro’s Tactical Nuke ability has been buffed.

        - The Plunderer Crew Effect has been changed from Speed 3 to Speed 2

        - Diamond Hoe and Gold Hoe has been added to /itemfilter

        - Fixed a bug with Rot and Decay applying to teammates and allies.



Along with Trojanfile