Factions Pirate Phase II Map 9

May 24, 2023


Hello everyone, welcome back to another Minecadia factions season. This is the FINAL Factions Pirate map to close out Phase 2. This upcoming season is heavily focused on implementing suggestions to improve our base/raiding side of the server, and also giving the PvP side the last bit of taste of what this phase was about as a whole. The next map will be the start of our brand new Phase 3, Map 20. We have a lot in store for the next phase, so make sure you stay tuned all the way until the end of this map in order to experience the transition toward the next phase of Minecadia Factions!

Map Information

  • 25 Man Factions, Infinite Roster, Infinite Alts
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • 5 Week Long Map
  • 2 Week Long Grace Period
  • 15 hour shield time
  • World:
  • 10k x 10k Overworld
  • 2k x 2k Tundra Warp
  • 2k x 2K Desert Warp
  • 2k x 2k Plains Warp
  • 2k x 2k Nether Warp

Changelog / Updatelog


  • A new /f upgrade that allows for your faction to capture strongholds and outposts faster has been added
  • To activate a balloon, now you MUST shift right-click the item which the balloon is attached onto.
  • Balloons no longer apply onto fishing rods
  • Balloon expiration time when not holding them is now 15 seconds
  • Sand bots are now allowed to be used on any faction. (The restriction to only be used on  the top 3 factions has been removed)
  • Sandbot radius has been increased
  • Sand Wands have been added
  • The amount of points a faction receives from breaching another faction has been buffed to be 40% of the faction's points.
  • /f ban now deletes the players’ homes in the faction's claims
  • You can now interact with trapdoors in printer
  • Creepers no longer combat tag you
  • Kraken+ has received a new buff where they gain a larger radius with and 2x the time while using /roam
  • Combat timer after death has been set to 12 seconds
  • You now get put into combat once you attack the Dead Mans Chest
  • Shield timer has been reduced to 15 hours.

Raid Outpost

  • Raid Outpost has been tweaked to properly reset when it gets breached
  • New Raid Outpost design/build has been incorporated

Faction Points

  • Raid Outpost points have been increased to 10 points
  • Voyage points have been completely reworked where it gives points depending on the room tier.
  • Raid Outpost defending faction receives buffs such as, -10% damage in water, 2x TNT from creepers, and 3x competitive loot bags for holding the outpost every 3 hours.
  • Updated F value to give more points to factions that have a higher f wealth


  • Insomnia has been unvaulted as a Cursed Enchantment
  • Halloweenify has been unvaulted as a Cursed Enchantment that only applies to Bows and Fishing Rods
  • Anti Life has been unvaulted as a Cursed Enchantment
  • Divine Enlighted has been slightly buffed in terms of it’s proc rate
  • Planetary Deathbringer has been unvaulted as a Heroic Enchantment


  • Rogue Armorset has been unvaulted
  • Bard Armorset has been unvaulted
  • Ravager Armorset has been unvaulted
  • Diablo Armorset has been unvaulted
  • KOTH Armorset has been buffed. It now has 15% damage reduction and a new weapon ability that negates your opponents’ Protection V.


  • Santa Mask has been unvaulted
  • Mermaid Mask has been unvaulted
  • Backbone Mask has been unvaulted


  • Beachball Pet has been unvaulted as a Seasonal Pet
  • Valentines Pet has been unvaulted as a Seasonal Pet
  • Spirit Pet has been unvaulted as a Cursed Pet


  • Birthday Balloon has been revamped. The ability to be Immune to the Colossal Goo has been replaced with the ability to be Immune to the Purge enchantment.
  • Smoke Balloon has been nerfed. The ability to have permanent invisibility has been removed.
  • Increased the Balloon timer for not holding the weapon with the balloon to 15 seconds.

Star Items

  • The Colossal Goo has been vaulted
  • Chroma has been revamped. Its abilities are, Spectral Ability, Phoenix Ability, 100% Holy White Scroll Negation
  • Nitro has been revamped. Its abilities are, Immune to Divine Immolation Cooldown, Tactical Nuke Ability, +10% outgoing damage to all enemies
  • Hybrid Shard has been unvaulted and revamped. Its abilities are, +2 Max Hearts, Immune to opponents’ Crew Tree damage buffs
  • Frostbite has been Nerfed. The Immunity to Divine Immolation has been changed to only be a chance to be immune to it each hit.
  • Blindfold has been buffed. Its new ability is to See through one's Smoke Bomb and Dimensional Rift ability and attack them.
  • Beacon Booster has been unvaulted (Is not in the Founder Star)

Founders Items

  • You can no longer apply more than one Founder Item on the same piece any more. This creates diversity in Founders Item usages and stops the creation of one unkillable player.


  • Dead Man's Chest - 50m | unlocks in 2 hours
  • Armor Set Abilities - 100m | Unlocks in 1 day
  • Strongholds - 250m | 2 days
  • Roll Tickets - 500m | Unlocks in 3 days
  • Shipwreck Cove - 2bil | Unlocks in 4 days
  • Armor Orbs & Weapon Orbs - 4bil | Unlocks in 5 days
  • Holy White Scrolls & Pet Collars - 5bil | Unlocks in 6 days
  • Isla de Muerta - 6bil | Unlocks in 7 days
  • Voyages - 10bil | Unlock in 8 days
  • Diamond Hooks - 15bil | Unlocks in 10 days
  • Voyage Battles/War - 20bil | Unlocks in 12

Eco Change

  • Buffed Cactus sell price
  • Nerfed Iron sell price
  • Nerfed Diamond sell price
  • Nerfed Gold sell price
  • Nerfed emerald sell price
  • Nerfed money notes in certain loot tables


  • Push Nukes are now allowed, however, push stacking is disallowed (can be used for a push nuke).
  • Ufusions are permitted for raiding, but the cannon box must be at least 80 blocks tall
  • The float limit has been changed to 30 chunks
  • Sideprot can only be 2 regens, 10 chunks of flatsfix
  • Buffer counters must be within the buffer and not in the base, you are only permitted 2 regens (excluding pilters)
  • You must have a 30 block gap between your core and walls in all directions
  • Raid/Anti Raid cannons can be defended with 5 chunks of defenses with a maximum of 2 regens (excluding pilters)
  • Changed the 2k block cannon limit to 5k.
  • If a cannon has been deemed inactive for 24 hours, it will be subject to be unclaimed.
  • Anti-Raid claims in line with the base must be removed 24 hours after use.
  • Players must have a minimum of 3 days of playtime (within the raiding/defending faction) to participate in a raid