Minecadia Prisons Arkham SOTW Post

Dec 17, 2022

Hi everyone! In today’s post, we’re going to cover all the new changes and goals with Season 2 of Minecadia’s Prisons Realm: Arkham. Before we begin, lets cover some important information regarding the release:



If you did not get the chance to play in Season 1 of Minecadia Prisons, or need a refresher on the content, please refer to this post in order to get a rundown on the foundational content in our Prisons gamemode.

New Aliens & Rebalancing

Aliens have been completely reworked since last season’s release! Last season, we noticed almost every Alien except a few weren’t worth using at all. Due to this, we’ve buffed the effectiveness of nearly EVERY alien, giving them all purpose in respect to their rarity. Starter Aliens will actually help out in the beginning process, destructive aliens in Rare and Legendary tier will now all break a good amount of blocks, and Shiny Aliens have been buffed too. However, due to the extreme scaling capability of the Carnival Alien, we have decided to upgrade its tier from Rare to Legendary.

The Apocalypse Alien has been added back into the game mode.

Enchant Rebalancing

During Season One, enchants weren’t as effective as they should be. All enchants have been reworked since last season’s release, giving them all a more noticeable effectiveness at early levels.

Implemented Disenchanting

In addition to rebalancing enchants, we have implemented a much requested feature: disenchanting. Type /disenchant to open a menu where you can disenchant a specific enchant. You will be refunded 50% of your Token investment, the enchant level will be set to 0, but the enchant’s prestige will remain.

New Pickaxes & Rebalancing

Similarly to Aliens and Enchants, Pickaxe Abilities were poorly balanced in proportion to everything else. Although enchants and aliens should be the main focus for breaking blocks, all pickaxes have been buffed to give a more noticeable impact.

Five new pickaxes have been introduced into the game:

  • Stinky Cheese Pickaxe
  • Nano Tech Pickaxe
  • Magma Power Drill Pickaxe
  • Lightning Stars Pickaxe
  • Golden Reaper Pickaxe

Economy Changes

Last season, we experienced some serious economic stability issues. The numerous exploits, dupes, and bugs that existed during last season definitely played a role in the destabilization of Arkham’s economy, but we’re happy to say that those have all been patched, which should lead to a more moderate and competitive progression of economy from SOTW.

Also significant: last season we experienced a “trickle-down” economy effect, which was not healthy for economic development. High ranking players would purchase currency pouches off of lower ranking players to receive more currency than the lower ranking player would, giving them instant profit and infinite potential for expanding their lead above everyone else with no work at all.

To combat this, we have introduced Tiers into the different sizes of currency pouches. As explained, currency pouches previously worked through two variables: the size of the pouch (small, medium, large, or extreme), and then the Mine Level of the player *opening* it (1-20). Now, pouches are immediately assigned a tier based on the player who *receives* the pouch. So if a low ranking player receives a pouch, it’ll be a low ranking pouch, and vice versa.

Mine Level Prestiging

Unfortunately, we were not able to release our Private Mines feature this season, but will aim to next season. However, we were able to release Prestiging for Mine Levels. Upon reaching level 20, players can now spend a significant amount of tokens to prestige. Prestiging does not reset Mine Level, it’s just a higher tier of leveling up above Rank 20. At certain prestige milestones, new mines with better ores and higher sell prices are unlocked. Who will get the highest prestige this season?

New Statistics

As requested, we have added a “Raw Blocks” mined statistic. This statistic measures direct block breaks, not affected by aliens or enchants. To view the top blocks mined leaderboard, type “/blocks top”. To view your own block statistics, or someone else's, type “/blocks <name>”.

Gang Changes & $1,000 in Payouts

To smooth out the competitive aspect of Prisons, we’ve made a few changes to Gangs:

  • “/gang who” will now have offline players in gray, and online players in green.
  • “/gang list” has been implemented and will show the largest online gangs.
  • “/gang top” has been changed to a UI, for better viewing. This shows the top 16 gangs on the server, their leaders, their members, and their value.
  • “/gang chat” has been implemented. Type this command to toggle a chat that is only visible to your gang.

Gang Payouts have been changed to $1,000 of GLOBAL Store Credit in total prizes, after two weeks:

  • 1st: $350
  • 2nd: $275
  • 3rd: $150
  • 4th: $125
  • 5th: $100

After the first payout, the total payout number may be changed depending on concurrent competition. To reiterate, this is GLOBAL store credit, so it can be spent on any realm on Minecadia, including Factions.

Quality of Life

We have introduced a variety of quality of life changes this season:

  • Implemented /settings. In this UI, players can toggle enchant proc messages, enchant sounds, alien proc messages, alien visibility, private messages, autosell, and hologram visibility.
  • Implemented Booster expiration messages. Every hour, your remaining booster time will display in chat. During the last hour, you will be notified at 30, 15, 5, and 1 minute(s) left.
  • Alien Proc Messages have had their color changed to reflect their tier. Common will show up as yellow, Rare as blue, Legendary as gold, and Shiny as red.
  • The aesthetic of displaying prestiges on Pickaxes has been altered to look better.
  • Commas have been added into numbers for gang statistics and more, for easier comparison and statistical understanding.
  • Implemented /instances. In this UI, players can directly swap between instances with no data loss.

Robot Tinkerer

The Robot Tinkerer has been introduced into the Robot Crate. The Tinkerer can be used to combine Robots of the same tier for the next highest tier.

Token Flip, Gem Flip, and Item Flip

Token Flip, Gem Flip, and Item Flip have been introduced to Prisons. Right now, players can send a direct request to flip with the commands “/tokenflip, /gemflip, and /itemflip”. Item Flip DOES support both Aliens and items. Players must be on the same instance to initiate a flip request. A menu for queueing Token Flips and Gem Flips will be introduced in the future. If you disconnect or swap instances during the flip, you will automatically lose.


“/WarpTrade” has been implemented. This command will bring you to a specialized instance and area meant for players to trade, token flip, gem flip, item flip, or anything else that requires players to be on the same instance.


Voting rewards have been added. Upon each vote, your account will be subject to the Drop Party loot table where you may or may not receive loot!

Bug Fixes

Various bugs have been patched.


We hope this post has provided you with helpful information about Season 2 of Minecadia’s Prisons Realm: Arkham. We hope to see you on for the release, and have fun!