Prisons Arkham Release: Saturday 3:00 PM EST

Release Oct 20, 2022

Hi everyone! In today’s post, we’re going to provide a detailed explanation of all the features that Minecadia’s new Prison realm, “Arkham”, has to offer on release, as well as important updates that will be released in the near future. Before we begin, lets cover some important information regarding the release:



Now, let’s get into the content - starting from the beginning, before we explain every feature.

When you first join Minecadia Prisons: Arkham, you will spawn in a secluded area where you will pick your starting custom pickaxe. On release, there will be five pickaxes to choose from: The Demonic, Slime, Galactic, Wizard, and Candy pickaxes. Each of these pickaxes have their own unique custom look, as well as their own custom ability, and can be leveled up. (These will be explained in more detail later in the post!)

After choosing your starter pickaxe, you will then be able to choose your starter alien. Aliens are unique beings that follow you around constantly, providing special benefits while in the mines, and can also be leveled up. On release, there will be six aliens to choose from: The Sweet Tooth, Billionaire, Reaper, Toxic, Antlantean, and Cyberpunk Alien. (These will be explained in more detail later in the post!)

Once both your starter pickaxe and alien is chosen, you will spawn in the Prisons lobby. Exploring this area will give information about the server (which we will also do in this post) and also give you access to a bunch of NPCs that provide significant use in the gamemode - which can also be accessed through the main menu. Upon spawning here, you’ll have your pickaxe, your backpack, and your main menu. Access the main menu by right clicking while holding it.

From here, you can start your journey! Warp to the first mine and start mining to gather currency (tokens & gems). Tokens are utilized for upgrading your pickaxe enchants, autominer enchants, backpack space, blocks for your cells, in the club bar, and to upgrade your player level to access new mines! On the other hand, gems are mainly utilized for buying alien eggs and upgrading autominer storage.

Some of these terms may not be familiar, so we’ll be explaining each one below!


Custom Pickaxes

As explained earlier, there are ONLY Custom Pickaxes on Minecadia’s Prisons realm. Each Custom Pickaxe has their own special ability, and can be leveled up to buff this ability. On release, there will be the five pickaxes mentioned, but we have plenty more in store to release over the upcoming weeks and updates!

Demonic Pickaxe:

  • Special Ability: Satanic Ritual
  • Summon a devil skull that hovers around the player and shoots fireballs at the mine creating explosions upon impact. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

Slime Pickaxe

  • Special Ability: Slime Wave
  • Sends out a wave of explosive slime in all directions surrounding the player. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)

Galactic Pickaxe

  • Special Ability: Cosmic Bolt
  • Creates a vortex / tornado of energy that damages the mine. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

Wizard Pickaxe

  • Special Ability: Arcane Magic
  • Splashes the player with spells and potions, increasing the proc rate of all enchants. (Cooldown: 2 minutes)

Candy Pickaxe

  • Special Ability: Sugar Rush
  • Mine as many candies as possible while the sugar rush ability is activated to trigger a massive explosion. (Cooldown: 4 minutes)

Future Pickaxes:

  • Golden Reaper Pickaxe
  • Lightning Stars Pickaxe
  • Magma Power Drill
  • Nanotech Pickaxe
  • Stinky Cheese Pickaxe
  • & many more!


Aliens are unique beings that follow you around, providing special benefits while in the mines, and can also be leveled up to buff those benefits. By default, you will have 3 active Alien Slots; however, Alien Slots 4-6 can be unlocked temporarily through crate rewards to maximize your earning potential! There are three alien eggs that you can purchase with in-game currency, gems: Common, Rare, and Legendary. On release, there will be a total of 20 Aliens that can be utilized on Minecadia’s Prisons. There are 7 Common Aliens, 5 Rare Aliens, 3 Legendary Aliens, and 5 Shiny Aliens. To level up your alien to buff its ability, just acquire another alien of the same type, and it will automatically upgrade!

Common Aliens


  • Ability: Rave Lights
  • Shoots many colorful lasers at blocks which incinerate blocks and go to you.

Sweet Tooth:

  • Ability: Gumdrops
  • Creates many colorful gumdrops that when mined with a pickaxe create big candy explosions.


  • Ability: Thunderstorm
  • Summons a rainy cloud that sends lightning bolts to the ground breaking many blocks from your way.


  • Ability: Sickly Venom
  • Creates venom that slowly spreads around the mine breaking blocks.


  • Ability: Scythe Sweep
  • A massive scythe sweeps the mine destroying a large amount of blocks.


  • Ability: Token Bags
  • Throws many little token bags around the mine which when walked over give you a large quantity of tokens.

Rare Aliens


  • Ability: Firecracker
  • Launches rocket firecrackers around the mine causing large explosions.


  • Ability: Crystallize
  • Turns various blocks scattered around you to crystal blocks which when broken gives you a quantity of gems.


  • Ability: Meteor Strike
  • Summons a massive meteor that falls down from the sky into the mine creating a massive crater.

Frozen Tundra:

  • Ability: Frozen Tundra
  • Turns nearby blocks into ice that slowly spread into truce ice which once broken, all break at the same time.


  • Ability: 8-Bit Bomber
  • Fires off various stars, missiles, and plasma balls that destroy the mine.

Legendary Aliens


  • Ability: Energy Pulse
  • Empowers your pickaxe enchants giving their abilities a much higher chance of occurring.


  • Ability: Pharaohs Blessing
  • Increases all of the other alien’s chances of abilities occurring.


  • Ability: Super Strike
  • This alien flies up into the sky, turning around coming down to strike the mine at high speed causing a large eruption.

Shiny Aliens


  • Ability: Atomic Nuke
  • Creates an explosion so big, it destroys the entire mine covering all the land with a mushroom cloud.


  • Ability: Rocket Strike
  • Shoots a powerful rocket that comes down with a massive explosion destroying most of the mine.


  • Ability: Tokenier
  • Has a chance to massively increase your sell booster for a limited time.


  • Ability: Dragons Breath
  • Spews out large flames carving large areas out from the mine.


  • Ability: Alien Breeder
  • Drops an artificial alien egg giving a big amount of gems when picked up.

Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants play a vital role in the gameplay. Using tokens, players can upgrade a total of 16 enchants on their pickaxe to give them special benefits and boosts, all accelerating their gameplay.

Efficiency: Mine blocks even quicker!

Explosive: Create giant powerful explosions!

Greed: Get even more gems!

Drill: Create a large hole down!

Profit: Sell for more than normal!

Multiplier: Get multiple of the block you broke!

Spelunker: Upgrade a block to get a better ore!

Spirit: Have spirits mine with you!

Vein Miner: Break more of the same block!

Cubed: Create a giant open cubed area!

Displayer: Destroy an entire layer of a mine!

Stellar Sight: Spawn a glowing super block!

Speed: Walk quicker with your pickaxe!

Starstruck: Stars fly down and create explosions!

Blackhole: A massive blackhole that sucks all blocks inwards!

Lucky: Have a chance to get a lucky block!

All of these enchants have level caps, and most of them can be prestiged to buff their benefits and proc rate even higher than before!


Backpacks also play a huge role in the economy. When blocks are mined, they will go directly into your backpack, and await to be sold at the mine’s sell merchant. Backpacks can have their storage upgraded with tokens, allowing for longer mining trips without having to sell. Be careful, mining with a full backpack will not grant you any blocks or extra currency!


Want a little boost on top of your grind? Spawn in your NPC auto miner to mine alongside you with its own set of enchants, storage, and currency collection. Everyone will have one slot for their auto miner, while slots 2 and 3 are unlocked temporarily through crates. Autominer’s backpack storage is upgraded with gems, while their enchants are upgraded with tokens.

Player Level & Mines

To progress through Minecadia’s Prisons, players need to invest tokens into upgrading their player level. By upgrading their level, they will have access to a brand new mine with better blocks that sell for higher. On release, there will be 20 levels and respective mines that can be accessed by players.


Grinding hard? Collect rewards for FREE by completing certain achievements and hitting milestones while playing Minecadia’s Prisons in the main menu.


Need to store some loot? Want to be creative? Create a cell to build, store, place robots, and host your own player shop! Your cell will be auto generated, and you may add or remove players, visit others, or customize your cell however you’d like through the Cell Block Shop.

Player Shops

Need to sell something to others? In your cell, place down a player shop and dictate what you’d like to sell, for what currency, and for what amount.


Do you like AFK gains? Get some robots in your cell to collect currency while AFK! Robots will generate both Tokens and Gems to accelerate your progress on Minecadia’s Prisons.

Robot Tinkerer

Have a few robots, but of low tier? With the robot tinkerer, you can now combine robots of the same tier to the next highest tier!


Create a gang on Minecadia’s Prison with up to 20 total players! Compete in the gang top leaderboard for weekly buycraft reward payouts of $800 each week! Who will be the top gang of Season 1?

Ranks, Kits, and Crate Keys

Minecadia’s Prisons: Arkham will have six ranks: Dealer, Criminal, Hitman, Thug, Gangster, and Kingpin. Various Kits and Crate Keys can also be obtained on Prisons. To view what each rank, kit, and crate key has to offer, visit our store or the NPCs in-game!

Lucky Blocks

Receive Lucky Blocks while mining, from drop parties, or simply by playing! Select a reward to see what you get!


We hope this post has provided you with helpful information about Minecadia’s Prisons Realm: Arkham. Keep in mind, this is Season 1 of Prisons - we have so much more planned to release over the upcoming weeks and months, and we commit to making Prisons a top gamemode on Minecadia. We hope to see you on for release, and have fun!



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