LifeSteal Dracula S7: Spring Update

Release Apr 6, 2024

Hello all! Spring is right around the corner and with that are amazing new features coming to Lifesteal Dracula atlas today, April 6th at 3 PM EST. In this post, we will be going over everything that's coming to the Lifesteal Dracula for its new season.

Lifesteal Dracula: Season Seven



  • 5 Team Size
  • 600 x 600 Springified Warzone: All new Springified Warzone with 4x new KOTH's, 1x DTC, and a brand new crystal-pvp enabled area!
  • 30kx30k Overworld
  • 20kx20k Nether
  • 25kx25k End
  • 30 Max Hearts (Fragment System)
  • No Claiming
  • Team Top Payouts [Found at the bottom of this post]



Markets will be making it's official debut on LifeSteal Dracula for Season 7. A feature created exclusively for LifeSteal Dracula where players are able to experience a unique, innovative and interactive economy within our lovely community to sell and purchase items. To view more information, read below or if wishing to go through the market tutorial– run the command /market tutorial or meet gerald.

Players will be able to create, upgrade and maintain a market. Selling any item they want to the players, co-oping your teammates to help work on the main market for your team and officially eliminating the risk of scamming!

Creating a Market

Creating a market is simple, start by running the command: /market create. From there, you're able to visit your market!

Market Agora

The Market Agora is a place where you're able to meet with all the players, run through portals to random open player markets, see the top leaderboards for markets, and see the advertised winner of the advertisement that runs and resets at the end of the week. You may warp here any time at /market agora or /warp agora

Creating a Shop

Creating a shop is simple! Place a chest down inside your market shop area. Right-click your item onto the chest to set what item you want to sell. From here, you're able to set the sell and buy price of item within the chest's GUI by either left or right-clicking.

You're able to place more items at any time by right clicking or shift right clicking the items into the chest. To withdrawal any items or cancel the shop, you're able to click the button in the menu and all items will be dispersed into your inventory.

Market Upgrades

You're able to upgrade it baby! Turn that small shack of a shop into a potentially double stacked, multi-roomed market for players to roam around in or add in for the players to listen to some cool-jazz or the WII theme! Within the command, /market upgrades, you're able to upgrade your market with various different features including music, effects and more!

Market Daily & Weekly Challenges

Daily & Weekly challenges are given by Gerald! Meet him for challenges and once the challenges are done for prizes! Daily challenges are reset everyday at 9:30AM EST every day and weekly challenges reset Sunday at 9:30AM EST.


Alcatraz has been rethemed to a springified flower frollicking pvp area! The crystals regenerate every 3 minutes.


Warzone CPvP pit has been moved up per player requests to allow more fights to run for CPvP.

Kits & GKit Revamps

After many suggestions and discussions, we have decided to buff all existing kits to give more of an advantage of when purchasing or obtaining a rank and as well as to keep yourself geared throughout the entire season of entirity of having the rank.

For the GKits, we have revamped Demon GKit and are introducing Fortune Robes & The Phantom Shadow Suit. Both can be seen/found through /gkits and purchased here.

Bunny Set + Weaponry/Tools

The Bunny Set is a brand new set with the following abilities: Angry Bunnies, Explosive Carrots, and Egg Vortex. Each of these abilities assist you in your leapful adventures during the springy season. The Bunny Set is obtainable through purchasing our newly released Release Lootbox & Release Crate that's available on our store or through /gold shop.


  • Angry Bunnies (Summons Angry Bunnies)
  • Explosive Carrots (Spawns a radius of exploding carrots)
  • Egg Vortex (Throw eggs at your enemies causing debuffs, bleeding, and damage)

Team Top Payouts

  • $75 BuyCraft, 1000 Gold, 3 Lootboxes
  • $50 BuyCraft, 750 gold, 2 Lootboxes
  • $25 BuyCraft, 500 gold, 1 Lootbox



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