Lifesteal Dracula: Season 5 Season Information!

Sep 9, 2023

Hello all! Summer into the fall is coming to Lifesteal Dracula atlas today Saturday, September 9th | 3 PM EST. In this post, we will be going over everything that's coming to the Lifesteal Dracula for its new season. Additionally, the team has plans to introduce even more content to Lifesteal Dracula throughout the life of this new season such as gkits and more. Stay tuned! :)

Lifesteal Dracula: Season Five



  • 5 Team Size
  • 600 x 600 Warzone: All new Warzone with  4x new KOTH's, 1x DTC, and much more!
  • 25k x 25k Overworld Border
  • 15k x 15k Nether Border
  • 30k x 30k End Border
  • 50 Max Hearts (Fragment System)
  • No Claiming
  • Team Top Payouts [Found at the bottom of this post]



Skills will be making it's official debut on LifeSteal Dracula for Season 5. Reimplementing the "idea" of the old system of McMMO, players are now able to level up the following skills which each give certain abilities. To view more information, run the command /skills.

Player's are also able to gain loot obtainable from the Daily and Weekly Challenges from Skills. From chopping 500 logs to killing 250 players. We believe in you to become skillful.

  • Swordsmanship
  • Welding
  • Crystal
  • Fishing'
  • Grinding
  • Mining
  • Luckiness
  • Brewing
  • Harvesting
  • Timber
  • Agility
  • Archery
  • Breeding

New Minigames

New Minigames will be introduced this season played every 1 hour. You are able to view all the new minigames below.

  • Parkour
  • Battle Royale
  • Sky wars
  • Block Party
  • Dropper
  • Wool wars


After a long awaited arrival from many of the LifeSteal players, we have decided to finally introduce pets. Pet's will be your companion that you bring everywhere with you. From your battles for the king of the hill to your very own base. Beware that each Pet is able to give you/your teammates a buff but also give you a debuff from an enemy!

The following pets with their buffs/debuffs are listed below and can be found through the /gold shop and /pets:

  • Bat Pet: Bat pet will provide players with night vision permanently.
  • Chicken Pet: Chicken pet provides you with speedness but with sometimes hunger debuff between your radius.
  • Frog Pet: Frog pet provides you with jump boost but with sometimes hunger debuff.
  • Clown Pet: Have a chance to randomly rotate the enemies hotbar and rotate their player head facing the air.
  • Spider Pet: Have a chance to cause 5 cobwebs to be spurt out of your body when right clicked in a fight.
  • Dolphin Pet: Have a chance to receive dolphins grace whilst in the water when being hit.
  • Squid Pet: Receive depth stride whilst in the water.
  • Zeus Pet: Have a chance to cause lightning strikes on your enemies when in a fight.
  • Turtle Pet: Receive infinite saturation but a chance to receive slowness whilst in combat.
  • Clyde Pet: Receive invisibility momentarily to escape combat. If hit, invisibility is negated automatically.
  • Dionysus Pet: Have a chance to receive multiplied crops when harvesting.
  • Nemesis Pet: Have a chance to cause your opponents to bleed by taking your own blood.
  • Samurai Pet: Have a chance to cause your opponents multiplied damage.
  • Ares Pet: Have a chance to cause double damage on all weapons but receive various debuffs whilst in combat.
  • Dinosaur Pet: Receive constant speed but hindered by slowness during combat

Warzone Update

We've heard you. Warzone has been unbearable to escape out of due to the crystal pvp. That's why we have implemented a "crystal zone" that is apart of our warzone area where all blocks regenerate every 15 minutes.

Anticheat Optimizations

Over the past season, we have been implementing changes and working on optimizations to make the server a cheater-free zone. To-do that, we have implemented our new AntiCheat system called "Nosferatu" that supports Java and will be supporting bedrock very soon. To keep updated on the progress, keep up to date in #changelogs with the LifeSteal Role.


Want to send a message to a team member or player that is offline? Mailbox (/mailbox) which will be a messaging feature. You are able to receive mail from any player on the server and for those who are unable to join the discord, we'll be sending our our Changelogs on there including polls in the future.


We decided that it's been a hot minute since we last released new cosmetics so we have decided to release in total 50+ new cosmetics. All specific amounts of cosmetics are listed below and can be found through their provided commands:

  • 10 Titles (/titles)
  • 10 Tags (/tags)
  • 10 Arrow Trails (/arrow trails)
  • 10 Kill Effects (/kill effects)
  • 10 Kill Tags (/kill tags)

Team Top

Team top is given out every month to the teams that compete. The following prizes are given out:

  • $75 BuyCraft, 1000 Gold, 3 Lootboxes
  • $50 BuyCraft, 750 gold, 2 Lootboxes
  • $25 BuyCraft, 500 gold, 1 Lootbox


community manager @ vorex™