LifeSteal: Dracula Season 6 (Winter Update)

Dec 15, 2023

Hello all! Winter is on the horizon filled with holiday joy festivities that are coming to Lifesteal Dracula atlas this coming Saturday, December 16th | 3 PM EST. In this post, we will be going over everything that's coming to the Lifesteal Dracula for its new season.

Please note: Voyages will be released on Sunday, December 17th.

Lifesteal Dracula: Season Six



  • 5 Team Size
  • 600 x 600 Festifized Warzone: All new Festifized Warzone with 4x new KOTH's, 1x DTC, and a brand new crystal-pvp eanbled area!
  • 25k x 25k Overworld Border
  • 15k x 15k Nether Border
  • 35k x 35k End Border
  • 30 Max Hearts (Fragment System)
  • No Claiming
  • Team Top Payouts [Found at the bottom of this post]



Voyages will be making it's official debut on LifeSteal Dracula for Season 6. The esteemed feature, first introduced on Factions Pirate was a success for players to experience a unique and innovative fast-paced minigame like content feature within our lovely gamemode. To view more information, read below or view the rooms– run the command /voyages.

Voyages is a fast-paced minigame styled feature on our server. You're faced with back to back rooms, climbing levels within tiers. At the end of each room completion, you're able to accept your rewards or keep playing. Each tier has a different pool of loot possible to obtain. All loot is available to be viewed through /voyages


Below you are able to find all of the tiers that are associated with Voyages on LifeSteal Dracula. Each of them require a certain level to be reached. Along with that, each room has a required tier.

  • Classic Vampires
  • Modern Vampires
  • Trueblood Vampires
  • Methuselahs
  • Antediluvians


Each minigame is called a room. We are starting Voyages off with 14 rooms in total to start with but we plan on releasing more in the future, stay informed by joining our discord. Portals to the rooms are obtainable through lootboxes or the loottables we have in place such as killing bosses, lootbags, and much more.

List of Rooms:

  1. Abominable Snowman
  2. Block Party
  3. Connect Four
  4. Death Run
  5. Find the Button Maze
  6. Hot Foot
  7. Pac-Man
  8. Nosferatu Says
  9. Red Light, Green Light
  10. Push the Endermite
  11. Teleport Maze
  12. Vertical Maze
  13. X Marks the Spot
  14. Shooting Range


Alcatraz was apart of the first of the three crystal-enabled zones as well as receiving a complete overhaul. The crystal area is located below the koth area with a regeneration time of 3 minutes. (the time is subject to change.)


Arcade is the second of the three crystal-enabled zones. The warp contains a koth that occurs per the event schedule. It also received minor bug fixes. The crystal area has a regeneration time 5 minutes. (the time is subject to change.)


Warzone is the last of the three crystal-enabled zones. In a mountain near the railroad, you're able to discover a 75x75 area to crystal pvp in. The crystal area has a regeneration time of 7 minutes. (the time is subject to change.)


We have decided to introduce 3 new gkits: The Blood Moon Archer Gkit, The Nosferatu Gkit, and the Nightwalker Gkit. All have custom enchants that are listed below that are specifically made for the set and not available to obtain through /runes. These gkits are purchasable through our store or through running the command /goldshop

Custom Enchants:

You're able to view all the brand new enchants, their ability, and their rarity level below or by running the command /enchants

  • Shadow Dash (Have a chance to give you speed three while consecutively taking hits or while giving consecutive hits.)
  • Night Vision (Gives the player wearing the helmet night vision permanently.)
  • Night's Embrace (Gives the player a chance of extra strength when it is night time on the server and a chance of speed.)
  • Evasion (Have a chance of going fully invisible while at low health. If hit by an enemy, invisibility turns off right away.)
  • Moonfire Arrows (Have a chance of a Lunar Eclipse Shot that affects players with poison and blindness.)
  • Blood Moon Power (Gives the player permanent resistance and has a chance of making your enemy bleed if hit consecutively.)

Admin Items

4 brand new admin items: Dracula's Cane, Elfie the Witch's Wand, Grim Repear's Scythe, and Nosferatus' Hachet. Each of these admin items have a unique ability to assist your in your combative adventures. Below are a list of the weapons with the ability that corresponds. All admin items are purchasable through the /gold shop and can be viewed by running the command /adminitems

Dracula's Cane

  • Ability Name: Moon Lust
  • Ability Description: Grants you levitation, speed and jump boost temporarily.

Elfie the Witch's Wand

  • Ability Name: Witch's Storm
  • Ability Description: Spawn a storm of lightning towards your enemies

Grim Repear's Scythe

  • Ability Name: Repears Rebel
  • Ability Description: Take damage for a chance to inflict more

Nosferatus' Hachet

  • Ability Name: Nosferatus' Goons
  • Ability Description: Spawn the goons of nosferatu. Be careful, they bite.

Winter Blizzard Set + Weaponry/Tools

The Winter Blizzard Set is a brand new set with the following abilities: Avalanche Escape, Aurora Shield, and Icy Frostbite. Each of these abilities assist you in your treacherous adventures during the frosty season. The Winter Blizzard Set is obtainable through purchasing our newly released Release Lootbox & Release Crate that's available on our store or through /gold shop


  • Avalanche Escape (Chance to summon an avalanche to escape)
  • Aurora Shield (Chance to spawn a protect shield around yourself and team)
  • Icy Frostbite (Chance to immobilize and cause frostbite to your enemies)

Advent Calendar

Hop in the festive spirit by purchasing our new advent calendar. Each day when logging on you're able to receive amazing rewards like voyage portals, a guaranteed winter blizzard set and much more! The advent calendar is available on our store or through /gold shop

Team Top Payouts

  • $75 BuyCraft, 1000 Gold, 3 Lootboxes
  • $50 BuyCraft, 750 gold, 2 Lootboxes
  • $25 BuyCraft, 500 gold, 1 Lootbox


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