Kitmap: Kodai Season 4 (Summer Update)

Jul 19, 2023

Good afternoon Cadia Crafters! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything the Summer Season of Kitmap: Kodai has to offer. Before that, lets cover some important information:

Minecadia Kitmap: Kodai Summer Season (Season 4)


Map Information

  • 15 Man Factions
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • All NEW Builds
  • Faction Top Monthly Payouts
    ** 1st: $300 Store Credit
    ** 2nd: $200 Store Credit
    ** 3rd: $100 Store Credit

New Events

To kick off the update, we’re adding two events to Kitmap to further spice up the competitive gameplay and variety of PvP content for all players:


We have introduced Warp KOTH onto Kitmap Kodai:

  • This KOTH runs in an alternate world.
  • You will be given 1 life in this world.
  • Keep inventory is on.
  • If you die, you are death-banned from the world until the next one.

Secure the Payload

We have introduced Secure the Payload onto Kitmap Kodai:

  • Secure the payload and transport it to its final destination to win.
  • One securing team at a single time.
  • Secure and transport the Payload by being in its proximity.
  • Payload can be halted in position by leaving its nearby radius.
  • Payload can be contested and stopped by enemies in its nearby radius.
  • Payload can be returned by enemies when uncontested.
  • Attempt to secure must start from the Payload’s spawn point.

New Warzone

Players can expect an all new warzone and new builds throughout the entire map!


We have seen the request from players to add some more grind into Kitmap’s gameplay. Additionally, we know there is active competition about who the best players and factions of Kitmap are. With that being said, we are introducing ELO:

  • All players will now have an ELO (a rating, or reputation number) attached to them at all times.
  • This number will be visible in chat.
  • Killing a player will decrease your opponents ELO, and increase your ELO, based on the ELO difference, similar to a practice server.
  • To keep things simple, the only current way to increase or decrease ELO is through Kills and Deaths.
  • ELO ranges will have a different color display in chat: the higher it goes, the more colors you will see!
  • Anti-Boost is enabled for gaining ELO, however, dying repeatedly will make you lose ELO every death.
  • Elo Leaderboard can be seen with /elo top.
  • This is a cosmetic feature only, but there will be very exclusive rewards for Top Elo players.

Partner Items Revamp

Partner Items have been a part of Minecadia for quite some time, but haven’t ever served as a super impactful part of PvP. This revamp is intended to change that a bit:


  • Archer’s Bow has been vaulted.
  • Ice Ball has been vaulted.
  • Guardian Angel has been changed to a Clock, and will now activate when you go under 6 hearts, instead of 3.
  • Portable Bard has been changed to the HCF Version - now, it can be right clicked to redeem a Bard Effect. This can be Resistance 4, Jump Boost 8, Speed 6, Regeneration 6, or Strength 4. The default duration of these are 4 seconds, and will be applied to you and your teammates within 20 blocks.
  • Portable Spectral effect has been buffed to 5 seconds length.
  • Rotten Egg has been buffed to a higher Rot and Decay level.
  • Switcher Snowball has been rebranded to Teleportation Ball and changed to a 15 second cooldown.
  • Br0 Invis has been rebranded to Full Invisibility.

New Items

  • Time Warp has been introduced: Right click this feather to begin a 2 second teleportation process back to where you last threw a pearl. You have 15 seconds to activate this item after pearling
  • Close Call has been introduced: Right click while under 6 hearts to receive Strength IV and Regeneration V for 8 seconds. Failing to do this will consume the item.
  • Ball of Rage has been introduced: Throw to create a cloud of effects. Your faction will be given Strength 3 and Resistance 4 for 8 seconds, and enemies will be given Weakness 2 and Wither 3 for 5 seconds.
  • Focus Mode has been introduced: Right click to deal 25% more damage to the last person you hit for the next 10 seconds. This does not work on classes or players that are arched tagged.
  • Switch Stick 2.0 has been introduced: Hit a player with this stick to turn their head upwards.

Partner Packages

  • Partner Packages have been released on the store. These can be right clicked to redeem a quantity of 3-5x of a random Partner Item.

Skill Tree

To add onto the “more grind” aspect of this update, we have released personal Skill Trees. There will be two Skill Trees upon release, both of which can be upgraded with Skill Points purchasable with tokens: Combat and Partner Items. Skill Points can be acquired and utilized to purchase certain benefits on a tree. Players must start from the bottom of the tree in order to purchase additional upgrades.

Combat Tree

The Combat tree has 10 one-time purchases, and 3 ends of tree branches that are infinitely upgradable. Here’s what they are:

  • 10% Pet cooldown reduction,
  • 10% chance to reduce Pet CD by 75% upon use of a Pet.
  • 20% Reduced Soul Usage.
  • 10% Increased Damage with Axes.
  • 10% Increased Damage with Swords.
  • 10% Reduced incoming Damage.
  • 15% Reduced Partner Item cooldown.
  • Increased chance for Custom Enchant procs.
  • Increased chance for Armor Set Ability procs.
  • Increased Damage in Water.
  • [INFINITE]: Dodge: Chance to dodge a hit.
  • [INFINITE]: Divine Enlighted: Chance to heal in combat.
  • [INFINITE]: Planetary Deathbringer: Chance to deal more damage on hits.

Partner Item Tree

The Partner item tree has 4 upgrades for 4 different items. Here’s what they are:

  • Exotic Bone #1: Increase effect length to 20 seconds.
  • Exotic Bone #2: Receive Strength III upon use (4 seconds).
  • Exotic Bone #3: Receive Strength IV and Speed V upon use (4 seconds).
  • Exotic Bone #4: Receive Strength IV and Speed V upon use (8 seconds).
  • Portable Bard #1: Increase effect length to 6 seconds.
  • Portable Bard #2: Increase effect length to 7 seconds.
  • Portable Bard #3: Increase effect length to 8 seconds.
  • Portable Bard #4: Increase effect length to 9 seconds.
  • Teleportation Ball #1: Increase maximum distance to 10 blocks.
  • Teleportation Ball #2: Increase maximum distance to 12 blocks.
  • Teleportation Ball #3: Upon use, also gives enemy Blindness 3 and Slowness 3 for 2 seconds.
  • Teleportation Ball #4: Upon use, gives you Strength 3 for 5 seconds.
  • Web Egg #1: When enemies are in the webs, it gives them Blindness 2.
  • Web Egg #2: Increase web size to 3x3.
  • Web Egg #3: When enemies are in the webs, it gives them Weakness 2.
  • Web Egg #4: Increase web size to 4x4.

Rep Points

To further add to the grind and competitiveness of Kitmap, we will be introducing reputation points. This system will work exactly like factions, where the Top 10 Factions of each Faction Top Wipe will receive Rep Points, which is saved from season to season, and is continuously displayed in the rank tag of players.

  • The final EOTW stats of this latest season will be used to distribute the first wave of rep points.


  • Voyages, Voyage Wars, and Voyage Battles have been introduced.
  • For Kitmap, Voyage Wars/Battles will be the common experience, whereas regular Voyages will be more rare.
  • Portals and Keys will be obtainable further into the map (not right on release).

Warzone Bosses

Kitmap: Kodai now has scheduled Warzone Boss spawns that greatly affect the competitive aspect of the gamemode. Every 3 hours, a random Warzone Boss will spawn. These bosses are the Ocean Master, the Infernal Rotator, the Mountain Stomper, the Cloud Rider, and the Elder Dragon, which spawns at a given time every day.

Based on the boss that spawns, the team that gets the final hit on the boss will receive the benefits of that boss for one hour. If you are familiar with League of Legends’ dragon system, this is very similar to that; this system will serve as a critical role in competitive play on Minecadia!

  • The Ocean Master will give +2 Hearts for 1 hour.
  • The Infernal Rotator will give +10% Outgoing Damage for 1 hour.
  • The Mountain Stomper will give -10% Incoming Damage for 1 hour.
  • The Cloud Rider will give Permanent Regeneration for 1 hour.
  • The Elder Dragon will give ALL of these effects for 1 hour, and will spawn in the End.
  • On top of the last hit faction rewards, the top 3 damagers will be rewarded with in-game loot bag rewards.

Founder Items

  • Founder Stars and Pets will be more rare this season.
  • Founder Scroll’s on equipment will “break” when a Golden Knife is used on it. Items will still be dropped, but the applied Founder Scroll will be gone.
  • Founder Collar's on equipment will "break" when a Golden Knife is used on it. Pets will still be dropped, but the applied Founder Collar will be gone.
  • Introducing Founder Knife - this knife acts as a Golden Knife but bypasses the Founder Scroll and drops these items whilst keeping the Founder Scroll applied. Same logic with Pet Collars.

Aesthetic in PvP

  • Holographic damage indicators have been introduced; toggleable with /noties.


This season, we are introducing a brand new rank, Kami+. This rank is purchasable if you have Kami already in-game, via Tebex, or Gold Shop. If you acquired this rank from Gold Shop, make a ticket to have it applied on Tebex! Here are the benefits:

  • No Kit equip cooldown.
  • 50% chance to negate Golden Knives. (This breaks the knife) (Not Founder Knives)
  • Infinite Grappler Usage.
  • New Kami+ Gkit
  • New command to claim the latest released package, every release. IE: if a loot box drops, you can claim one for free. If a hypebox drops, you can claim multiple for free.
  • 6 Enderchest Rows.
  • Kami+ Reclaim
  • 5x Hypebox Re-Rolls per day.
  • Death Note notification, 5 seconds before death.
  • No ICF or TF cooldown.
  • No ICF credits needed.
  • Exclusive Kami+ Giveaways
  • Kami Plus Shard Ability: Gives all Hybrid Shard effects, always, plus another 2 hearts.


  • Diamond Hook names will now match the color of the Armor Set ability it has.


We hope you guys are as excited for this season of Kitmap as we are! We hope to see you online for the release this Friday, July 21st, at 5 PM EST.