LifeSteal Dracula Release Information!

Release Aug 13, 2022

Hey everyone, welcome to Minecadia LifeSteal: Dracula! I hope you all are having a fantastic week and are getting ready for the release of the server this Saturday at 3 PM EST. In today's post, we will be revealing some information about this season, the top team payouts, some cool features and a special giveaway that will be happening on our discord. You are able to join our discord through the link shown in the giveaway section or by clicking here

General Information

  • 600x600 Warzone
  • 25k x 25k Overworld Border
  • 15k x 15k Nether Border
  • 30k x 30k End Border
  • 5 Team Size
  • 50 Max Hearts
  • No Claiming
  • Team Top Payouts

  • Gold Shop
  • You are able to buy ranks, gkits, crates, bosses and much more from the goldshop! All commands on opening the gold shop may be seem below!

    - /Gold Shop

  • Bosses
  • You are able to slay mobs with all your mighty power! You are able to get bosses in multiple ways. Through crates, gold shop and through running the command below.
    - /Bosses

  • PlayTime Rewards
  • You're able to play and receive rewards! There are 30 levels in total with each couple of hours you're able to claim rewards. Rewards vary every single level.
    - /playtime rewards

  • KOTHs
  • Want to be the king of the hill? Every 4 hours a koth is activated! Fight against other players and teams to be the king!

  • Auction House
  • Want to earn some cash by selling items? Welcome to the auction house! You're able to auction off your items for a set price you want of if you're not in the market of selling, you might be interested in buying your most desired item!
    - /ah

  • Chat Games
  • Want to earn some free cash? Compete in the chat games that randomly appear in the chat! These games vary from quick math equations to unscrambling the word!

  • Bounties
  • Dislike a player and want to put some cash up for grabs if he gets eliminated? You're able to set a bounty on any player you'd like whether it's a friend, enemy or just a random player!
    - /bounty

  • Teams
  • Want to team up with your friends? You're able to create teams together! Invite up to 5 people including yourself to be the biggest team of them all and compete for team top.
    - /team help

  • Custom Economy
  • You're able to earn cash within our custom setup economy. Whether that's through selling ores and other items through /shop, trading items for cash with players through /trade or even auction off items on /ah!
    - /ah
    - /shop
    - /trade


    This giveaway will be done on our discord, there will also be a special giveaway for all boosters on the discord!

  • Dracula Rank
  • 2x Belmont Ranks
  • 1x 3000 Gold

  • Discord Link:



community manager @ vorex™