Minecadia Phase II: Map 8 Update SOTW Post

Apr 26, 2023

Hello! In today’s post, we’ll be delving into everything this upcoming season of Minecadia Factions: Pirate has to offer. Before we go over everything, lets cover some important information:

Factions: Pirate Phase II Map 8



Hello everyone, welcome back to another Minecadia faction's season. This upcoming season is heavily focused on implementing community oriented suggestions, and making some tweaks to gameplay. We’re getting closer to the 20th season of Minecadia where we plan to drop one of our biggest updates of all time filled with a lot of changes, so we won’t be looking to implement any huge new content changes until then (this upcoming season is Season 18). Tooooooofast and MeeZoid hosted multiple calls with various factions to hear out suggestions on where to improve (we plan to do this more in the future) - this is what we’ve come up with:

Map Information

  • 15 Man Factions, Infinite Roster, Infinite Alts
  • No Allies, No Truces
  • 4 Week Long Map
  • 2 Week Long Grace Period
  • Worlds:
  • 10k x 10k Overworld
  • 2k x 2k Tundra Warp
  • 2k x 2k Desert Warp
  • 2k x 2k Plains Warp
  • 2k x 2k Nether Warp

PvP Top

We have introduced a new way for PvP Factions to compete against each other on their own leaderboard sorted by PvP Points, introducing: PvP Top. PvP Top works exactly like the current Faction Top system, except for a few changes:

  • A Faction Core DOES NOT need to be placed in order to gain PvP Points.
  • Getting raided or picking up your core DOES NOT remove any PvP Points from a faction.
  • Point Triggers (additions or subtractions) are only related to PvP, these are:
    • KOTH Capture
    • Warp KOTH Capture
    • Hardpoint Win
    • DTC Win
    • Secure the Ship Win
    • Capture the Flag Win
    • Citadel Capture
    • Conquest Capture
    • Outpost Control
    • Stronghold Control
    • Kills
    • Deaths
  • The values of these point triggers will be the same as those on the F Top leaderboard.
  • Exclusive rewards exist for this leaderboard.These rewards are distributed in the following map, similar to Faction Top leaderboards. These are:
    • First Place:
      • $150 Buycraft
      • 3x PvP-Top Crates
      • 1x Maxed Leviathan Armor Set
      • Custom Faction Tag
    • Second Place:
      • $100 Buycraft
      • 2x PvP-Top Crates
      • 1x Maxed Rover Armor Set
    • Third Place:
      • $50 Buycraft
      • 1x PvP-Top Crate

Faction Top Changes

With the introduction of PvP Top, we do have a few changes to Faction Top:

  • Regular Warzone Boss kills will no longer reward Faction Points.
  • Raid Outpost has been separated from regular Outpost Control, and will now reward +8 Points every 15 minutes, as opposed to the previous +3.
  • Faction Value #1 will now reward +35 Points each hour, instead of +30.

Even though we have introduced PvP Top, we are still looking to keep Faction Top as a mix of a bunch of content; however, we’re trying to move away from the boring and exploitable grinds (such as bosses), and make it a bit more competitive.

Arcade Duels

We have made various improvements and changes to the Arcade Duels system:

Arcade Queue & Elo

  • Players can now type /duel and enter the Arcade Duel queue ladder.
  • This IS a risk duel, and will perform just like the other Arcade queues.
  • To queue, you must have an Armor Set equipped.
  • Players will not be able to view each other's inventories prior to being placed in a duel.
  • This ladder does have an ELO associated with it, and similarly, three leaderboards: daily elo, weekly elo, and seasonal elo.
  • There are rewards for the top contenders of these leaderboards.
  • If a match expires, both players will lose a small amount of elo.

Arcade Party Duels

Parties can now queue up for an Arcade Duel via /arcadeduels.

Arcade Spectating

Players can now access a menu that displays all on-going Arcade Duels via the /arcadeduels UI, and can click any fight to spectate it.

Arcade Pet Collars

Pet collar functionality will now work within Arcade Duels. If a player has Pet Collar negation, that is also taken into account.

Additional Allowed Commands

  • Players will now be able to /invsee while inside an Arcade duel.
  • Players will now be able to use /pots while inside an Arcade duel (therefore, they can refill whilst out of combat).


  • Players can no longer throw ender pearls into the safe zone.
  • Players can now view the other players inventory in /arcadeduels without actually initiating a potential duel. (Left click to accept the request, right click to view inventory)
  • Added a ding sound for when someone accepts your duel.
  • Allowed /m and /msg whilst waiting for a duel to be accepted.

Crews & Crew Trees

  • We patched a significant bug that was exploited by various players to rig themselves into a certain crew.
  • This upcoming map should have absolute true random crews.
  • To supplement this, we have also removed the Crew Reroll feature for KRAKEN+.
  • If we still see a large dominance to one Crew, we may explore other options to help give all Crews a noticeably equal chance at winning events.
  • Various upgrades of the Crew Tree had their Crew Points price increased by +1.

Voyage Wars and Battles

  • I promise it is coming this map.
  • As for regular voyages, we have heard your suggestions and are looking into some potential solutions for this map.

Citadel & Conquest & Competitive Lootbags

  • Any restrictions that previously existed beyond Grace Period will no longer exist. Any and all equipment can be used. The vanilla restrictions will only exist for the first week.
  • Citadel & Conquest loot bags will be buffed each week prior to them taking place.
  • Competitive Lootbags will be buffed with time to include better armor sets. For example (completely theoretical and does not indicate what will actually happen), Week 1: Levi & KOTH & Rover, Week 2 +Wraith, then Inferno, then Magma… etc…

Raid Outpost

  • We have added automatic buffing of monetary benefits from Raid Outpost. These values are now configurable and will take place automatically.
  • The no pets limitation inside the Raid Outpost world has been removed.
  • As mentioned above, Raid Outpost control now rewards +8 Faction Points every 15 minutes, instead of +3.


Here are some other miscellaneous changes we have in store:


  • Introduced Daze, a new Cursed Enchant that has a chance to leave your opponent dizzy looking upwards. Applicable on Bows or Rods.
  • Cursed Mark can no longer proc while inside of a Cage, while having Strength III, or if a player has recently used a Spider or Hellhound pet.


  • Corruptor Mask has been buffed to deal 5% more damage to enemies outside of Warzone.


  • Lucky Charm Pet has been vaulted.
  • Cage Pet has been moved to Cursed Tier.
  • Pet Steak can now be used on all Cursed Pets at any level (IE: 1 - 100)
  • Pet EXP gain on use has been doubled.

Star Items

  • Nitro has been unvaulted and buffed. Its ability will now deal more damage, and it now has a 100% Holy White Scroll Negation ability.

Armor Sets

  • Inferno has been buffed.
    • Amaterasu ability duration has been increased by 2 seconds, and the damage of the ticks has also been increased.
    • Heatwave ability damage has been increased.
  • Marksman has been nerfed and will now be Protection III armor instead of Protection IV.

Founders Items

  • Introducing the Founders Pet.
    • This pet has the ability of all of the pets.
    • A player can shift right click while holding this pet in order to open a UI and select the desired Pet Abilities.
    • Upon activating the Pet, all of the selected Pets effects will take place.
    • All of the Pet’s Effects are dependent on the Founders Pet level, which can be increased through Pet Steak.
    • The cooldowns of each pet are individually dictated. For example:
      • I have Iron Golem Pet, Hell Hound Pet, and Cage Pet selected. I right click and it uses all those pets abilities and they all go on cooldown. The first pet to go off of cooldown is the Iron Golem Pet, it will send me a message in chat that the Iron Golem Pet from the Founder Pet is off of cooldown, so if I right click it again I would only receive the Iron Golem Pet ability.
    • If a player is on cooldown via the Founders Pet, then they are also on cooldown for that pet if it were to be a separate one.


  • Candy Cane Balloon has been buffed. The Sugar Rush ability will now give Speed VI instead of Speed V.


  • Item Flip has been removed from the fund, and everything after Item Flip has been moved 1 day closer.

Sand Bots

  • Instead of having to select a region for sand to drop, Sand Bots will now automatically recognize Sand Stone in a radius and use this to drop sand.
  • Bots can now be deleted from within /bot list.


  • Printer can now be entered while having stuff in your inventory.

Tournament Kits

  • Tournament Kits have been updated.


  • /Roam has been introduced, a command that essentially works like freecam.

Dungeons & Portals

  • Dungeon loot bags money notes have been buffed to guarantee profit upon a successful completion.
  • Dungeon Portals can now only be placed in an area that has at least 30 blocks of clear space directly above it. This means that Portals can no longer be placed inside buildings or glitched areas.


  • Endermen in the End will no longer teleport.


  • We have re-added the PvP allying rule, which will exist everywhere.
  • Placing Dungeon Portals inside of glitched areas is no longer allowed.


  • Damage reduction from block hitting has been significantly reduced.

General Changes

  • Added /noties to disable Rank and Crew in player tags.
  • If half of the members in a faction are combat tagged, nobody can join the faction at this time. However, this restriction is ignored to factions that are being raided, or are performing a raid.
  • Upon death, players will stay in combat for 15 seconds so they can not instantly teleport back to their death location.
  • Factions are now naturally enemied.
  • KOTHs have been reduced to a 5 minute capture time, instead of 10.

That’s all we have for now. We are still discussing some changes that may be implemented; if they are, I’ll add them here before SOTW. We hope to see you guys online for this upcoming season of Minecadia Factions: Pirate.